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•Inside the van with a sea of props!•

•the time to test out my own new analog baby, Gokugakkugakkenflexie! Piku piku Excited•

               It is time to now unleash the beasts to the public's eye! Worked on it for the past semester (7 x 7 weeks), through Styling, Art Direction, CCS, Editorial Writing, Fashion Photography, and V+P Traditional/Digital (countable by fingers - compared to the other faculty... and having classes always after lunch-time *glance*) it was a superb kick-off to Fashion Comm. major to study, get acquainted with new buddies, and end up getting all bloody!

Special spanks to Fadli for all those networking job of casting and it was nice to work again with jaw-dropping cheekbones Nora from Diva, Karyna (couldn't find the card) and Simon, the fresh face of Upfront just for this season. It was spankin' fabulous fun frivolous fanfare time to work with you guys!

Special sneak peek to the soon premiering video of the behind the scenes.
Lo and behold, from hunting to beautiful awakening, our salty sweat crystals all over the place, is our shoot.


(well, what do you guys think, our sweats really turn to diamonds?
if you get my gist)

Photographer DARYL ONG
Art Director BRYAN TEO
Copywriter (myself)

And SUPER WOW OMG WEE BOO YA our milk paper works are chosen to be brought to LASALLE's stand in the UK showcasing all the prestigious art academies around the world. 
LASALLE's the only college heralding from Singapore, as lecture says so whoo hoo hoo~

*the ones from little TLR would be uploaded under LLL soon*

Other practice under the sun in Sentosa with Chris as our model stranded, like Mr. Hanks in Castaway without a volleyball...

Stay tuned for the video - I haven't touch more than just the first scene! I'm getting a good charm today for SOE progress, yes yes yes!

That's a wrap for semester 4!
Huge encore bow downs to all of us.

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