Quality images attracts people to read more.
Dottie Tan

          She advised, and she practices it all right - to bring the best for her readers. Dottie Tan, more known as Dot, was the other half of local's most celebrated fashion blog FashioNation. It has outreached and enlightened 5000 readers a day, and most of them becomes their loyal readers. She had set aside her time to come on over to our editorial class to share her experiences of being a fashion blogger.

         Now, I was there to dig in, What was that special ingredient to get readers from all over the world? If you're thinkin' "whut derr fakq?! Of course I want more publicity in my blog!" then WHUTDERRFAKQiZVAT! bares it all. 

Here are the tippy-top tips from Ms Dot herself!

"You'd have to plan on what you want to write in the post"
Concrete, concise, consistency, and credibility to the post content. You have one style of voice, so focus on it. Although you can have fun for a personal blog to add a colorful flavor (because FN was more on top of a personal blog). Seperate something personal and something more commercial before deciding which one's worth blogging on.

"Write frequently, or schedule it"
To entertain readers that comes by often, don't go on a hiatus/leave your blog for a period of time (a week is too long!). If you're busy, then scheduling would help. Write the posts on the weekend and give a day or two in between to release a new post. 
FN did about 3 posts a day. So ideally a post on each weekday should be a good start.
"Research and write on upcoming events/interesting insider"
Singapore is a small country, so it shouldn't be hard to keep your nose sharp for news. Readers want to know what's happening around. (Especially flea markets, free parties and fashion events!)

"Write to them, not for you" 
Don't write in like a diary journal, write it like you have an audience.

"Blogs are visual, so quality images attracts people to read more"   
This beats all! If you're not a good writer, then take photography as another medium to share. Blogs are to share things visually, so to share inspirational images would attract many to keep coming back!

           Dottie adds that reading other blogs would be one research: Facehunter, Garance Dore, The Sartorialist and Refinery29 are a few that she reads on a daily basis. Like her first advice, if you want to make some publicity out of your blog, then choose what/not to write. Because of this, she's undertaking a new project to bring her very own fashion blog!

AN EXTRA TIP:    As I've seen her personal blog, posts which gets more attention (by comment-count) are fashion-related. Bloggers, be aware of which posts generates the most attention - that's what you're good at and - will be - famous for! Tee hee!

Do keep in touch with Dot random updates with her current (looks like a) fad on back-to-the-retro-era posts and watch out for her new project to unveil!


Here, kitty kitty kitty! 
Sanrio these days is killing me. On the day of my birthday, the BAPE x SANRIO was launched, I was there and it's to report on it too. But then today after 2 days hiatus of not opening my comp then something caught my eye, Sanrio and Doc Marts. I'm like,WHUT!DERRFAKQ?
Not another time to line up and finally not getting anything!?
This mouthless white cat is getting out of hand with its power. I went to find out why all of these fashion-loved brands are creating Hello Kitty products.

With a not-so-sharp nose like a cat's and higher jaguar instinct, it turns out that Sanrio's 50th Anniversary is the reason behind all of these collaborations.

I'm no Docs fan, but that SANRIO print is just, ARRRRRRRRHHHHHHH or that white one. Reminds me of Sailor moon because of the color!
This doesn't apply to the local shores, but to the whole world that has gone mad for cats!

You know if this is the next big thing when...

Susie poses kawaii with it. Any more priceless snaps?

Our very own Dr. Martens store celebrating it with loving fans of all ages gearing up both Sanrio AND Bathing Ape. RAZORTV was there as well to get hands down on some serious feline feelers... Guys loving these too? I'm pretty speechless. Your verdict?
Spotted our class' guest talk, Dottie Tan in the launch too! That's where she got her Hello Kitty ring on that day!

Well, that was almost a month ago.

Apparently, the kitty bomb still is not stopping.

        Before saying anything, yes the ugliest shoes in the world with squeaky voices have had their previous collaboration and it totally sucks - it looks cheap for me. However this time round, they've got their gold anniversary right! It looks more sophisticated, designed as a flat which is much more feminine then their original unisex shape that everyone agrees that it's hideous. My friend rang me yesterday, saying that Hello Kitty has invaded Crocs!

