What happens when a fashion student gets hitched to the best design portfolio network on the net? 

Well, some SWAG happens like that on top, and more below.

•During LASALLE OPEN HOUSE 2012, 13-14 JANUARY 2012•

meet your first 

It was a moment of spasm when the first hampers were sent out straight from the Behance Co. from New York (NY, baby!).

Being part of the very first team (see the rest of the 15 OSM peeps I'm part of around the world) tells me to get on with my brains to switch to organizing and leading skills to the sharpening tool.

But before anything else happens, I'VE GOT MAIL !!!
(Should you've been following this WDFIV blog, you should know how much I LOOOOOOOVE snail mails/posts/postage/whatever's in my mailbox and not e-mail inbox)

I've been waiting like a heck long time for this. Snail mail from New York Behance, I forgive you.


Wonderful loot of fun and motivation.
WIN. Made my day in one October last year. 

And so they were my object of desire and model for the rest of the evening hour taking shots and close-ups of the things you gotta take note:

And yeah, with the messenger bag from the famous 99% annual Conference Behance hold, I tried to make it as functional and still fashionable in a sense of way. Somehow, I was wearing seriously BRIGHT PRIMARY COLORS in that particularly gloomy day... talk about spotlight.
Which is exactly the entire message is all about.

"BRING ON THE SWAG with the bag of NY Be goodies!"
•wearing (X) SML crimson top, cobalt blue trousers, random yellow platform sandals, UNKL watch bracelet, pink Phillips headphone, Numo rings, Cotton On aviators•

This is how you work the messenger bag, RIGHT.

LASALLE kids reading,
make your future bright by signing up,
join the competition right now that it's out,
make our school proud by our stuff,
most of all,
make yourself proud as you're not an artist bluff!
(Once you join our network, endless opportunities awaits. No one is stopping you from working with people outside of Singapore.)

Certainly give some respect to what your neurons has come up with.

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