Quoting from Nick Hornby's novel About A Boy, reading through the passage that shared the same sentiments like I had meant that I was not the only one being a morbid mortal - this perspective is shared from a heterosexual main character, a guy: "He wanted to cut off his own penis with a kitchen knife". (p36, 1998)

Certainly, let me help you with that. Especially men who call themselves fathers and force themselves to their children; boys destroying another girl, and so on - treacherous, atrocious, disasterous stories of society that leaves you lifeless, no faith is restored in this type of mammal.

Boys to men, don't be sorry for me. I'm only one of the countless victims of your kind. Look, I don't even work in the entertainment industry - oh wait, I do - but I'm not the star everyone wants to pounce on - or the director to please. I work behind the scenes. So I clean up the mess the next day instead with a smile. Heheh. #DirtyLaundry

As simple as a flick of my sports bra the other night from my bro, is forgivable. In my head, I only roll my eyes and say, "Ah boys being just boys really" but as a matter of fact for my value as a female, it has reduced my own value as one female. It felt condescending. Degrading. But, a that's what a heterosexual boy do during adolescent years, pulling mini sets or bra straps from behind as our white uniform shows its creases and lines of it.

#MeToo. Have you not?
Don't go further on this read if you don't want me to crush your K-pop dreams and promises of faithful marriages.



I've reached to the point where I'm slightly around the same time last year to start taking charge of things and it's halfway March 2016.

It's been a year into the new year and I'm not going to lie that the power of the fire is going to set an all-time high. Mixing with my youthful energy but my almost near the grave neurons approach, the Fire Monkey has probably never been apt in timing and combination as I, the Monkey, needs Fire as much as I can get this year. And so, I need the sun to energise me. The sun is a star full of blazing fire, therefore I'm asking the star, for a person who loves stargazing, to lend me a hand this year.

Third time's a charm, everyone say, and now my hair is done right and I'm happy.



Earlier this month, I showed my Japan trip pictures, including the ones you readers are about to see to my visiting guy pal from BKK.

"OMG Rice, you're so pretty here! You should use make-up!" was his reaction.

The (in)famous pic with new fabulous hair colour I totally love!

That was one honest response from a straight dude right there that yes, once again, exemplified visual beauty works to appeal, whether it's comfortable or uncomfortable for the user itself. But then again, it wasn't me wearing make-up (I don't even to weddings). I shall introduce to you this transformation digital magic that instantly change you to be ultra 'pretty' within seconds - hello to Japanese photoboxes!