are you absolutely curious of what's in my shopping cart right now?

 I won't turn my back on you if you want to do the checkout for moi! ^o^

Well here goes!

*Hilarious but surprisingly comfy inner leather lining furrrr vest from Zara. Fits me just nice! Adds fierceness to just my plain Ouval tee, DIY ripped jeans and new snake-patterned wedges! It surely would add another focal point in my wardrobe, tee hee*

*A beautiful white top with flower embroideries,

and the simply ah-mazing garment made out of denim, reminding me like that denim competition project, from, the noneother, DESIGUAL. RAWRRR!
The price tag please don't ask for the denim however favorable when it's 50%. I'm waiting till end of season sales!
Decided to leave the black dress I've been setting my jaws on. The denim is IT.
(updated with a frontal image of that skirt patched up)*

 *This, is another proud breakthrough of Indonesian products. Quality (should be) like any other high street fashion boutiques but it's Indonesian! Amazing how we can do it as well like those western countries! You gotta see the whole mesmerizing collection, stunning! Especially those special textured leather... sepijeles.

From Syu Shu (search thru Fagbook-courtesy to Lyssa-chan for that)*

 *River Island's latest newsletter, they've just launched their "Your Couture" range of... SHOES! In HEELS! MAN~!

Why oh why heels are drop dead gorgeous! I need flat shoes my feet veins are all much more visible everywhere it's seriously scary of how it might pop...
(I wonder how Vic Beckham's feet look like. All blue?)

Well I shall save myself from leg pain for this... If it were to have a bit more less straps I think it would make my feet quite pretty and not making it look bigger.  (but DAMN IT they do not have it in my size.) Or then the korean Converse would make a bit entrance of being different than plain Converses.

*I HEART G-MARKET SINGAPORE BADLY RIGHT NOW BUT DARN I CANNOT DO TRANSFERS OR HAVE CREDIT CARDS, this sandals are just nice and surely it looks friendly enough to keep my feet happy for the long hauling hours of walking without making enemies (blisters).

Also check out their women wear of super cheap cheap cheap collection of tees and all as well! well maybe not that cheap as the material is very light and thin but still. Korean style!*

Then more favorite picks from London Fashion Week's spectators' shoes report here. First is fiercely awesome, second is WHAT I WANT but in blue or magenta, third is quirky!
Why oh why is my world currently revolving in shoes (every newsletter in my inbox has something to do with shoes...)

Well I did purchase another pair of shoes, from Nine West a week or two ago... yellow lace jelly flats! It was on sale, S$27.50 and it was the last pair, and in my size! I saw it one weekend and the next weekend I came back and it was still there! To save myself from my black flowered faux Chanel shoes which give me blisters all over after a long time wearing it, also jelly material, although prettier than my sucky (but comfy) flats, I wore them and thought this should not give me blisters as I walked in it a bit as trial.

Alas, I've wore them twice, and it is jelly material, and the skin has friction and thus no matter what it still create blisters on my toes and later-effects would be always the same place where we would stick our plasters: the back. Grrrrr.

Should I give in to myself and grab a pair of an enlarging-feet pair of Rubi flats? Not jelly but soft cushioning inside... Sigh I need to revive my white sandals which has the perfect design and suitable for all styles... I cannot find a similar style nor a pair that fits me prettily...

Asking what is this ridiculous pile of mess of Cotton On? You might spot the fluorescent colors of red in the tags, that shall explain the rest and save me some time to do my essay. Earlier in the month, the day I got my paycheck after the first month of working, and I've been eyeing these tops since they were on the racks, and promised to myself to seriously get it all when it's 50%,

and it was such wonder when I asked Cindy of Don't Ask Miss Foo, "Hey, let's check out Cotton On first." That sentence made a whole difference to my day, or to be exact, my wallet. Six items of clothing came home with me and they instantly made friends with the rest in the wardrobe! This was my splurge after a whole month of not wanting to shop, and this pulse still lingers, not wanting to go away (so thus I now splurge on food oh my it's a bad thing I know) and also getting a Jump ticket which gave my wallet a Stadium 5.

