The day started in the white window...

"tua juga lu akhirnya..."

"cpet lulus... and get matured.."

"kapan bajunya bisa dibeli di toko?"

"Where's my birthday present? LOL~!"

"TANTEEEEE KAMU TAMBAH TUAAAAAAAAA YA? opps, maksudnya OLD GIRL. OLD WOMAN. OLD LADY. terserah mau pilih yang mana ;)"

"It's now the the time for you to step in Seoul, meet your Diva at 2PM in Myeong-dong with your own sweet!!"

"Raisaaa Happy Birthdayyyy Nanti oktober pasti Key dtgin kamu kirim hadiah. Tnang gw bru aj atur. ;)"

"gw print in fotonya gede buat lo deh."

"MMMMMEEEET ULTAH SAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA.... KAPANDONK JADINYA MAKAN2 kitaAaaAAAhaahhahehaha... DITUNGGU loh? traktirannyaaaa kan dong eh?! HUAAAAAAAA... POKOKnyaaaaa kabarin aja yuk dong deh ah... HAPPY BERSTDEYYYYY YAAA"

"Rais, don't read this till 12.01 am tonight!! Don't read it don't read it, nanti aja read nya!! I love u rais:) ...muah2! :*"

 and words of wisdom and love from Laura-chan!
"well, this is great
and the fact that you won a contest
prooves you are very talented
I hope you will win many more
photo contests
if this is your hobby

you should always follow your dreams
and you are still so young
just turned 18 right?

you have all the time in the world to make your dreams come true
and remember that this is what matters in life
to do what you love most
not money or fame
I thought I could forget about my dream
but in spring I said no, I will not give up
so, I admire you

for taking a chance
at your age
my dream was to be able
to inspire people
through my style"
 사랑해ㅛ 오니!

I love Laura's hair (how can the bangs get so nice and puffy straight) AND PANTS HERE WHERE DID YOU GET THEM MY LONG LOST TWIN. Is that the guitar you wanted to give to me? ^^

Awww, I am very much touched from just a mere girl far away in the other side of the world yet yes, we share the same philosophy AND we're lefties! OMONA! whutderrfakqizvisfactisitrealorisitnotitstoohardtobelivebutiguessweareuniquebeingdifferentfromtherighties!

Tokyo and Seoul Dreams!>

I will keep this and I will laugh my arse off rolling on the floor when I re-read it next year.
The Wall of Fame of Creativity. I LOIKE.

yes yes yes success is my right. Let's chase our dreams, folks. Watch this face right here, 


(TALKING to my computer): What?! You don't have any other good pictures of me? Psycho!

...Err well, it'll be the most sought hated bitched cursed because I'll be the one dressing all these beautiful boys of Asia. Maybe even being the front page that I have dated them! (This should be stopped; a dream out of a hot blue noon)
photo courtesy from Veny's iPhone and Jasmine's Barbie film cam.

    Sigh. Not surprised he said to loose more phat and ugliness of a face. Tsk.
To commemorate the day that I got legal, instead of queuing to enter a club without being stopped because I am, afterall, now legal to enter, I lined up IN THE MORNING, instead being closer to midnight, with about a litre of sweat drenching my clothes under the hot sun. It was sweltering hot and it's not even raining. It was really the days of summer. I amazingly could wake up early without snoozing a dozen times and was getting ready with the prepared outfit of the day.

Thank goodness Cin-chan came along late but still I was in queue and she brought forth the most powerful weapon - a DSLR! Perfect - cam whoring in the queue and maybe a glimpse of Nigo-san and my little clowns of the day Kitty and Milo - 

•Yep, E P I C  alright. My burpday! Mark it, yo!•

 You can see the stuff and report here; this will be just me and our cam-whoring session with my beloved clowns for the day (welcome to my birthday party, yo! Line up line up~) and inside the wonderful store but...

look there's me right there! Just noticed! Thank you to my red bowler hat, an adorable gift from Peggy-chan, the girl who stole my ex-le boyfriend. But then, yes eat him up now he's all yours!

To commemorate my BURST-DAY, enjoy my disturbing face.

•what else to do for queuing for TWO hours, outside? Take the positive side of the sun rays and get pictures which are reflective because of it•

•Wearing: Ouval black clown tee, Tokyo Made pattern jacket, UJ drop crotch jeans, Dolce Vita black leather sandals. Red bowler hat, a gift from Peggy! Lady pearl necklace, a gift from Okaa-san! Perlini Silver ring, Tan handmade Japanese patterned bag

•my necklace visible! From my mom•

노무노무노무 사랑한다, Cin-chan! 
Even though she was late, she still did come, otherwise, photos wouldn't be feasible at all and me sulking alone in the queue. :)

photo from Fash-Eccentric. Too CUTE.


