When was the sky and weather as beautiful and as wonderful as it is? Never from April till this month onwards. However just for one night which turned out quite disastrous with only one lift working and the show being delayed for so long and finally a decision to have another fashion presentation at ION Sky for Karen Millen. So instead of going up for the fashion presentation's second round, after checking out the store for any good things to pick up, it ended up bitter, an all for nothing night to dress but queue and sit helplessly and stubbornly to not join the queue.

•wearing Kabitha Batik dress, (X)SML corduroy blue bolero, polka dot leggings, Irregular Choice heels

We were then hungry. Shirley was oogling on how nice I look today so to commemorate it so.
And we were on the 56th floor at ION Sky, for the first time. We looked through the binoculars wondering if we would see any naked guy like what we see in FRIENDS, but nah, there was nothing exciting in particular.

Now that I realize, I lost my left dimple.
Where did you go!

(The evaluation did by my dear mother is because I simply ate too much and my cheeks just had extra fat and so well, the dimples are gone. Then explain to me why my right one is still visible?)


I feel awkward with this space.

A rather short post.

Then this was for March but yet I finished writing this little account like end of May.



        Meticulously made forms, details, texture, style from the eyes of British designers are prepared to be presented today at the first day of the trunk show! Presenting these collections from Boudicca, Joanne Stoker Shoes, Hermione De Paula, Betty Jackson, Majique accessories and many more you can see here. As a sneak preview of the real thang in town finally all settled, prepare to be enthraaaaalled.
From furs, silk, brocade, leather, mesh, cotton, everything you need, top to toe, your hands filled with a bag and be decked in the accessories line, to finally perfect your whole dress with a whiff of perfume to be pre-prepared for the upcoming Autumn Winter.

Time to window shop (for me)!

 I can't wait to view the KTZ collection down - as well as the complete collection for Kim's collection for MFW next week. Super packed, this is my roller coaster ride for the next upcoming months. A little update on what I have been up to thus far...

Support this project at Glamour BOB | Best of British page to get the latest updates!
(The panel is on the top left there!)
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Those who has found me in Tumblr must be annoyed by my reblogging and posting on packaging, graphics, typography, and the rest of the siblings. It's nevertheless for my final year diploma project research and it's killing me - BUT! I have found my direction for it, at last. Could envision the whole thing now and I can't wait to make it out! I wished the shoe maker could get back to me fasterrrrrrrawrrrrrrrrr!!!!!!

Wanted my typeface to be as edgy as this one above via theantivulgar... 

(But then of course it was rejected as it wasn't timeless. More like seasonal thing.
Well, after evaluation it is true. So, discard this idea.)

My new direction would be as simplistic and consistent being this Nolitan project as a guideline. The color, the coherence, the strong branding with their customize touch on typography via The Dieline.
(In different color of course.)

But then again, can't beat overseas student's quality - yet - like what Dante Iniguez did for Urban Outfitters. Super nice - although still wonder if using natural color paper stock is suitable? I can't seem to make the bridge between UO being eco-friendly on packaging. But terms of not bridging brand and the whole project, it's super whut derr fakq amazing. Applaud!

(Sigh to myself and whip my brain to start making better execution in terms of neatness.)

Here's a kicking good branding! Super awesome smart Tokyu agency.

(What shall I do for shoes?!)

This one breaks my heart completely. I'd buy the shoes for only the box. The amazing box. Super whut derr fakq iz vat genius design! I don't know. I first stumbled it in Behance and found it again in Dieline being featured. Support them on their Facebook page if you'd want to purchase for you men but check out their portfolio and video on the creation of the boxes here.

But oh goodness,

Shall I just design all minimalistic white? This kicks.
I need that special machine or I have to make a bulk to achieve this finish.

Didn't expect 7 to come so soon. Heh heh.

Toast to TUMBLR wonder.


Where The Wild and Limited Oxygen Lies.

Welcome to the higher altitude areas in my summer holiday! In order to survive, you would need to purchase beforehand before entering the town of 'Shangri-la' an oxygen spray tab. 

It would look like a Baygon bottle and the best thing about it is you suck whatever it presses you. Do-oh, oxygen doesn't have smell - then what were we smelling this whole time? It's not Baygon, it's oxygen. Only the bottle is like Baygon. So you can pester and bully your friends later back home because they don't know anything about this and spray it immediately to their face (on the other side, you waste a really good thing and they are expose to a really good thing because oxygen is good). 

