Today was the first opening day of CENTRE OF PERIPHERY, another Japan Creative Center event in Singapore showcasing people manipulating books, papers and the likes to fragile artworks (make sure to use the gloves to handle them). I thought I'd drop by before whole day practice today immediately after shoe purchasing, thinking of research for the Picture Book Competition I'd like to be still an optimist on to finish. But not the likes. 

It should be Woods in the Books, also the opening party supposedly today about books as well... Will drop by on that too.



•made from thinnest ... paper, ink jet printer, never mind go click and see if feasible to read hee•

•Aqua book•

•an agenda of 64,800 seconds and 10,000 years•

•Hey! The name caught my eye (also the video is his), because I met him from my curator cousin, Michael Lee! I enjoyed exchanging thoughts with him, hope to see him again soon, probably Singapore Independence Day in cousin's house•

My favorite! Definitely the centre of book periphery for sure.

•Of mountains and valleys•

Anyone taking these photos please do let me know. 
And make sure you visit! It's got interesting selection of artworks and you've got to see my favorite with your own eye!

While Listening to OTW: new 都響事変 Tokyo Jihen's smashing brilliant album,  スポーツ!

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