A few days ago I've found a Mook on Mori Gaaru's Room Interior catalog. How can I not pass it? Much fanks to the girl in el-jay who uploaded it and scanned it page by page... oh how stressing.
In response to Jazzydear's giveaway, I thought of commenting but then I got too excited to search little cute interior rooms so I'd rather make a post - it's too bad to not share some aaahhhhh pweeeddiiie little thing.

I've always wanted to stay in the attic, wooden panels and just a natural finish - it could be raw or just gray cool cement to balance off the hot day. And a trap door to come in with a ladder... but it'll be occupying the whole roof - with secret traps and all that, inspired by these:

•wah I want that iMac to occupy the room as well! With pretty flowers around~•

•Yes as a Forest Girl wannabe I shall need to acquire all these to decorate my bookshelves sitting nicely~
it's also in the catalog! ZOMG. I need high capital for this change.•

Secret door way behind bookshelves! Definitely want one.
Oh not forgetting a walk in wardrobe but in a more accessible way...

And my tables and decorations would have pretty garlands around, and oh cupcake drawings!

And how to get down as soon as the alarm rings for the 10x time, it'll be like PRINCESS MIA'S Princess Diaries attic room with a metal pole sliding down! Wheee~

And my keys would be in a very cute keychain like what Selby snapped of...

I'd be happy to stay aaaaaaaalllllll day home in big plush pillows on the floor lazing around playing with my bunny~


             Yes, I'll be going to the place where James Hilton describes as a Tibetan utopia in his novel, Lost Horizons.

             No, I don't think it'll be as paradise as he says. I'm not sure. But I'm not very much looking for it, but I do need to prepare some things for this summer trip! It's going to be in the mountains but sure is the sun shining bright!

             My questions are answered by one Nylon Korea's post, "The Price is Right" with the concept of only having 100,000 won and wanting to travel somewhere. Only the third suits me well, but overall, it suits to where I'm heading with the ethnic theme!

•The first image is too cute to pass with her facial expression! The second shows the strong embroidery, showing ethnicity, and the last is what I can do at least - 
need to find a straw hat!

 Places to see and to be visited!

Broadway Market in London; Williamsburg in NY

NY will always be referred to Ira and Putra, the NY-citizen wannabes. Heehee~



Finally, after two weeks of delay, I present you a whutderrfakqizvat! special:

10 / 10
ten out of ten

           It'll be part of my own portfolio as well showcasing (and practicing) skills in writing, art directing and honing my digital skills and space aesthetics. This project has been hatched since the first interview assignment from school where I had this concept going on (the next page would be that friend of mine who'd I interviewed with hilarious obscure answers).
          Plus, it'll be what the blog's name is for - WHUTDERRFAKQIZVAT, to translate, what the fact is that ______________________ (fill in the blanks where I've found something/someone/somewhatever)  frivolously fierce and fabulous personality. Or just to re-bump them up, up, up.

              THE BRIEF:
10 people for the year 2010
Is not popularly mainstream
10 quick questions filling 10 minutes to know more about them
(It'll be like a one-stop quick profile to learn about the person)


             The first person who will I award the WHUTderrFAKQizVAT out-of-the-blue is to Outré's very own James Bent. Catched up on him one afternoon in conjunction for Whiteboard Journal special feature, say, tête-à-tête column?

Without further ado, kudos to Mr. Singapore's very own Street Snapper and here's an almond to the jar on his world: 

*Gotta click to make it big and readable.*

               Rants and reviews are most appreciated on the big picture or little details, it'll be most appreciated! Since it's for my portfolio I'd still go back and do some tweaks, it'll be a series of 10, and it shall need to look like a series. But of course, what I've found out on those sudden organic white shapes - it looks good, I like it very much!

As for the elongated interview for the hour, click on to read more...



      It's been a while since face-of-the-day pops up but yeah, I've just recently re-picked up this guy here after a break so it's on back with him! And his stupid days while I left him.

"MC: Do you have a girlfriend right now?
Him: No (hello yes I broke up with you good thing you were still honest)
MC: What kind of husband or boyfriend would you be to your future girl?
Him: I'd be a very understanding man to her...
b  l  a  b  l  a  b  l  a  b  l  a  b  l  a  b  l  a  b  l  a  b  l  a  b  l  a  b  l  a  b  l  a MC this him that
Him: When she wants to buy those luxury handbags and such, I would understand, I won't oppose to it"

Like I don't know you, Mr. Almighty Key! You shopaholic how many boxes came after a trip when you arrived home! HUH! I bet it's you who wants to shooooooooooooop~

And his face in Star Golden Bell with hiding-teeth-game, yeah, he looks like grandpagurgurgrgulrrlrle.

But I've missed you and your babo silliness that's why we're back. 행봌해?ㅋㅋㅋ^^. Accompany me in this treacherous morning of work and keep me awake!

His proud sandwich from Raising Idol, "this is Cheondong's face!"

Jigeumun, na, doing the Food for Thought interview for SOE...
Episode: Jjong + Key cut for Sebakwi 

And look at the time! 4:57 in the morning!



*hands and eyes.

                There are two exhibitions I have recently visited, one just opened today and it both has a Japanese flair, so I shall dedicated to the Japanese, where hands and eyes, work together to create these artworks possible. Either by drawing or by clicking a button, both are deep within their thoughts and roots reflected through the fine line and emotion they give.

Fine Line drawings from Japan___________________________________________________

Remember how Shinigami (Bleach) are connected with a red line? These are connected by pencil to create a hidden image and dimensions just by pencil.

More on it, on my review, here.

______________________________________T e c h n i color J a p a n

Olivier Henry of Milk Photographie finally opens his private exhibition space that focuses on photography as an art form, Vue Privee. I admire the works the artists has create, I would like one but then yes, it's not a student's budget to purchase and invest in one piece. Wait for another 5 years I think.

