Created for TIALM. Isn't it eye-pleasing and minimalistic?
I'm alive, and when I'm alive, this is the only time I get to blog because demands from here, here, and here is taking a full toll on me. I only can be blessed with so many activities, new friends, new experiences back in my motherland and still stay close to home.

Matter of fact I cannot wait to get out next year as well and be productive again with my brain and hands. 1 year should be enough as a break, aye?

The only thing I cannot stand will be eating fish and chips daily beacuse there's no legit veggies or fruits and no one's going to cut it for me and no one's going to clean up my messy room thanks to deadlines for postgrad... next year... anyone in the city I'll be moving in mid 2013, holla~

And that's the end of me being very sensible and being a minimalist. Hello, too much reading from manga, I'm still me!

So LOOK AT ME! SURPRISE! (James said that, if you do follow Line) Wishing anyone who's reading the very, very exciting best in 2013 for we have been given an amazing new chance to continue on to live our dreams. I can open my eyes, to type, to breathe, hear my heart beat, hear my friend's little embryo heart beat, see my dad going gaga over football, and eating my mom's everyday super delicious cooking I have to savour them everyday.

I met awesome new people as I moved back, successfully pulled off events this year, graduated, saw more stars except my shining boys, and onwards with my project, This Is A Lokal Movement.

I became 20.

What did you wish for, and what are you thankful for this year?



I've been meaning to post it since September last year after I arrived from my two-week Eurotrippin' and not until today I had the sudden motivation to revive my blog again - I'm getting some creative juices!

There was this simple dress I got for roughly S$8 in BKK and I wanted to make things rather different. My style, Miss Foo will say when she sees this. Everyone knows I like drape drape, so here's just one way to do things your own way and be different, and all you need is:

the basic dress with only 1 pin
  • 1 Long dress, preferably with a pattern so draped and scrunch looks visible compared to solid black
  • 10-15 pins, big ones like those nappy for babies (since I used them for this) and normal ones, big ones better to keep the weight.

It's not so easy, I had to pin and pierce it while I wear it because laying them on the bed and scrunching it in will not look the same. I tried it on and off, and best way is to keep it ON.
Sorry for the bad image, it was really late at night and I was rushing off or I'll look horrendous on Day 5.

 This was scrunched and held perfectly with trial and error. Make sure your pins really are strong and won't fall off halfway. My dress material was polyester cotton jersey and polyester made it ultra heavy. So those babies huge ones actually did help through the inside.

TA - DA, you now look different.

See the rest of my trip's looks of 10 days worth!



A simple video I wanted to watch on Youtube actually offered me to choose which ad (there was 2) to watch before my video.

I haven't rambled in years to what my blog's name reflects but well, this is for all young girls and boys to fathom what is really going on behind your $3.8billion, you donated 0.001-2%, depending on how many repackaged albums you buy.

More than a cut, deeper than the skin, the society that is trying so hard or has its benchmark set high up that is indeed, scary for me, a normal whatever-i-dont-care human. Now I'd have to be so paranoid if I ever lived there (because I'm not caucasian, their no. 1 muse).

I immediately chose the second, entitled "SEOUL FASHION WEEK" that was about 30 minutes long (will this Ad actually work?)

Which turns out to be VICE's documentary embedded below. I watched it entirely on full screen (hello Begi!!! so cute with leftover English scones) for it to be an actual recent take, which took place 2 weeks ago. Yes, please watch it in the biggest screen you have to realise.

The fashion, to the extent was not just about fashion, it was everything encapsulated in a rational POV.

Cheers to Charlotte who walked casually, tried on the augmented fitting model on the subway (I have a research paper copy on this, it's real apparently so)

pulled a couple to pick on COUPLING UNDIES WHICH IS ABSURD (who the heck will see, which means I know those purchasing are sexually active thanks)...

Meeting tattoo/barber rock punk and him being embarrassed and share his state of mind what Hallyu means to him...

Meeting HSB and cornering him to inanely say SHINee and the rest of bands are overtly protective...

Double surgery eyelids... "Very very happy and I want to be like you because you're beautiful..." and the part where the person is crying I had to hold my breath. Not really good with NCIS and CSI body scenes either.

(What about me the elephant body and "I think I'm Ugly and nobody wants to love me" face?)

Infinite / D-UNIT meeting and shuffling with them (wow isn't she tall!)...

But hey, I thought it was a review of Seoul Fashion Week but it's not. Its the current diagnose of things to break stereotypes of the perfect and happening South Korea.

Many things to remorse this week, including James Bond coming to Indonesia... a decade ago.

