As the Red Devil speaks...

             Serendipitously, in the topic of Fashion Curation and the mood of having our special Korean x Singapore fashion designers exhibition right here in my college campus just opposite of me, where most Korean fashion professors come and gave a talk, shared their garments to be hanged, and gave a talk which also brought forth a very, very useful textbook, essays and research from the Korean professors. And our CCS Level 2 presentation is all about fashion curation.
            A bit about the project - themes given, choosing within the three, and corner one aspect of it. I was thinking of doing art and fashion since I haven't gotten any light-bulb around this area, but hence, today, the library opened my mind! I picked up books that are good for the essay too (REBELREBEL, THE JAPANESE REVOLUTION IN PARIS FASHION, and a book of Broadway musicals that talks about their costumes and all) and the last book in the list has englightened me! With the topic Music x Fashion, Broadway musicals is part of music and costume, and they're old and authentic as they get, so it should be a great curation that fits in well - not by the youths but museum worthy!
          Here comes the coincidental part: I wonder how they found me and why they added me and such, but on Twitter, although I don't understand whatever they say (like as I follow the other hallyu wave stars) Concept Korea req. to followed! As if I tweet anything important. And after I checked their profile and website,

it turns out that it's a website for a past exhibition in New York's National Library for Korean designers entitled Pret a Porter Monochrome.

Six rising (LOVE) designers that I try to religiously follow (but most names are new) but hence, Korean designers aren't as big as Japanese' are.
              This is like, awesome! I thought that it was an ongoing exhibition but turns out it was held in February. And the exhibition right now in my college, although they aren't famous fashion designers from Korea, it was a more of a cultural and relation mutualism where both get benefits (did I say it right).

Now, another name came up and I was interested as she was introduced as one of the most powerful force in art curation. Rosemarie Trockel is another figure to research into for my project; Lou Taylor and whoever in the presentation came out today saying... Ahh so many things to read and catch up.

         ~Please watch Korea closely with full affection and interests in its journey to become a fashion hub in Asia in the next generation.

Of course I will! here comes the red devils to take over Asia Pacific - let's see what can you do because (yes of course I'd love to be part of the growth and contribute to its mass) the Japan fashion force is still running full throttle (which I also love to be part of it but it is developED already).

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