What happens when a fashion student gets hitched to the best design portfolio network on the net? 

Well, some SWAG happens like that on top, and more below.

•During LASALLE OPEN HOUSE 2012, 13-14 JANUARY 2012•

meet your first 



Hello in 2012 whutderrfakqer readers! A new dawn for the new year starts.

Issue 004 is coming out soon for DEW Magazine, check out the preview which I contributed a post for them for BOB!

I have no idea what issue theme will be, so I can't be musing after I stop writing from DEW 002 where I had to just mused with photos and here's my own favorites from 003 (because I am so tired from online writing in that point, meheheh)

There are so much stunning works I can only gape, but one is certainly interesting from the title, direction, and of course, hats off as it is not DIGITALLY MADE - IT'S HANDMADE! (A Personal Favorite).

this illustration is created and proudly said by an Indonesian illustrator, Eko Bintang, which I now nominate him as part of my favorite illustrators!! His drawings reminded me of good ol' days of CosmoGIRL! Horoscopes drawing I used to really like and cut out. I forgot that illustrator name, he's based in the States.

 Someone recalls? Let me know!

(click on image to enlarge)

Dolce & Gabanna's "Boys will be Boys" getup is the closest style I could replicate with a sudden shopping spree of neon colored blazers on ASOS. If not, "Spank It Babe" is the most entertaining DPS ever, don't you agree??

Other than that, the third edition is filled with themes around 'EASTERN ISSUE', but I took some other awesome picks which are not entirely Eastern.

• can you believe this that these frocks are designed and made by an Indonesian designer? Guess who! You'd have to find out by going to the magazine! It's BREATHTAKINGLY PRETTAYYYYY. My style much.•

Anyhow I just realized the new features of Twitter those "Paper.Li" thing. Unless you use an iPhone and other touchy smartphones, you wouldn't know as there is no feature for this on desktop (blame me, I only log into the website, not using Tweetdeck whatsoever), so I've been popping out a couple places... like this one:

Funny thing is its from Padalarang, of all places!
More funny unimportant musings around my article and the comments can be found on my Tumblr.

I know I promised a lot of things to unidentified readers and whoever wants to but I really should get writing on more posts ey.