Since my frikin' Youtube doesn't work, like I'm hella pissed off whutderrfaaaaakkkqqqqq (but surprisingly I don't miss Hello Baby, like I told you, SHINee's not in my head currently) but hence, Dramacrazy is to the rescue!
        I met my new amour here. I've missed him (he's up there with Chef team, named Phillip); I do recall seeing him a few years back as his face wasn't that new... so this new loves bloom this spring for me! And it's all because of...
My new slurping addiction, PASTA !

And here's my beloved in snaps, plus other hilarious moments!

Threesome eating ice-cream. They bite it together! Heehee. Super lucky assistant chef sandwiched together with funny outrageous chef, and of course, president Al-goonieeeee who's stalking her <3


I caught him at the most ugliest time! Boo-ya! Tee hee!
Then, the lady who has been married twice, TWICE, hitting on MY Phillip!

Even more fixes... Goodness Episode 12 (if not mistaken) is hilarious! Sexy Punishment!

He's got no washboard abs though! But the most ferocious courageous in opening the first shirt! Gyaaah!


Finally! I got the cartoon! So cute~ Do tell me this drama's from a manga? It feels like it is from one. Sorry, Manhwa!

Happy slurping pasta-ing everyone! I know I am enjoying my fettuccine with plain Prego sauce and extra crunches munchies - a quick fix to the burning desire of wanting to eat - duh, what else - PASTA!

Then, Key in Raising an Idol show as he trips on a journey to be a chef (and the BGM for him is all from pasta! YAY LUCKY DAY!~) and he tries to win the stiff chef's heart with something, cute.

Smiley ruffle haired pasta! Kekekeke~

Updated: there's this drama-inspired recipe, a gourmet vegetarian pasta to do at home at Hey Diaspora, here! Sorry, it is only in Indonesian, but then the noisy pictures I took must be decent enough to follow, no? :P

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