Those who has found me in Tumblr must be annoyed by my reblogging and posting on packaging, graphics, typography, and the rest of the siblings. It's nevertheless for my final year diploma project research and it's killing me - BUT! I have found my direction for it, at last. Could envision the whole thing now and I can't wait to make it out! I wished the shoe maker could get back to me fasterrrrrrrawrrrrrrrrr!!!!!!

Wanted my typeface to be as edgy as this one above via theantivulgar... 

(But then of course it was rejected as it wasn't timeless. More like seasonal thing.
Well, after evaluation it is true. So, discard this idea.)

My new direction would be as simplistic and consistent being this Nolitan project as a guideline. The color, the coherence, the strong branding with their customize touch on typography via The Dieline.
(In different color of course.)

But then again, can't beat overseas student's quality - yet - like what Dante Iniguez did for Urban Outfitters. Super nice - although still wonder if using natural color paper stock is suitable? I can't seem to make the bridge between UO being eco-friendly on packaging. But terms of not bridging brand and the whole project, it's super whut derr fakq amazing. Applaud!

(Sigh to myself and whip my brain to start making better execution in terms of neatness.)

Here's a kicking good branding! Super awesome smart Tokyu agency.

(What shall I do for shoes?!)

This one breaks my heart completely. I'd buy the shoes for only the box. The amazing box. Super whut derr fakq iz vat genius design! I don't know. I first stumbled it in Behance and found it again in Dieline being featured. Support them on their Facebook page if you'd want to purchase for you men but check out their portfolio and video on the creation of the boxes here.

But oh goodness,

Shall I just design all minimalistic white? This kicks.
I need that special machine or I have to make a bulk to achieve this finish.

Didn't expect 7 to come so soon. Heh heh.

Toast to TUMBLR wonder.

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