The S.K. society is gets perfection by the minute, making its humanity a volatile place as one can try to survive. Not as the survival of the fittest, but the most fairest of them all both female and male.

"But on the first day their child is born, their past secrets will come back". 
That is the last scariest remark of the entire being.



Self birthday present I got about 2 weeks before my birth date - I saw it on Female Singapore once going for about $200... but I was loitering around the dept store in Spain, very uninterested. Until I saw BIMBA & LOLA's counter and I immediately perked up (the only young contemporary product creators within the rest of the very auntie styles, hahaha) and I saw this.

I was like, it's on sale?
Yes it's on sale for 50% to only 39 Euros.

I gaped. The lady couldn't speak English so with all my fervor I made the transaction possible. *shopper's instinct*

Now I can ulala like those Hawaiian.

I was so elated and glowing after this single necklace I'm not sure why, I think the satisfaction of 1) finding the pretty little thing, 2) actually having the power to buy, 3) it's on sale, 4) it's so cute cute cute.

So this was me after purchasing it without my parents meheheheheh.

the small bag of happiness!!!


Girls, know this:
#Happiness comes in very small packages at #surprise times. #shopping



the horror.

Its D-3 days away from my flight to a two-week break to Bond cassanova Casablanca, baby!
And no, I haven't fully packed, so here I am in procrastination to start planning a 16-day outfit plan in one go - ever did that before? Europe trips tend to have the most longest duration; and other Western trips from here.


Because it was said that Madrid is now BBQing itself to a freaking 42-degrees Celcius, I luckily have purchase the largest 'sombrero like' hat in Bangkok (thank you, dear 5-day trip I never gotten around to upload more) because the tour leader just called in that "please prepare your hats". YES SIR, I got that cover since JUNE.

Another trip of preparation includes going to Kiehl's, which are CHEAPER TO BUY IN INDONESIA NOW (INSERT HURRAHS) for sunblock for mom's beautiful plastic slick skin more than me. We didn't intend to buy like more than 5 bottles and only intended for 1 bottle of sunblock, but alas...

Damage done. I COULDN'T BELIEVE IT THAT MY MOM AND I STOOD IN THE SHOP FOR 1 HOUR - that poor but amazing employee deserves Employee of the Month award to bag a customer for swiping 2K in one go - because of the promotion of getting a bag and other prezzies.

And the bag - caught my attention. Kiehl's IS from NY... so The Sartorialist here embroidered is... (and after a quickc Google... yeah) It's that Sartorialist  A YEAR AGO.

But hey, it's a nice bag - look how ergonomic it is! Portrayed with more samples I bagged from le store.

READ: Price shrinking!

So yeah, everything fits to a bag including other things. Today, with me finalizing my draft of my research proposal for (YES) SCHOOL, NEXT FALL, (rolls eyes, school again with exams this time) explains the messy table on my computer with all those secondary quotes and footnotes.

*pusing kepala miring*

A goodie bag came! My mom's friend Tante A has shipped me a graduation gift - how lovely!!!! I never expected any - coming from Jakarta. Don't judge the box by its cover because it's not a Batik clothing from Keris. I never imagine myself to own a....


Go figure how I ended up with this. But isn't adorable with those bowties in the bottom drawer?
Thank you so much, Tante A! I really do love it, I do really use it - will - transfer all my rings inside. Now I don't have to loose another piece of earring again.

See you back in like two weeks after my jetlagged birthday on a plane.



B2B2 is really all about the black and the white and some hues in between.
It would have had a better title named 'Armour' but because of the former post I did in writing in my two days in Jakarta, I have to be consistent.

I thought the top was rather funny and it is a literal image of yellow flash - if it wasn't for my bag. So the second most daring outfit, it seems, in a blink of an eye is plain smart and normal casual. The thing is, everyone doesn't stare on the dress with a simple knot or my double-armour in my bangles (gotten for $6 each in a Diva sale, fantastic) or whenever I wore my 5-dpi look-a-like shades. I had bruises on my shin and my arms that the stockings and bangles serve as a cover.

It was my shin and my shoes that made people gawk.

"That girl must be out of her mind to tattoo her entire shin like that, goodness" is what they must have thought. "With that shoes as well - egad, what kind of trashing fashion is this?"
If you were to enter Plaza Indonesia, the Paragon of Singapore, the Saks Fifth of NY, the Harrods of London, then yeah, you'll get stared at until you feel your legs burn by their eye-starring lasers and whispers.