"Yeah, I know that pink with apples? And Jibbitz for their anniversary?"
"I know the Jibbitz but no no no there's a new one!"
"Really, are you sure it's not Jibbitz?"
"This is like a new style~ Oh my goodness it's effin' cute cute cute! "Aaah I wanna buy it now!"

          After checking clicks, yes there was these new bejeweled flats. It was out in May, but I'm sensing it just came in to stock in Singapore! My friend was at Plaza Singapura Crocs store... so feline furries, you know where to get these from at their official counters.

Well said for Kitty fans in the queues for main HK launches in here. Singaporeans can't stop the feline fetish - and it's infecting to the whole island!


PS: Finally, here are more kitty beloved from the event of the BAPE x SANRiO opening - products, events, the man himself, and Kitty loves Milo wonders.

and then the kitty turned on her most feline seduction charm and whoops - Baby Milo caught fer it! Tee hee!

Jeeeeeez, aren't they adorable? While Hello Kitty here for me somehow looks quite fake because looking real would be red ribbon and her usual simple red-blue outfit. She looks old here since her skinny hands and tall legs. In the other side, however, BABY MILO IS JUST ADORABLE. FAT AND CUTE.

Be a part of the world's most loved feline fan club here to always get the latest updates a meow away!

Images are from BAPE Singapore and Dr. Martens Airwair Facebook Page.



Speechless nosebleed *keyboard mash*


and I fall in love all over again with dear Bummie which I dreamed of.
Speaking of which, TOP lost weight?! NOOOO you don't look as cute. 
Bigbang, jjang!

Never get bored of watching this.
While U-Know is now busy running all around as an actor, like seriously running and jumping off the bridge there on top, but the lousy adorkable as always loveable Junsusu is hilarzzz in one show randomly clicked. Him and Lee Wan was in the show,
bathing the luckiest piglet on earth.

'... Cuz I'm so bad, bad and I'm so good, good, yeah I'm so bad, bad, and I'm so hood, hood'

No introduction needed for my alter ego stage heroes. Although I'm not too ravishing about their latest music tracks which basically has no melody but just continuous rap, they do have their enigma on stage and is still my number one gals than the rest of the girl groups who makes themselves look immature and too mature grabbing attention by cuteness and sexiness attack.
Those white string-made armors are pretty simple to make with big strings, so the difficulty level will increase each time I procrastinate in the holidays in wanting to make.

And proudly, I present myself as

Yes, as you can see right there, those are two STANDING PIT A tix to the controversial in management Korean Pop Night Concert 2010 with the
WAH! Korea member card.

Not Korean enough? I won the 2nd runner up being 2NE1 in their WAH! launch.
Not enough being nerd?!
Well, why don't YOU show me first how you can be a certified nerd.

FIRST: be a member, register at top-right corner in the KTO worldwide.
SECOND: Proceed to join the club, only to Singaporeans!
Tip: When signing up to be a member, add
Name: Elizabeth Raisa
WAH! no.: S1015454
to the referral box somewhere in the middle. I'll help you help me! Fanking spanks! :)
(Yes, we Singapore residents do get the best fun in being a Korean nerd. But we're still 2nd to rank from Thailand!)

GARA GARA GARA GO, be a nerd now~!



A long while since I've posted, I've now joined in  Kokokoreano to report and review since news there will be much more appreciated and read among many compared to posting it here!

So I'm juggling four things now which leaves me nothing to spare! I'm making more noise out there once again, so be sure to visit out the respective portals. はい、はい、I shall introduce which one is which to suit your interest...

your daily fix on indie fashion products, music, movie reviews, and events around the globe. They're your  H I G H S N O B I E T Y  in a down-to-earth perspective. No, we're not snobs at all.
They have a shop stocking in on menswear and quality stationary, be sure to click them through!
 is your site for your fashion fix on South Korean idol stars, both dudes and dudettes (hello, don't we all love boys being dandy cool) with exclusive Singapore coverages on Korean and K-Pop events!

is for the misplaced and displaced Indonesian students to workers based in Singapore. For this update, I've cooked up another light storm in a healthy lunch recipe and hopefully Mr. E-I-C gets approval for me to cover one big event I'm hyped of...