Blame it to Miss Foo!

Equally important, what made it to my world's headlines I shall need to get it. Feed my mind. Soomin, you also want this right? Get it for me too! XD

밑쪼소!!!! <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

 It would be my very first Nylon, in Korea some more, and it's frikin' G-Dragon (these days he takes on all those high fashion spreads in mags) and I DAMN want Ceci with stars galore but sold out... Zipper having an edition with a cute gift... And the newest Elle Girl Korea with Big Bang! And don't blame me for the genius fever after watching Shining Inheritance... glorious clean cover page I'm sad I've missed Kim Bum's High Cut...

Someone get a basket and hurry take all these glossies for me at Star Thots mag section!

However, even Cinderella has to stop her dreams by midnight, in 2 minutes for me. Back to work.

Fashion Communication product page research on sunnies, to make it easier taking it from one brand but on the newest designs' for Australia's upcoming summer and Oyster's so-called November 2009 product page!

If you like Henry Holland, then you might like...




Who might have thought he would take over the seat's of a cameraman and film director after taking over one of the best celebrated shoemaker in the whole world?

A short movie that grasps on a lady's obsession on these red heels (I think it's very much fathomable why) for a celebration of his new boutique. More on the behind the scenes, here.

I've got to say the movie's mediocre, filming a sweet dream's wishful girl, one who always dreams of having a pair, this one's loaded, a dream coming true. And him giving a pair in the end? I'll ask, who wouldn't want THAT? All your fantasies and desires come true!

However still absolute vain in this project for sure. Well, advertising, who can blame?

Anyone got caught in the ad? Don't worry, there are many sites and here's one for you guys to go get a pair (or more!) to earn that higher oxygen those celebrities usually breathe in the red carpet when wearing these red heels. ;) 




Things visually achieved,

fantastic fantasy memories 

captured within the frame, 

where impossible becomes 

possible to put stagnant papers 

  to life.



more airy-fairy photos with short poetry cooked with hearty serving of love in the Kitchen Daily.

* * *


oodles of doodles from islandwide local lomographers,

their journey with words, composed freely and visual imagery...

a memoir project for Lomography Singapore, here.

* * *

Japanese artist's characters, simple childlike drawings that brings back kindergarten memories, in 海の防止(if translated correctly, the sea's hat).

* * *

when two dreams afloat and merge, another realm is born, colorful district of what hands can do; artworks for all 'made by all', ミンアーデザインA team of two artistic directors who won the MUJI Design award, what else not to loike about them?

Sarah Beetson is another aspiring illustrator focusing on fashion and music.


 Her array of colors chosen for each is an eclectic funky mix - which is my style but not her drawings. More on the artist with her blog. Her newest collaboration is a super fun print on shoes. Awesome graphics!

Well, closing tonight, if you got no DSLR or a Rollieflex to toy with (please someone get me that hawt pink BLACKBIRD, fly or a 110 book camera), here's the latest photobooth to boast designed by architects and all.

via The Cool Hunter.


my daily chill pills these days are these guys dressing up as girls! (surprisingly concidencial)

Stress busters Youtube roll!
Non-stop comedy; exhilirating, hilarious and a tension releaser!

Yamada? Hamada? With that ultra thick red lips and a nurse dress, Gaki no Tsukai hospital edition, nonstop roaring and pricking my hand while doing textiles.

Remind you of anyone? For me, it is. Miss Nurse Joshua Elmo Chan!
(eh another unexpected similarity)
It's Elmo dolls that can move on their own!
From Exploring the Human Body with Super Junior, between episode 2 or 3... (or 4?)

And at last the moment has come it has been uploaded (subbed as well) on the 26th last month but I wasn't in the mood... then I needed extra strong chill pills as my stress stomach is not feeling good, with too much adrenaline pumping, you know, making a huge knot in the tummy, that ain't good.

Dirrrrrty Eyed Girrrrls show yer thang!