The secret answer is about the stockings, which I utterly adore because of its 110% foolproof of letting everyone know that I did went to a tattoo parlour and got a one-for-one deal: pay the dragon, get the girl riding on it free tattoo picture are from Carrie Chan. Met her over at Blueprint and ordered few sets for myself so prepare for it, dear fashionable Indonesians, I'm wearing them more and get over it - you'll want them too.

Into my opinion about the current market of Indonesia's retail: Everything in Indonesia is now bloody exxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx ship me to Bangkok this instant. Get designer stuff (local) for reasonable prices and for them to sustain. Only Danjyo maybe fits my pocket most but the rest are rather out-of-your-space. But yeah, that was literally it, there was nothing else that is an entire avenue for local/multi-lable shops and other hip places because it's all been foreign-absolutism in the market (er like Singapore of course, but they have more selections on the indie side) where these are very commercialized brands.

Besides spotting new multi-label stores that popped up around Bandung which I have not CHECKED IT OUT YET, anyone else got ideas where else I should go and have a look for local labels, multi-label stores besides Jade, Fjlo, Goods Dept.?  Fire away please!

wearing ADHOC dress-shirt, Diva gold bangles, RI.By.Carrie tattoo stockings, Feiyue sneakers.
ready stance!


AND for Rachmawati in her Archery onto the next round... SPANKING AWESOME!

Just received: visit if you can, I wish I was there to see these 3D artworks myself, more less commercial than LV's Kusama (of course I still love her, LV or not, way back then), much probable in concept.



wearing The Balletcats population sweater, green skirt from an FO, Feiyue MFW11 sneakers. Yellow bag from Bangkok, Bathing Ape transparent blue bag, and my humble Benetton cyan traveller.

I was in Jakarta for two days last week, for the first time ever (because should you have seen the timeline back in 2009 that I moved out to the outskirts of Bandung, Indonesia) and boy, how the traffic has gotten worse. And light if it was the opening hour for Muslims in this Ramadhan season.

Since I got no roof back in the capital city, I stayed over Ibis with the reason being of having meetings and meetings in PP and PI (Pacific Plaza and Plaza Indonesia).

One was for the reason of meeting, finally, an internet friend, a proper face-to-face meeting after about 2 years 'knowing' and the idea behind the meeting was because of our current positions today. Force the two heads and we merge one amazing power, and hopefully soon the product will be out in November. SO CROSS FINGERS!!!!!!!! News out in a bit where I will need kind help from creatives for this. ;)

Meeting at PP Liberica was rather off-costumed because I was feeling (again) pastel-y with neon-y colours. I finally had the urge to wear The Balletcats sweater for the first time ever, in public, after about . . . a year owning it? I know, I know. And it's because I just got this zesty lime green skirt I've always dreamt off in having the colour and it's awfully perfect with the grey. Not speaking about the shoes, it definitely turned heads around - no, I got it for free, I didn't buy two pairs and put one on each. Blimey, I haven't got all the cash in the world. If I have to, I'd buy a pair of whites, and pylox the other in black.


This was rather a mere subtle outfit in all the colours and my new wallet (Hello there two wabbits... or kangaroos... or worse what my mum said, it's a freaking rat. Now that entirely spoilt all the cute charms in it) and the transparent Bape bag which is ever-so-helpful with all the guards scanning all our bags. Now this is a statement without having to pull everything out.

That's for day one, practically arrived, conquered the usual Korean facial spa I went to, and then scurrying away to the other side of the city for the meeting that went absolutely ace.Then I went over to the all-new Goods Dept. which literally just opened last Friday and well, I checked it out for a while. I see Satchels everywhere in every colour!

Until tomorrow for outfit post day two... The more head-churning version.

PS. I have now wireless installed in my humble abode! Talk about motivation of doing more of this. I've been abandoning my own virtual thoughts a lot. Heh heh heh.

PPS. Back to my Olympics Gymnastic / Archery finals watching. However, I can rest assure you I am halfway over from this oogling session. Go Ben!

PPPS. Anyone here believes in Sherlock??????????????????????????

jiggy celebratory dance!




Some huge more than 3 meters vehicle must have passed this and scraped their top. Hmmm.

Toilors and Silk. ROFLMAO

To think that we thought we'll never go to Bangkok... 2 minutes left for departure... literally two and doors are closed...

Let's not go there.

Day 1 in Bangkok proves that the place is just like Indonesia with a easy feasibility of travel in Singapore (read: on foot and train) and that I, who have officially graduated from my Bachelors and is properly labeled a Degree holder, has a very first trip on her own in the wild, wild shopping heaven of the City of Angels.

While doing an impersonate Pornsak Sukhumvit of Channel 5 The Noose on repeat and getting my accent right to be a localize tourist, there are things that certainly is only and applicable to Thailand.