Not forgetting the last, my own dreadful life of being a student and updating portfolio and still in cringe by still not knowing where her professional practice will be ... *sigh* My holiday's in doom. And again still, this year I'm dressing much more casually - it's boring without anyone else dressing up together - I miss Lyssa-chan as she still does keep up her pace in going kawaii daily!

Wearing Index:
•Blazer Tokyo Made, silk sleevess top Ciel, Jeans with striped patterns Giordano, heels self-ordered Adity
Necklaces: Perlini Silver and Agnes B., ring Perlini Silver

Introducing two ways of jazzing out this easy look with the patterned blazer, long introduced as my Grandma's and as soon as I set a sight on it and she wore it in my house I immediately 'ohmygoodnesswheredidyoubuythiscanthisbeformeokthankyousomuch' and yes, it does compliment many things from my wardrobe! I love this piece a lot, I shall take a vintage snap like Yuki-san does with her clothes pieces because the pattern is funky!
I could wear them it as a jacket or tie off in my waist to accentuate (the top has a silk drape hanging so I can tie inside it!)

Plus, it came in handy for Rock the Runway The 'K' Way Contest for WAH! Korea Grand Launch and KTO revamp opening, so I rocked the runway as a 2NE1 member, a Minzy x CL mix, though sadly I don't have Super Sunglasses or KTZ Linda Farrows (erhm, wishlist) I won 3rd prize - the first went to this adorable little girl who became T-ara and her Bo Beep costume! She won definitely due to her cuteness overload in dancing the moves~

The outfit's inspired by their old days of Fire and such and yes, Minzy wore the exact same leggings~ \(^o^)/ Extra pts. for me but I don't think the judges know that~ and that noisy black/white jacket she wore is similar to the pattern in my blazer so yes, outfit completed!

•here's me with Amelia, the other contestant as 2NE1, and the little girl!
wearing THE blazer, white Cherry tee, Fleamadonna jewelry leggings, Nike Air Force One's•

And I look absolutely ridiculous in the RAZORTV coverage. I repeat, R-I-D-I-C-U-L-O-U-S. Thank goodness they cut me off very very fast my face is hideous. H-I-D-E-O-U-S.

But here was our stage with all the contestants, courtesy of Kokokoreano's Twitter:

It was an awesome night although I'm disappointed us contestants couldn't join the Korean Buffet - I heard the food was deeeeelish!
Nonetheless, I won the food voucher by being the 2nd runner up. Time to feast on some bulgogi!!

More noise from me from every angle - hopefully in the near future!
Thanks a miiiillion to Nia-chan and Clarisse for being there! ^^

See see, you even won Nanta tickets! YEEEHA~

back to watching Prince of Tennis. 94/167. Mada mada dane~



The first term is over! 
"Why should I care about this person" was the most heard sentence in the term.
Interviewing someone and to create a campaign that people would stop, look, and read needs a spokeperson/model who is fit for the job and is famous in its own way to grasp attention.

The opening video features now who doesn't know Anna Wintour with David Letterman. It's old but I just found it, and it's the perfect example of how someone famous will get our attention. It was interesting - is she British? Because she sounds like one.
Do enlighten me with Wintour - as I don't know the rest about her except what she works as now, as it's not my area of interest.

Editorial class assignment was to interview a profile in the fashion industry, and Karen Seah was an interesting profile to research and get in touch with - she should've been in for my SOE project with many businesses under her belt! Nonetheless, we were to arranged it in a magazine layout.

