So many new post but its the correct season to show off some real bright colors for the season! I've moved to a new crib, now A POOL INCLUDED - just behind me! Super excited with a large sauna room, I'll be more or less chillin - or cookin' myself inside the wooden chamber.

•wearing UNIQLO x Franche Lippee deer tee, UNIQLO baggy jeans, double Cotton On aviators in Cotton Candy Pink and Lavender•

 "Truly Special treats made with love" or Franche Lippee, is the cutest thing ever - It is said to be famous for its textile prints, and it is well-said. I still keep its tag somewhere which I have most likely missplaced, but here it is - such cute graphics! I got the tee only for $9.90 on sale, for fun, and now I want almost their other tees from UNIQLO! Too late. 
They even have this uber kawaii campaign where you can style and create your own looks with a funky cute song on the website~!

So yeah, it's the season to jump and play water! Kinda failed in this situation. Wear your brightest and faded color clothes with your solid hue shades and get out! (If you'd want a tan)

I'm oogling on the New Zealand pictures they are deathly stunning for The North Face ! BIGBANG is the face minus Daesung, Victory looks out of the picture, nonetheless the location is amazing with the dramatic sky! Love photos 2 and 3 best! Check the photos below:

But as for me I'm staying INDOORS, thank you very much. Catching up on the season's best things to watch and squeal and squirm and oogle on the actors and all. My FANGIRL post starts, NOW below.

Lots of self-made GIFs to self-entertain myself and go GAGA for anime and K-drama bla bla bla seen on my Tumblr and Twitter



Yuki Nakano feminine yet 'catty eyed' sharp face features are fantastically preeeetttayyyyy. This is a poster from her first solo exhibition and I'm amazed by the detailing used by the etch of color pencils of the rainbow hair and the little intricate motifs as decoration. Love love love.

Oh, this is her : ふわふわふわ  

See? I told you.
Japanese piipo, no matter how old they are or how young, never cease to inspire me thru
their demeanor. They're THE BEST. THE BEST NATION THE WORLD

via Yukikkoimg tumblr

The illusion that the eyes are closed but at another blink of an eye, it's open.
Federico Cabrera captures the silent moving shadows between the models dressed in death gods clothes.

BLANQ from Taiwan. A studio for creative consulting, something in what I could do in my career years. Fashion, branding, advertising, photography, those kind of things.
via Behance.
Clothes created by Jeffrey Wang, project from Levi's to recycle and sculpt clothes out, entitled 'PERSONA', from well, pairs of jeans.

More below from them as I was looking into their works and the hair! Oh speaking of which I need to revamp my hair once again. It's a new season!

Then, curious about this scrapbook?

That's just only one spread of the preview, the rest you'll have to go see on MOGU TAKAHASHI's website. He has this ability to make these catchy artworks using well, for me it's already unused things like newspapers and such, plus the feelings to make the composition look right.


They even have this kind of things, I cannot imagine! I'll really truly be happy to die here in this zine heaven created by the uber kitschy Japanese.

Here's what Simone described the heavenly place of mine to die:

"Koenji is a nice, quiet place in the suburbs, but venturing along its Kitanaka Street one weekend last March, you could not have missed the commotion coming out of Shirouto no Ran No. 12. Crammed inside this small rental space, dozens of people were poring over, discussing and exchanging piles upon piles of booklets bursting with eye-catching imagery and color. The get-together was the biggest yet for Japanese "zinedom": the 4th Tokyo Zinester Gathering, a two-day event devoted to making, trading and selling zines."
-extracted from Japan Times

I want to meet Kei-san, he's MY HERO.

"But I don't care about money. What I want to support is people's autonomy and creativity, not the market, and I feel the alternative scene is finally growing in Japan too." 

whut derr fakq the mainstream world, let's get the underground up here to see some light! (Y)
I'm on with you in the same sage path!

Anyhow fellow blogwalkers, I'd love to ask for your support for a new portfolio platform I just joined in, seen below:

Banzaaaai~ ^^
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Lots of interesting stuff happening there so do check some stuff out!


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*: happy

Two things why we should again make Japan be our role-model and to make us forever happy.

