my daily chill pills these days are these guys dressing up as girls! (surprisingly concidencial)

Stress busters Youtube roll!
Non-stop comedy; exhilirating, hilarious and a tension releaser!

Yamada? Hamada? With that ultra thick red lips and a nurse dress, Gaki no Tsukai hospital edition, nonstop roaring and pricking my hand while doing textiles.

Remind you of anyone? For me, it is. Miss Nurse Joshua Elmo Chan!
(eh another unexpected similarity)
It's Elmo dolls that can move on their own!
From Exploring the Human Body with Super Junior, between episode 2 or 3... (or 4?)

And at last the moment has come it has been uploaded (subbed as well) on the 26th last month but I wasn't in the mood... then I needed extra strong chill pills as my stress stomach is not feeling good, with too much adrenaline pumping, you know, making a huge knot in the tummy, that ain't good.

Dirrrrrty Eyed Girrrrls show yer thang!

Just had to post the link, seriously. Jo Kwon, you're SO NOT for 2AM, your image has shattered 2AM's pure innocent ballad-er kind of music group... you should just be a variety show host or the contestant that comes daily in every show! XD
I absolutely love this guy. Nutty flirty mad!

(oh, BTW, heard the 2PM news? just an FYI this is the last part of the show, also giving a tribute to Jaebom's last few appearances before he... he... left...)

To dear friends and passerby readers feeling under pressured don't hesitate - SEARCH THOSE VIDEOS NOW.

A very good night shall be made by then. :)


Anonymous said...

Ah, 2PM! When I saw that episode of Wild Bunny, I just had to laugh especially Jo Kwon and Wooyoung.

The Elmo's are cute. ^_^

R@!$4 said...

yeah yeah yeah finally watched it but wasn't as hilarious as i thought (kinda fake laugh at some pt)
i've been full force last week this week is a break! but i'm lazy to upload just.... XD