Curse to the boys who bought that Sanrio Milo hoodie - there's Hello Kitty and Melody for goodness' sake and still getting it? ARRRGH.
I died anyways after I returned home; I checked out FASH BASH along the way back home - and spent the $50 voucher I got from them - lucky! Must've been the little gift from God for my birthday. So I got a versatile vest from Depression. Must've been fate as well. Discount rack hasn't got anything good. The new arrivals either, until I worked towards the other end of the stand where this white drapey dress-like was hanging. Totally me if you guys know me.

        Speaking of sighting, I instructed as what a professional art director/photographer into practice, one had an interesting detail like what I sighted back in my Japan trip, and the other was the pants, either Jeremy Scott or BAPE pants, not sure. Cinthia-chan snapped them away!

And I got a little goodie! Ah, presents! How I've missed your surprise presence in my life; I always have never enough of presents; but always cherish them all even to the boxes and paper wrapper (if it's cute). For example, from my adorkable duo graphic fellows:

Wow, even my bed-sheet celebrates! Kekeke~

•Little lovely gifts! Agnes B. lock and key necklace from dear onee-san, the Lady pearl necklace from Mom, and supah big earrings from Lontong and the chain necklace from Cin-chan!•

At night, my family, cousins and two younger cam-whorers came to go MAD FOR GARLIC. Apparently, my other cousin and his wife couldn't come last minute as they were down with fever; I was waiting for this moment because this is like the first time I'll see my cousin's wife having a bump! Ah so exciting~!
In any way my uncle also have forgotten to bring his camera (he has a DSLR so usually I'll ask him) so I had to make do with my own camera phone. So sorry if our faces are pixelated! I know my arm muscle (I'll be cheering up myself today, bear with me, I'll start criticizing myself again from tomorrow) is taking much of the space.

I was wearing my Desigual dress I bought from last year's burpday gift! And immediately added the chain necklace from the graphic duo! Hee hee the little baby T since birth up to 1 year and 5 months and he LOVES attention. He loves food and he thinks that, it's this birthday! So alright! I share my age with him today by cutting the cake together! That's fair right?

good company,
good laughs,
and not forgetting,
good food.

Hugs to you two young dorks and two old dorks who made my day and my dearest cousins and family!



It's been a while; most updates now regarding to xhbtions, store opening and information, sales, etc. are all at Whiteboard. (click on that yellow chair for lots of awesome cult news!)

        Who can ever resists bad men? They're handsomely slick with wickedly wild eyes that they pry on their target and still be able to woo the first lady and the mere pauper girl with two different personalities.
        School's not picking its pace now; it's all over the place! So whilst doing my work (the usual thing is..) I'd catch up on my shows and dramas I've been following: KING OF BAKING KIM TAK GU (aka. the annoying title in KBSW "Bread love and dreams" so cheesy that I didn't watch it until Happy together because they showed Yunsiyun-oppa I was like, "who's that freakin' adorable guy?!" so I watched it thanks to him) and the other one thanks to Jaewookie, I wanted to watch him (I really did hope he wasn't just a cameo!) in BAD GUY.

"ㅑ, 킴탘구!"

Yes, Kim Tak Gu, you've gotten my heart! As I've talked before, when I was back home, I still had KBS World on cable so it was only ME and KBSW. No one can interfere. Boy did I have a great couch potato (or you can say, cream puff, BaskinRobbins 1 gallon ice cream in hand, green bean porridge, al those wonderfuls) on my holiday.
After, Cinderella Stepsister ended, the new one they were introducing was called "Bread Love and Dreams" and I thought, boy was this title super cheesy/lame/not interesting!" So I didn't bother to watch. Then of course, Siyunnie was sooooooooooo super-cute in Happy Together where he was telling his first GF moment, then I decided to watch. 

He absolutely looks like old hubby Junki here! 
(I miss you comeback soon from NS!)

Anyhow, the plot has to be much applaud, whoever was the script-writer, 진자 ㅊ훼고!! The story is so complicated; the name of the drama is so under-rated esp. the English title. I did understand the name' KIM TAK GU ' has the special meaning for the character (so watch it to know) so the Korean title, hence, emphasizes on it. If I were to tell you what's the story all about right now (on Ep. 18), I can't tell you, it'll be an hour long introduction. It is that complicated in the beginning to know how suspenseful the drama is going to unfold; with so many affairs and hidden secrets going under the characters. It's AWESOME.


Bad Man is seriously another melodrama - a serious tone all over, not the usual laughs and boy-gushing (except Wookie <3)

 He's such a BOY this time. So cute he got flustered by Han Ga-in! Really really a guy, where he's an immature rich brat. See his satisfied really happy smile there OH cuteness.