I want that special limited edition box! Kya kya kya ほしいいい!

Back to the review link, soon.

Pictures are taken by the writer. Please do let me know if you are taking it.
And also share what you think - but you really should drop by if you're in town!



What happens if two things you like got together to work together, to create something?

A    +    B   =     AB
Type AB, the most unique blood-type there is and the most outspoken,
so then, if

 A represents Fleamadonna,
B represents the unknown yet-still-have-to-figure-out-who-is SM f(x)'s power stylist,
it equals the evidence and output of two creative power heads to create something stupendous.

The equation to make an effect to f(x)'s new look ready for their comeback with a more cutting edge style.

These are their campaign shoot for their new mini album that has an adorable illustration to it, NU A.B.O.
(Yep, that's how they sing it, NU A-B-O. How coincidental blood type AB works here, on a random note)

I love the concept for this - it has been digitally edited to look like it's captured on an analog camera, but correct me if I'm wrong and they did hire a specialist photograph who got a big fat cheque because of using film/slides.
And pleeeease don't style Amber like that, we'll all have turn lesbian and have a crush on him/her!

Speaking about it, hell yeah Sulli's tank top and how it drops and wears through the unconventional hole is totally HSB.

Smashing leggings - it compliments the dance, in which I'd say doesn't excite me at all.
To put it even, it's pretty, weird? Anyways.

DIY those sleeves that will take the whole summer! I'd have to tie-dye in denim color as well. Wonder if it's his own work.
Plus Amber's plastic chain hat from the campaign! Easy to do.

So check out the gone-retro themed video...

and lastly,

Visit their home of thoughts,


I'm a stalker! Obsessive compulsive OCD'd by them and a few others from the same land.

And still to note shit I'd like his freaking book even though I'd wouldn't understand a word. Will Seungho follow soon? Tee hee!
And I'd like to see Big Bang's book too for so long! AAAH.

OMGGGGG I'M A TRUE STALKER あの人がファセボオクがあります!
I want to but I'm afraid to do so...

Off the Record, their mini-album verdict!

From powerful track NU ABO then a sudden change to their real age, Milkshake with a forced pass record, I guess everyone would agree they only work best as mannequins - the album AND the dance is mediocre, weird swiveling without much creativity. Not their fault, it's the money-maker company's fault to push them out of their mere young age! They're as pretty and flawless like a mannequin, perfect to be pampered my magic hands and getting the best skin treatments.



•wearing People of Asia black deconstructed top, Cotton On angel top (worn inside), Topshop polka-dot knee-high stocking, Dolce Vita leather sandals.
I Want That handmade bag, DIY bling-blings

 A moody gloomy afternoon at 6.30PM downtown Orchard, I was wearing more suitable to the hot humid weather with an extra twist at most angles.

He was explaining that he wanted to try a Jak and Jill kind of style, photographing details of the outfit instead of a whole, so check out the zoomed ones in his post.

Connect yourself to James' street style photography showcase, showing Singapore's best demeanor in terms of dressing on the streets. be a part of it and who knows you might see yourself being asked with his stamped name card in the street, then uploaded in his website, Outré.

This was before the interview session!
And look out soon for his interview profile for WHUTderrFAKQizVAT as part of my portfolio!

It was an enjoyable evening to change views with James. Time flies so fast, and questions keep popping up, out of the written script; like a conversation with a chum. I also learnt that he's a foodie! Let's hunt for great food across the island next time! :D



I am enthralled by my very own baby's charming products. It was cross processed, ISO 100, and stunningly crystallized with soft focus. I'm speechless, and so let's get on to it. This roll is dedicated to the fashion project shoot to be part of the experimentation. One of them has successfully amazing, I thought it should be the DPS of hunting scene.

•Love the natural focus in the middle, much easier to control than DSLR's. And the branches.•

•How the light shines through it gorgeous.•

•Full throttle Fleamadonna stiff braided-hem skirt, resting from power stance•

•The ah-mazing DPS hunting shot. Totally dramatic and dynamic!•

As always, first roll must have a dedicated shot to the dear person taking care of you expensive babies!

I LOOOOOOVE LOOOOOOOOVE it's like sky-painting!

Postcard perfects. Diamond in the rough, inside the little roll.
I'm proud of you, Gokugakugakkenflexxie! My real baby!
And finally done with the blog roll. Comments and reviews are most welcome as usual fellow analogers and anyone appreciating this medium.

Well, these put a smile on my face for sure.


Today was the first opening day of CENTRE OF PERIPHERY, another Japan Creative Center event in Singapore showcasing people manipulating books, papers and the likes to fragile artworks (make sure to use the gloves to handle them). I thought I'd drop by before whole day practice today immediately after shoe purchasing, thinking of research for the Picture Book Competition I'd like to be still an optimist on to finish. But not the likes. 

It should be Woods in the Books, also the opening party supposedly today about books as well... Will drop by on that too.



•made from thinnest ... paper, ink jet printer, never mind go click and see if feasible to read hee•

•Aqua book•

•an agenda of 64,800 seconds and 10,000 years•

•Hey! The name caught my eye (also the video is his), because I met him from my curator cousin, Michael Lee! I enjoyed exchanging thoughts with him, hope to see him again soon, probably Singapore Independence Day in cousin's house•

My favorite! Definitely the centre of book periphery for sure.

•Of mountains and valleys•

Anyone taking these photos please do let me know. 
And make sure you visit! It's got interesting selection of artworks and you've got to see my favorite with your own eye!

While Listening to OTW: new 都響事変 Tokyo Jihen's smashing brilliant album,  スポーツ!