Recently, I went to a presentation by getting the usual Japan Creative Centre Singapore (JCC) newsletter and invitation for exhibitions. Now a confession: I only did a forward to my editor of Whiteboard without looking or reading what's it about - I only thought it would be another art exhibition which they usually hold. But I was quite taken by surprise to what I saw when I ran late and thought I was pretty lucky on being part of the audience of this group of NUS Japanese Studies and other few faq. students to visit Japan and learn from their PechaKucha presentation.

What's this all about? You can read the synopsis of my report for 'Role-modeling Japan's Green Movement" to click onwards below to the page...

which it was cut to a big extent. So I'll dish here for the whole report which is worth a good 500-word essay back in school for a post field trip report. Because, I am this impressed.
Hi 'Shoes', or yes however you pronounce your moniker, it is stuck in my head still. Good nickname!

Under the direction of Professor Doctor Philip McMorran from the National University of Singapore (NUS), 12 final year students were brought to the southern area of Japan for a trip of discovery and research. With the focus of studying on their ecological friendly methods, for 7 days they were enriched with the nature Japan has naturally hold and of what they have man-made to make things look natural.
What fascinate them overall is how Japanese are so exquisitely neat, initiative and its discipline dedication to maintain the situation. From the naked eye, the theme park garden Huis Ten Bosch isn’t just your usual theme park – powered by the water beneath its massive windmills and rivers and teddy bear museum, huge pipes all around are transporting and chugs water over and over to recycle.

Man made scenery at Kurokawa Onsen doesn’t look artificial at all. It has grown along with nature and the main mission of it is to present Japan’s nature close by with its guests relaxing while they bathe.

Kumamoto City Green Carpet movement is also part of the agenda, but what’s to note is the unbelievable action of city to categorize their waste into 24 different types, where we commonly see only 3, for better recycling methods and to preserve the future.

Read more of the field trip on Professor McMorran’s blog. Quite envious of him to have stayed about 4.5 years in Japan to actually learn about the country. That is my dream! More than ever that well, my driver's son gets a SCHOLARSHIP to study in Japan and now WORKING THERE as well as wanting to be a high school kokosei which I'll never be but forever in secret in wanting to wear the uniform, which Eliora did...(OK STOP OUT OF TOPIC ALREADY SORRY)

I sincerely congratulate the success of the final-year students of NUS for embarking the journey to make the first step of change.

Narcissm yes I see me. Tee hee~

Photos courtesy of JCC . Support 'em!

                    Now back to my space to talk whatever I want. I was blown away on how this professor was doing his job. And really, doing doing an extra effort to an extent to help his students to get a job in this opportunity. So you saw the photo above where I was sitting. I was sitting among these people that were from various industries and companies and etc.
                    PLUS POINT was that there was a lot of Japanese companies and reps from the JCC/Embassy, like the rep for the transport authority in Japan itself or how I perceive on how the MC introduced him. And man, for the professor who introduced each and every student with their specialist abilities and their interests and reminding everyone who were present to "please get in touch with them, contact them if you have an Earth to save" because a student wanted to save the Earth.
                    I don't think my lecturers will even lower their ego for some peanuts like us. Hmmm. I do feel that this kind of exposure needs to happen and a WOW for NUS. Good thing that there's JCC present to utilize in Singapore. It is a good city for creating opportunities - lots of things are popping up and you gotta grab it ya'll!

Cheers to Prof. McMorran there, I wish you were my lecturer. I got high respects for ya, fist bump!

Another thing is this cute thing from Lomography - the KIRAMEKI series! This was like back in May or I forgot since I've put the post to draft but aren't these a little zen darling (the middle one).

So there was a contest to win this kawaii chiisai darling. So I entered. I was late by a day but they immediately accepted by blur hazy geisha photo for the competition entry - only 20 people were chosen OMONA! But I didn't win.

Well I couldn't win because...

The event was held at GI Indonesia (at the time being I was still in Singapore) and my parents are viciously unsupportive by not attending (but then it was a city to city trip for a camera hmmm) , via LOMOGRAPHY album!

I couldn't get retrieve my photo anywhere, anyhow it was taken by Minhwan!

Now can we toast for Japan's everlasting forever zettai soba ni iru in my heart?

Oh dear whatever the point is that I love Japan berry berry much. MUCH!!!

Written on my 13 days left of holiday before returning for (hopefully) KMW2011!!!!
Over and out!