 Loves Ga-in's dressing here. Since she's portraying a girl who works in the art industry, managing exhibitions and stuff, she has minus 10 years of age and dresses of what I LIKE! The first is so me. Drapes in grey and black, the grey jersey is sort of long and she tops it up with brown leather round boots (reminds me of Muji kind) and it just fits her because of her thin figure. Second one is so casual but it fits.Overall style would look like Park&Cube's easy chic, whaddya think?

Kim Nam Gil is the deadly slick person I admire. His clear interrogations to all the Hong family members cuts deeply to the middle of the eyes. It's that clear that his intentions is a murderous intent. WHOOWEE HE WOOED ME.

The drama in the first few episodes was confusing for me - I didn't really get it or it's just me because I'm doing this and that, and I stopped, but because I saw the preview that Jaewook is coming up next ,so after a while on focusing Mr. Baking, I decided to come back and give another chance for the sake of seeing Mr. Model lovely tall face. 


            I'll add another one. Such coincidence the topic and title fits together with all of these variety of plots but yeah, it all ends up wicked. After Bad Guy came to an end I was devastated, my reaction was only like, "WHUT?! He died that way?! SO SAD, that handsome guy just died unidentified and the song comes up and tears come and ta-da, bloopers, credits, end?" Yeah. How that goes.

Don't forget Bromance here. Not exactly (it will be if it's sharing a cone together) but it was the moment. Awwwww~

    So yes, this is your RIP photo where we wanted to cremate your body, but it'll never happen. I'll love you forever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever with Jaewookie. Goodbye my lover~

"노 ㅛ자 친구 구미호?!"

            It's Seung-gi's "MY GIRLFRIEND IS A GUMIHO"! Which reminds me of Naruto, the 9-tailed fox. And there's another Korean drama which is also about the 9-tailed fox where she has a daughter in a serious melodrama tone, setted in the olden days. But this one is really targeted for us all fangirls. it's very cheesy for the jokes and things, that's why you really need an open-minded brain and to not think like a serious adult.
        It's not Seung-gi I'm over, and so the story goes that since Kim Nam Gil is now forever gone from Bad Guy, I guess it's time to love another lover. Yes, it's that fast. No I still love him but.... he died remember? It means I can replace him, it's legal. Enough!
        It's my old flame from dear Pasta where he sheds of his hot hot hot hot hot hot wavy longer hair to another normal boy cut - and did he get thinner? I've seen a bit of cheeks curve but here, I barely recognized him and was SHOCKED that he was, as far as one knows, NOH MIN WOO! SO FREAKIN' HANDSOME DIE.

...And, I love Seung-gi's crib here! It's effin' awesome. I'd like a home like that. This is the attic of a building - in his case, his action school building! Effin' awesomeeeeeee.

K-Drama marathon, ON!



 My ears can cry of happiness but my tears are dropping to ballad songs (yes it's that fast by seconds). Just had to share to the minute.
Lucid Fall 'Les Miserables', 
Bad Guy drama soundtrack,
Tablo x Penny's 'Eternal Morning',
and Clazziquai's first/second album.
if you don't have it, go get it. THE WHOLE ALBUM. 

*PS: genre's is more to easy-listening with a jazzy beat, ballad sadness and drama, and a spice of digital sound waves percieved as bass.


I met the designers this past summer, which is my first project the moment I stepped back to Indonesia. We had coffee and exchanged ideas in between them negotiating with me to keep on promoting their things and to give me a discount. But other than that, here's what I discovered in this emerging brand trying to stand out from the myriads of indie labels in Jakarta.

INKAFESCA is a brand born in the minds of two ladies, Inneke Virginia and Anthea Flodesca. As they have previously launched their debut collection, 'Stone Tones' a few months ago, they're now back with a new unique collection, 'Britain Bollywood'. Based as an online shop, they're new to the big bang of online shops and local fashion lines but they have their own personal touch of things. Here, I sat down with the designers talking about their beginnings and what will they expect in the future.

Can you share how did you first had the idea to make Inkafesca?
Inneke: Because we have the same passion and have a lot of things in common in terms of style, after I graduated, I approached her, thinking that it's a good thing to have our own income. We are close friends as we like to hang out together and had plans previously in wanting to collaborate something together but didn't know what yet. So then, now, we took our chances to establish this label together.

Where did you get the name, "INKAFESCA"?

It's actually a combination of both our names!

Did you have any fashion background?
Inneke: I was in Lasalle Jakarta graduated with diploma in fashion Design.
Anthea: I'm currently in UPH taking Architecture. It's a pretty different route yeah? (laughs)

Do you plan on doing this full-time?
Right now, it is still part-time, but later in the future we'd expand our line to not only having a fashion line, but in the interior side as well, designing furnitures and home accessories. Because Anthea is still doing her studies, we focus on doing just our fashion line for now.

