A simple video I wanted to watch on Youtube actually offered me to choose which ad (there was 2) to watch before my video.

I haven't rambled in years to what my blog's name reflects but well, this is for all young girls and boys to fathom what is really going on behind your $3.8billion, you donated 0.001-2%, depending on how many repackaged albums you buy.

More than a cut, deeper than the skin, the society that is trying so hard or has its benchmark set high up that is indeed, scary for me, a normal whatever-i-dont-care human. Now I'd have to be so paranoid if I ever lived there (because I'm not caucasian, their no. 1 muse).

I immediately chose the second, entitled "SEOUL FASHION WEEK" that was about 30 minutes long (will this Ad actually work?)

Which turns out to be VICE's documentary embedded below. I watched it entirely on full screen (hello Begi!!! so cute with leftover English scones) for it to be an actual recent take, which took place 2 weeks ago. Yes, please watch it in the biggest screen you have to realise.

The fashion, to the extent was not just about fashion, it was everything encapsulated in a rational POV.

Cheers to Charlotte who walked casually, tried on the augmented fitting model on the subway (I have a research paper copy on this, it's real apparently so)

pulled a couple to pick on COUPLING UNDIES WHICH IS ABSURD (who the heck will see, which means I know those purchasing are sexually active thanks)...

Meeting tattoo/barber rock punk and him being embarrassed and share his state of mind what Hallyu means to him...

Meeting HSB and cornering him to inanely say SHINee and the rest of bands are overtly protective...

Double surgery eyelids... "Very very happy and I want to be like you because you're beautiful..." and the part where the person is crying I had to hold my breath. Not really good with NCIS and CSI body scenes either.

(What about me the elephant body and "I think I'm Ugly and nobody wants to love me" face?)

Infinite / D-UNIT meeting and shuffling with them (wow isn't she tall!)...

But hey, I thought it was a review of Seoul Fashion Week but it's not. Its the current diagnose of things to break stereotypes of the perfect and happening South Korea.

Many things to remorse this week, including James Bond coming to Indonesia... a decade ago.

The S.K. society is gets perfection by the minute, making its humanity a volatile place as one can try to survive. Not as the survival of the fittest, but the most fairest of them all both female and male.

"But on the first day their child is born, their past secrets will come back". 
That is the last scariest remark of the entire being.

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