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        Who can ever resists bad men? They're handsomely slick with wickedly wild eyes that they pry on their target and still be able to woo the first lady and the mere pauper girl with two different personalities.
        School's not picking its pace now; it's all over the place! So whilst doing my work (the usual thing is..) I'd catch up on my shows and dramas I've been following: KING OF BAKING KIM TAK GU (aka. the annoying title in KBSW "Bread love and dreams" so cheesy that I didn't watch it until Happy together because they showed Yunsiyun-oppa I was like, "who's that freakin' adorable guy?!" so I watched it thanks to him) and the other one thanks to Jaewookie, I wanted to watch him (I really did hope he wasn't just a cameo!) in BAD GUY.

"ㅑ, 킴탘구!"

Yes, Kim Tak Gu, you've gotten my heart! As I've talked before, when I was back home, I still had KBS World on cable so it was only ME and KBSW. No one can interfere. Boy did I have a great couch potato (or you can say, cream puff, BaskinRobbins 1 gallon ice cream in hand, green bean porridge, al those wonderfuls) on my holiday.
After, Cinderella Stepsister ended, the new one they were introducing was called "Bread Love and Dreams" and I thought, boy was this title super cheesy/lame/not interesting!" So I didn't bother to watch. Then of course, Siyunnie was sooooooooooo super-cute in Happy Together where he was telling his first GF moment, then I decided to watch. 

He absolutely looks like old hubby Junki here! 
(I miss you comeback soon from NS!)

Anyhow, the plot has to be much applaud, whoever was the script-writer, 진자 ㅊ훼고!! The story is so complicated; the name of the drama is so under-rated esp. the English title. I did understand the name' KIM TAK GU ' has the special meaning for the character (so watch it to know) so the Korean title, hence, emphasizes on it. If I were to tell you what's the story all about right now (on Ep. 18), I can't tell you, it'll be an hour long introduction. It is that complicated in the beginning to know how suspenseful the drama is going to unfold; with so many affairs and hidden secrets going under the characters. It's AWESOME.


Bad Man is seriously another melodrama - a serious tone all over, not the usual laughs and boy-gushing (except Wookie <3)

 He's such a BOY this time. So cute he got flustered by Han Ga-in! Really really a guy, where he's an immature rich brat. See his satisfied really happy smile there OH cuteness.

 Loves Ga-in's dressing here. Since she's portraying a girl who works in the art industry, managing exhibitions and stuff, she has minus 10 years of age and dresses of what I LIKE! The first is so me. Drapes in grey and black, the grey jersey is sort of long and she tops it up with brown leather round boots (reminds me of Muji kind) and it just fits her because of her thin figure. Second one is so casual but it fits.Overall style would look like Park&Cube's easy chic, whaddya think?

Kim Nam Gil is the deadly slick person I admire. His clear interrogations to all the Hong family members cuts deeply to the middle of the eyes. It's that clear that his intentions is a murderous intent. WHOOWEE HE WOOED ME.

The drama in the first few episodes was confusing for me - I didn't really get it or it's just me because I'm doing this and that, and I stopped, but because I saw the preview that Jaewook is coming up next ,so after a while on focusing Mr. Baking, I decided to come back and give another chance for the sake of seeing Mr. Model lovely tall face. 


            I'll add another one. Such coincidence the topic and title fits together with all of these variety of plots but yeah, it all ends up wicked. After Bad Guy came to an end I was devastated, my reaction was only like, "WHUT?! He died that way?! SO SAD, that handsome guy just died unidentified and the song comes up and tears come and ta-da, bloopers, credits, end?" Yeah. How that goes.

Don't forget Bromance here. Not exactly (it will be if it's sharing a cone together) but it was the moment. Awwwww~

    So yes, this is your RIP photo where we wanted to cremate your body, but it'll never happen. I'll love you forever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever with Jaewookie. Goodbye my lover~

"노 ㅛ자 친구 구미호?!"

            It's Seung-gi's "MY GIRLFRIEND IS A GUMIHO"! Which reminds me of Naruto, the 9-tailed fox. And there's another Korean drama which is also about the 9-tailed fox where she has a daughter in a serious melodrama tone, setted in the olden days. But this one is really targeted for us all fangirls. it's very cheesy for the jokes and things, that's why you really need an open-minded brain and to not think like a serious adult.
        It's not Seung-gi I'm over, and so the story goes that since Kim Nam Gil is now forever gone from Bad Guy, I guess it's time to love another lover. Yes, it's that fast. No I still love him but.... he died remember? It means I can replace him, it's legal. Enough!
        It's my old flame from dear Pasta where he sheds of his hot hot hot hot hot hot wavy longer hair to another normal boy cut - and did he get thinner? I've seen a bit of cheeks curve but here, I barely recognized him and was SHOCKED that he was, as far as one knows, NOH MIN WOO! SO FREAKIN' HANDSOME DIE.

...And, I love Seung-gi's crib here! It's effin' awesome. I'd like a home like that. This is the attic of a building - in his case, his action school building! Effin' awesomeeeeeee.

K-Drama marathon, ON!

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