Why as an online shop?
Inneke: Since we start from zero, so online shop is the most accessible and easier to control. We first wanted to have a standalone shop but since we're amateurs in this industry we didn't know how expensive it was for shop leases and such. We weren't aware of the trends in online stores. We don't have any other staffs and we hire our own dressmaker. The process of creating is organic, it's not always me who makes the pattern for the clothes, sometimes the dressmaker creates the patterns too.

How is Inkafesca different from other online shop?
In addition to our own clothing line, we also accept in creating customized dresses. So there's another set of deadlines. Handling this isn't as easy as we think: we have to source the materials, cut the patterns, check the sewing, etc.; we have to give our full attention if we want to work it out to the next level.

How many collections do you plan in launching per year?

We try our best to launch 3 collections, but we probably will have a mini-collection in between so there's new things to see every month. Usually in the new collection there's about more than 15 pieces, but a mini-collection would be about only 5. We also want to branch out in creating menswear, so that's something exciting to look forward to.

Can you share what's your inspiration behind the new line, Britain Bollywood?

We were inspired by India’s soft and feminine culture and the Britain's strong masculinity. So, we combined them both: taking India’s unique clothing, accessories and putting their patterns to the fun cut and details from Great Britain’s army. The color palette this time is more soft, pastel nude ivorish colour complimented with colours from the famous Britain’s

Why do you have such limited quantity for each design? Is it meant to be that way?
The reason being so is because the materials we find has also a limited amount. We search for the fabrics far and wide to many places; the fabrics some imported like from Korea, has only one roll and that's it for that pattern. So yes, our stuff is very limited as well, so you are the only one wearing at most places!

So, what are you future plans?
Hopefully, we would like to collaborate with other designers, launching the new division of line, and much, much later, a standalone shop!

Do see their latest collection at www.whiteboardjournal.com and check out their website



*shift 1-8

UPDATE TALLY: ||||\ ||

Freaking 18 soon so here's a list of 18 things plus more things underneath. I was thinking of what I wanted and I got stuck then after a round of window shopping I'd want more stuff. Sigh, never ending.

Who should I send the physical wish list to? Hmmm. Bill Gates, or Steve Jobs, or Madonna, or you?! HA. As if. Even the first few ones are taken from the old one. Tsk.

I'd want a fuschia-soled stiletto and not blood red, just to keep in mind. Heeee~

Let me amend and explain a few things around to get around the envelope map...

As the Red Devil speaks...

             Serendipitously, in the topic of Fashion Curation and the mood of having our special Korean x Singapore fashion designers exhibition right here in my college campus just opposite of me, where most Korean fashion professors come and gave a talk, shared their garments to be hanged, and gave a talk which also brought forth a very, very useful textbook, essays and research from the Korean professors. And our CCS Level 2 presentation is all about fashion curation.
            A bit about the project - themes given, choosing within the three, and corner one aspect of it. I was thinking of doing art and fashion since I haven't gotten any light-bulb around this area, but hence, today, the library opened my mind! I picked up books that are good for the essay too (REBELREBEL, THE JAPANESE REVOLUTION IN PARIS FASHION, and a book of Broadway musicals that talks about their costumes and all) and the last book in the list has englightened me! With the topic Music x Fashion, Broadway musicals is part of music and costume, and they're old and authentic as they get, so it should be a great curation that fits in well - not by the youths but museum worthy!
          Here comes the coincidental part: I wonder how they found me and why they added me and such, but on Twitter, although I don't understand whatever they say (like as I follow the other hallyu wave stars) Concept Korea req. to followed! As if I tweet anything important. And after I checked their profile and website,

it turns out that it's a website for a past exhibition in New York's National Library for Korean designers entitled Pret a Porter Monochrome.

Six rising (LOVE) designers that I try to religiously follow (but most names are new) but hence, Korean designers aren't as big as Japanese' are.
              This is like, awesome! I thought that it was an ongoing exhibition but turns out it was held in February. And the exhibition right now in my college, although they aren't famous fashion designers from Korea, it was a more of a cultural and relation mutualism where both get benefits (did I say it right).

Now, another name came up and I was interested as she was introduced as one of the most powerful force in art curation. Rosemarie Trockel is another figure to research into for my project; Lou Taylor and whoever in the presentation came out today saying... Ahh so many things to read and catch up.

         ~Please watch Korea closely with full affection and interests in its journey to become a fashion hub in Asia in the next generation.

Of course I will! here comes the red devils to take over Asia Pacific - let's see what can you do because (yes of course I'd love to be part of the growth and contribute to its mass) the Japan fashion force is still running full throttle (which I also love to be part of it but it is developED already).