No, not tuk tuks, I didn't ride any for H and I was still in flu and cough (and yet we still share the same utensils) way before when we did Music Matters, Song Joong Ki, and now apparently trying to get in T-ARA Lovey Dovey Bangkok fanmeeting, but some certain social rules that took to my surprise.

Theatre watching: Apart from the recommendation that I was suppose to watch the 4D show (now showing The Avengers, H has watched twice, we opt for normal movie instead) for about 400 Baht (100 Baht is S$4), I went to finally watched MIB 3 which pulled my tears at the end for James, aka Agent J. Spoiler no, it was the part where advertisements ran for about half an hour where we dashed from the streets to go scurry back to Paragon and be in time for the show at 9PM, and where afterwards, had to stand up to give salute to the King's video and national anthem (? Correct me if I'm wrong). That was new for me. After that bit of impromptu stand up I sojourn to my comfy seat for 120 Baht which can auto-incline and my Hello Kitty popcorn tub and drink. Sanrio-certified products (hologram sticker attached) minus the Yen pricing. Serious love.

First thing we ate after we land: DUNKIN' DONUTS, I had Men in Black 3 donut and it was DELICIOUS I regretted taking the two glazed peanut donuts as I wanted this kind. Oh oh oh.

Dinner: FUJI Japanese Resto (recommended by Champ, again) and ordered huge sashimi bento for like 220 Baht. CRAZY CHEAP QUALITY TOP NOTCH. Makes me want to return but quickly H reminded me that we have other places to try out

And oogling at street foods of sate (so familiar) but confused if the meat is really the meat we want... (too much watching Indonesian news channels)


Trains: Instead of Taxis, I opted for train (I'm listening to Champ 24/7 here) and yes, their trains look exactly like MRT. So I felt like I've arrived in Changi Airport again after 2 hours. The officers were so very helpful, both inside the control station (if they call it that way) and the special way for luggages. They tried their best to accomodate our answers after we arrived at SIAM station which we were suppose to alight at NATIONAL STADIUM. Meh we turned around and walked with my huge luggage with me (empty) and bumped into local stars doing their interview in one mall. Then we were out and lost.

So trains here, like SMRT and SBS (brands) have different lines like to what Singapore have presently, navigate around the town. First the airport link, then we change to the city green link. Tickets are priced affordable for 45 Baht from Airport, and another 20 for city of 2 stops. More or less, we arrived at the 'Dhoby Ghaut Interchange' of Bangkok, but imagine it being open air.

I forgot what else but boy, were we faded out and crashed in right after a wondrous shower with peppermint shower gel and shampoo which is ultra-refreshing and cooling to my head!, oogling our cute room and going rather gaga of what should our bubble speeches be filled with (as seen down below). 


there's more but this is long overdue I have forgotten what else did we discover that day. Just a thought down below...

Is it... oh no. Just checking. It's a legit skin-only clinic and no tucking in things of 'things.'



from AFF2012 Facebook, Nico showing a Mugler piece, for the show tomorrow.
 Nicola: "I'm so nervous right now"
Colin: "He's talking rubbish,"
Nicola: (laughs) "It's my first time doing this sort of thing"

Confabulation of the day.
What a fab, fab, fab afternoon for a gab with fashion's grandfather of journalism from England (may I say, pardon) and with a surprising childlike personality, always happy, always optimistic, and always in his own world and bubble everyone is invited to, Nicola Formichetti.

Before jumping onto his hilarious, kischy antics of what makes Nicola just Nicola during the 45 minute talk, I'll share in a snap of my view; I didn't know he would speak, that was a plus point to have entered the AFX ring, and didn't expect how he, being 34, has his hands entirely all in all fashion industry aspects, and still juggling for more, and in the end, I felt that he, made the Lady Gaga 'concept' - if it wasn't for him to take interest in her, she would only be a mere blonde American pop and dance singer, and not avant garde Barbiexperimental doll to surf styles from Sun to the Milky Way. Believe that he picked her up after 'Just Dance', or at least I think it was, because she was still just a blonde, and actually pretty, she then turned into WORLD MEGASUPERSTAR because of what fashion and artistry did to her thanks to Nicopanda.

As much time has to keep on ticking and le grandfather has slipped off VOGUE HOMME NIPPON out of his list to confab more about this area of Nicola's work, perhaps one day if I could see it in person how a Vogue Homme Nippon comes around although it was something I look foward to most. (You know me. The otaku.)

