A long while since I've posted, I've now joined in  Kokokoreano to report and review since news there will be much more appreciated and read among many compared to posting it here!

So I'm juggling four things now which leaves me nothing to spare! I'm making more noise out there once again, so be sure to visit out the respective portals. はい、はい、I shall introduce which one is which to suit your interest...

your daily fix on indie fashion products, music, movie reviews, and events around the globe. They're your  H I G H S N O B I E T Y  in a down-to-earth perspective. No, we're not snobs at all.
They have a shop stocking in on menswear and quality stationary, be sure to click them through!
 is your site for your fashion fix on South Korean idol stars, both dudes and dudettes (hello, don't we all love boys being dandy cool) with exclusive Singapore coverages on Korean and K-Pop events!

is for the misplaced and displaced Indonesian students to workers based in Singapore. For this update, I've cooked up another light storm in a healthy lunch recipe and hopefully Mr. E-I-C gets approval for me to cover one big event I'm hyped of...

Not forgetting the last, my own dreadful life of being a student and updating portfolio and still in cringe by still not knowing where her professional practice will be ... *sigh* My holiday's in doom. And again still, this year I'm dressing much more casually - it's boring without anyone else dressing up together - I miss Lyssa-chan as she still does keep up her pace in going kawaii daily!

Wearing Index:
•Blazer Tokyo Made, silk sleevess top Ciel, Jeans with striped patterns Giordano, heels self-ordered Adity
Necklaces: Perlini Silver and Agnes B., ring Perlini Silver

Introducing two ways of jazzing out this easy look with the patterned blazer, long introduced as my Grandma's and as soon as I set a sight on it and she wore it in my house I immediately 'ohmygoodnesswheredidyoubuythiscanthisbeformeokthankyousomuch' and yes, it does compliment many things from my wardrobe! I love this piece a lot, I shall take a vintage snap like Yuki-san does with her clothes pieces because the pattern is funky!
I could wear them it as a jacket or tie off in my waist to accentuate (the top has a silk drape hanging so I can tie inside it!)

Plus, it came in handy for Rock the Runway The 'K' Way Contest for WAH! Korea Grand Launch and KTO revamp opening, so I rocked the runway as a 2NE1 member, a Minzy x CL mix, though sadly I don't have Super Sunglasses or KTZ Linda Farrows (erhm, wishlist) I won 3rd prize - the first went to this adorable little girl who became T-ara and her Bo Beep costume! She won definitely due to her cuteness overload in dancing the moves~

The outfit's inspired by their old days of Fire and such and yes, Minzy wore the exact same leggings~ \(^o^)/ Extra pts. for me but I don't think the judges know that~ and that noisy black/white jacket she wore is similar to the pattern in my blazer so yes, outfit completed!

•here's me with Amelia, the other contestant as 2NE1, and the little girl!
wearing THE blazer, white Cherry tee, Fleamadonna jewelry leggings, Nike Air Force One's•

And I look absolutely ridiculous in the RAZORTV coverage. I repeat, R-I-D-I-C-U-L-O-U-S. Thank goodness they cut me off very very fast my face is hideous. H-I-D-E-O-U-S.

But here was our stage with all the contestants, courtesy of Kokokoreano's Twitter:

It was an awesome night although I'm disappointed us contestants couldn't join the Korean Buffet - I heard the food was deeeeelish!
Nonetheless, I won the food voucher by being the 2nd runner up. Time to feast on some bulgogi!!

More noise from me from every angle - hopefully in the near future!
Thanks a miiiillion to Nia-chan and Clarisse for being there! ^^

See see, you even won Nanta tickets! YEEEHA~

back to watching Prince of Tennis. 94/167. Mada mada dane~

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