Just had to post the link, seriously. Jo Kwon, you're SO NOT for 2AM, your image has shattered 2AM's pure innocent ballad-er kind of music group... you should just be a variety show host or the contestant that comes daily in every show! XD
I absolutely love this guy. Nutty flirty mad!

(oh, BTW, heard the 2PM news? just an FYI this is the last part of the show, also giving a tribute to Jaebom's last few appearances before he... he... left...)

To dear friends and passerby readers feeling under pressured don't hesitate - SEARCH THOSE VIDEOS NOW.

A very good night shall be made by then. :)


Femme Fatale.

A deriviation from feminine, Hilary Duff explains her new line for DKNY Jeans that was rumored to launch in August but I guess the party had just started earlier this month.
The quirky illustration on top was surfaced a couple months back, although I do not think it's Duff's own drawings.
Quite queer on a sudden jolt from Asian to a former pop teen star for me to write on?

Well, apart from Amanda Bynes that I've always adored when I was in 6th grade and my other friend had gone Lizzie'd by Hilary, then my other mate loves MK&A, those surely were the days where good pop stars arise.

And the good thing is that Hilary is healthy fat! I loved her in Lizzie too, I disliked it when she shed tons of weight but now, take a look at these video captures where the magic of Photoshop resides within the printed campaign ads and commercial shoots for media.

*hooray! Happy Hilary in a more filled figure (proof: by her puffed up arms which last time was ultra skinny but then now...) but her legs are still amazingly lean looking! :)
This outfit: a fringe T top, leather look zippered leggings
The T top she has described that it's fun and very casual since it's a T! And yes I should get that*

*The campaign ads shot in quiet Manhattan streets*

*from the video, compare the second image and the outcome in the ad, Hilary's body looks muuuuch leaner!*

So then, I shall continue on with more lusting...

No other than a sequined waist hoodie jacket, lined with (looks like) silk which would be so smooth and comfortable inside! The coolness of a hoodie plus sparklies all over and a drop top is ultra cool! Aaaaand I want I want I want... only sold online... here... the first product to shine...


And still in search for pairs of shoes, replacing the ones that have gone to the hospital and has never to return (my pink flats and my always perfect white sandals! ;'{ ) here goes even more mini skyscrapers I long (I should seriously stick back to square one in finding flats for daily wear and not pretty heels otherwise what will I walk in everyday?)

click on the image for much clearer view. It's such pretty pairs of shoesies and it's so neat!
Black... or Pink? I cannot decide!

Gmarket loves shoes loves me loves shoes loves Gmarket!
(someone please click on the link and start purchasing it for me [well, preferably] but under my name would be fine as well I supposed] but it's meant only for Korean residents.
Omaa Minjoo get it for moi!!

 "Me and My Shoes"

 This watch had charmed me since the moment I saw it... so me with the title... although I do not have an extensive collection of shoes I will have it someday, sharing the same dreams with Ira and Shelvi. And I had search it up and ohmeohmyyy the box comes in with a pen and a handbook like usual but with the shoes logo and all totemo kawaii! Kaitainda...
 Been eying on this like earlier in the year, 6 months back? (Wow and I'm still waiting for it...) but now I guess I do really need it, this alternative of the moment watch. Don't remind me why I hope I have misplaced instead of my Guess watch is officially gone. Going going going gone. I seriously do not want to talk about it. Guilty as charged. The more I talk there's a lot of precious things I have misplaced. Or gone. Fatal mistakes.

So you Swensens invited better know what to bring before we enter the lift! XD

 I'm so so so so so sorry but I love the stuff I won't lie... that I lost it and I do know that I'm careless I'll confess but I still can't change as always, mom. (>3<);
Wait, wait, wait! There's more than just wishing and scrubbing the genie lamp! The video that supports the entire shiney leather black scene, is this puff of magic. Just say Abracadabra and here you are! Four ultra slim ladies (they're not in their teens, thank goodness) in leather suits and cuts of futurism and sharp shoulder edges. Can't name one but looks like Margiela meets that designer who has the architect background...?