"I'm 34, fakq it. I look young because I'm half-Asian" (cheers and claps erupted in the entire conference room)

Casually, he started pulling off his blazer, revealing his bare developing muscular arms and very dark tan. "It's hot... do you like my Bali tan?" (which I then assume that he hung out with J's friend A and KTZ boys if they're in Bali)

Onwards to the full interview (rather a bit soft voice, sorry, use headphones and sudden gushing of people) to be listened below:

This is the love In 10 words or less...
Colin McDowell Full conversation w Asian Panda @formichetti #fashion #AFS2012 fullstop



Yeah, it's only an illusion.

This is a very late back-dated post where in the end it was not publicize anywhere and I may use my review, yeaps! And this is a very, very late post. I'm not born to be a blogger, I'm born to publish my Diary of a Wimpy Blogger on notepads photocopied. Heh heh heh.

Invited for the opening night of 'The Illusionists' Show at the Marina Bay Sands made me anxious while eyes, transfixed, to the stage and the player do acts which I've never experience live before - it was my first.

“We are not to believe our eyes because tonight, your eyes will not lie of what it sees. It’s up to you to believe what is reality and what is an illusion.” –The Grand Illusionist, Brett Daniels

From The Magic Circle and Hollywood’s Magic Castle to the multi-million dollar Harry Potter franchise, the world of illusion and intrigue has always fascinated people. This production will present a rare opportunity for audiences of all ages to see the grand masters of illusion at work in
one spell-binding production.

Promised for a bewitching night one Friday, that particular Friday, 17 February 2012 was the opening night of The Illusionists, a new stage performing from that Friday until the 4th of March 2012. Staged at again, The Sands Theatre at Marina Bay Sands that was transformed into a magician's playground for a family-friendly show which featured six of hte world's most respected performers in the field. 

Looking back to our childhood, we have possibly been transfixed on magic shows on TV since we were young. Our faces would end in a huge ‘O’ and our minds travel to do the logic of “how can THAT possibly happen?”

As apt as their tagline, “Witness the Impossible”, the show which was about 3 hours kept me on the edge of the seat – particularly as I was seated at the middle section, 5 rows away from the stage. This is as close as I get to see live magic, for the first time in my life, and the thrill being on that audience chair is a far cry than your sofa in your living room. The stupefying acts from these Illusionists in which they were handpicked to present these along with 20 plus assistants and dancers, the night builded up in a slow climax.

The night first started off with classic magic tricks by ‘The Gentleman’ Phillip, which uses real simple tricks of hiding pigeons, vanishing cages, and a beautiful flower given at the end. The norm must be presented to see the basic of the simple beauty of illusion, because still, you could watch this for a million times and wonder how all can hide things ever so smoothly.

The Grand Illusionist, Brett Daniels, plays both as a intermission host and the man who leads it all. A fair share of rudimentary tricks were performed, but sadly, on this Opening Night, his grand trick of going through a fan was dismissed as there was a technical problem of “his biggest fan”.

Ones that’ll keep you light hearted to sit back and relax is when the stage is set for the talkative The Mentalist, Philip Escoffey. Making answers before a person does will keep you spin your brain in bewilderment. His entertaining acts were possibly made by his chosen guests from the audience, and if you get chosen, expect a puzzled look on your face thereafter as he reveals your answer together with you without you showing.

The climax heightens as the air is tight when The Escapologist (Andrew Baso), an Italian magician was to perform Houdini’s last act, “Water Torture Cell”, right in front of your stage, equipped with Singapore Police Certified handcuffs. You must’ve seen it before with other magicians doing it, such as Dan Sperry aka. The Anti-Conjuror’s Russian Roulette, but anxiety awakens when they both started to play their dangerous acts. Even though it was a mere performance, my heart was light as on the top of a roller coaster.

The Trixkster (Michael Halvarson), The Manipulator (James Dimmare), The Anti-Conjuror(Dan Sperry) and The Grand Illusionist (Brett Daniels) will leave you mind boggled and spellbounded. I found myself constantly asking “how did he do that?” and probably a little too much time wondering what went behind creating those elaborate illusions.

You won’t have to fly all the way to Sydney spending long hours on board – the show was originally developed for the Sydney Opera House in Australia, to see with your own for these 6 magicians to change your notion of what a magic showis because our three-flat tier Marina Bay Sands will always bring you the best of world's shows down to Singapore!

Watch out for SOAP, Annie's (!!!), and A Chorus Line as this year's line-up!

The night was out and about with Mona from Hey Diaspora!

Top by Manythings BKK, Skirt by MU, bracelets varies from Turkey.

Lion Clutch bag by Mango.

I still have school to prep the exhibition up but other than that, I AM OUT.

See you guys more often^^!