The first term is over! 
"Why should I care about this person" was the most heard sentence in the term.
Interviewing someone and to create a campaign that people would stop, look, and read needs a spokeperson/model who is fit for the job and is famous in its own way to grasp attention.

The opening video features now who doesn't know Anna Wintour with David Letterman. It's old but I just found it, and it's the perfect example of how someone famous will get our attention. It was interesting - is she British? Because she sounds like one.
Do enlighten me with Wintour - as I don't know the rest about her except what she works as now, as it's not my area of interest.

Editorial class assignment was to interview a profile in the fashion industry, and Karen Seah was an interesting profile to research and get in touch with - she should've been in for my SOE project with many businesses under her belt! Nonetheless, we were to arranged it in a magazine layout.

Advertising class had one interesting project for the term - to create a campaign for Samsonite, in a fashion angle. However, Samsonite has done it before with Milla Jovovich being the latest model for the luggage brand.
So I was thinking of merging the fact that they are celebrating 100 years in the make, and being fashion forward. Classic, extravagance and celebration is the keyword in this final campaign mock-up!

This campaign was lucky. I found all Drew Barrymore from Annie Leibovitz Disney campaign and it suited the action, so consistency was achieved.

What do you guys think, is it a successful campaign with the tag-line?

Other projects included mini photoshoots, CCS invitation, and creating two pitches for visual merchandising companies... but yes, after this term ends, no more drawing nude models, waking up early at 9AM and sleep in more!

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