The trip journal continues on several short chapters, after the jump.



It is late, but I hope you guys raked a lot of hongpaos for the ones who celebrates in the year of this Golden Rabbit!

This was a gift from my lovely aunt in Singapore, a bunny filled with jellies. It's to commemorate the rabbit year of course, and for a change, I finally returned home for the first time in 3 years spent out of the country! Chillin' at home, wearing dad's slippers... That's the relaxing life I want I wish to have with such a nice ergonomic leather incline sofa seat.

Of course, speaking of the tradition of Chinese New Year, we need to have NEW clothes, shoes, undergarments, hair, eyes (glasses if you must), everything spanking new! Not necessarily a house but maybe more fortune will do come if you did move to a new house?

Back to topic: Bottom line, so I did transform myself... say, just 35%.

             I bought myself a dress, and it's BLACK (while chanting I am not superstitious and I don't care if I wear dark colors) from MU, and shoes! The lo and behold shoes I've been waiting for since I bought it in July 2010 and I thought it looked great but when I wear it it made the shoes so ugly because of my two big feet - the Zaha Hadid x Melissa rubber wedges! It's red.
           Ah, let me tell you my plan for CNY: To ward off any bad negative energy because of my black dress, everything else I adorn should be red. My shoes, nails, accessories, glasses, bag, and well, my hair.

          So my hair. No, nothing of the bizzare which I wanted but didn't have enough time and the salon I went to do it didn't dare to (super hard technique I know and it takes like the whole 10 hours methinks), to red.

Nah, not the whole thing... Just, a frame of red.
Let the pictures speak.

•wearing KTZ hood-dress, Zaha Hadid x Melissa wedges•


                  My heavenly proud piece of KTZ whom Kikwang of B2ST wore in the MV Soom in which I danced his part is still brand new, so it's still considered OK to be use on CNY too. Although still, till now, it's still new. It's really too hot to be in it! Bling it on, I totally love being in it.

So, the art piece I'm stepping on - sorry I've worn it to the big main streets too -

One last thing that gets my attention:

             Anna Piagi via Change Fashion. She's clasping the BIGGEST invitation ever seen by KRIZIA. The brand is not utterly prominent anymore but it's stocked loads in my Vintage Sale - so this brand should have been a legend to back then but with the wrong branding, guess it slumps off sadly. Quirky shoes she's got there! And the green scarf reminds me of Confessions of a Shopaholic, yes? :)
      Second one, I'm not sure who she is from Paris Fashion Week! Anyone could tell me? Her surrealistic accessories is catchy and well, the classic Birkin. The necklace's fingers is oddly familiar with that SS11 purses in my work place...

 Wait a minute!            I've started to join SVPPLY :: Your Svpply is your collection of the products you love. It's the next big thing I tell you and do find me there on the link above! Instead of Tumblr-ing what I want, this is a special site only dedicated to things you want to buy. Let me say, an awesome mash-up of Tumblr & Polyvore combined? Covers apparel, accessories, shoes, media, etc.! With Ruby-interfaced (I'm sure of this as the layout is just NICE!) and easy sharing to add things to your page, totally the next big sharing thing where you can link to your Tweet/Fagbook.


 Yo, 'ssup me over there! I play frequently there rather than here as it's faster and easier! Adios amigos!


PoLLy EsTheR

            This is my favorite project of the whole term thus far, moreover it turned out just the way I imagined it, which is why all my anxiety, dissapointment and annoyance towards Fast Print is gone! Bless you and your fake gold hot stamping that was 95% OK! Been a while for me to upload - I don't have the time to do this now actually!

For Visualisation+Presentation Digital, we had to create a catalog for products we are to self-produce, photograph, and brand it. I was frantic at first, and the only one thing I had in hand which I DIY, the stocking socks, was the only last thing I had. But with a flip of a magazine and a word that immediately luminated the dark world of no idea to the pot brimming with bubbles, ready to serve! And for the lst few days before hours to the deadline, I kicked my ass off and did it!


See the complete work and thumbs-up appreciate (you don't have to be a member) it here!

Here's a little behind-the-scene outtakes on how I really did it:

with a touch of super-exposed on Ps, brightening the colors with contrast and other quick magic touch.

more here!

Thoughts, suggestions, raves, rants, critical points are loved below.

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