Advertising class had one interesting project for the term - to create a campaign for Samsonite, in a fashion angle. However, Samsonite has done it before with Milla Jovovich being the latest model for the luggage brand.
So I was thinking of merging the fact that they are celebrating 100 years in the make, and being fashion forward. Classic, extravagance and celebration is the keyword in this final campaign mock-up!

This campaign was lucky. I found all Drew Barrymore from Annie Leibovitz Disney campaign and it suited the action, so consistency was achieved.

What do you guys think, is it a successful campaign with the tag-line?

Other projects included mini photoshoots, CCS invitation, and creating two pitches for visual merchandising companies... but yes, after this term ends, no more drawing nude models, waking up early at 9AM and sleep in more!



Potential studio houses to do some snow internship end of the year... (Except for tropical countries)

This post has been updated from time to time; whenever I find an interesting firm I'd like to send my CV's to besides my primary choices, this is to remind me! As I forget and bookmarks don't work.

 Half-Not Design. I cannot believe this studio is, matter-of-fact, Jakarta-based. 
I love the website badly.
(Also didn't crop out the Mozilla persona, I'm liking my new Japanese wave theme)

 Base Design in whoopin' Barcelona, baby! 
The central of quirky artsy peeps. Or, I prefer clean Madrid office. New York looks dull. Santiago, Chile sounds super duper cool but the airfare is not on my budget. Beuh I'd rather travel the whole South American continent. Machu Picchu!

I love their packaging and card design - but not interested in the rest - just a different style than my own. And it's just across my Singapore house!

Hilarious and (hopefully) as cheerful as it looks, Sticky Monster Lab from Seoul. Thank goodness it's in English! Whoppee~

Eve, the one behind ITSWEB international creative talent search. Instead of being part of ITSWEB because it's focusing more on fashion design and photography related and I'm neither of these, their headquarters are more likely to be part of!

After sending a work sample to Dazed in London and still crossing fingers... *panic attack* Will be updated always to keep reminding myself to start sending off CV's somewhere!


I stumbled upon Elle's special cartoon on a girl being a hair stylist! I enjoy much more cartoon things more than real-life Stylista or Rachel Zoe - I guess I've always loved illustrations.
Reminds me of Barbie's My Scene; I'll still enjoy that since they've totally upgraded their animation and I'd still enjoy watching.


Akh, the top part's cut off!
Never too late because the idea was after you told me the story, but managed to do it while sitting in the toilet today (yes I've been that busy).
Well, I hope YOU HAD a great burp day! Show show shoooow me what you've got and mine. But then, I'll wait for mine in the mailbox. HAHAHAHA~

Let's go and get our dreams and meet there, Miss Tokyo and Seoul Dreams!

beloved always,

your lefty loser twin from asia



It was unexpected but expected at the half-end towards the goal. But still, it's absolutely better than n0thing!
And the taste of the cake still lingers in my head Nid...
Makasi buaaaaanyaaaakk lhooo Hey Diaspora!

•wondahful cake which has chocolate mousse layers from dark to milk then a crunchy cornflake layer halfway bottom and a thick chocolate topping! With dwarf candles, Nida says...from... where again? Yang pasti, City Hall Bread Talk there...•

•Oh boy. First picture can see my obese level 2. Going on to 3. Hiding it behind the gore Balletcats tee. Tee hee!•
•potong kue nggak tahan have to eat it now now now

and the berry berry lovely pee-ple!

Well, that was a week ago.
The second candle blowout!
On the 29th of August to be exact.
This thing needs to be an ongoing thing!
(Free food free cake free laughs free friends so I need to be older weekly)
The cake and vegetarian food is now gone gone gone to the drains and sewers of Singapore.

And I almost forgotten about blowout candle 3~!

•Onee to oni-san meeting! My other cousins who wanted supper, then brought me Canele chocolate cake to blow! Sadly, we didn't manage to get a photo together. So shy, sia they are.•

But look!
A week later
I've gotten something else, tight, but still, super nice!
The Mori Garu shoes inspired from my beloved AA-AA (auntie auntie - adi anita) heehee

ミンア大好きいいいい<3 (^ー^)