Nope, it's not about SM Entertainment.
It would be really bad if SM Entertainment is really the Sadomasochist Entertainment. Everything gone wrong.

The news that broke out how Yura was protested by wearing costumes that could answer an ad that needs "an S&M model, in your teens, for a photoshoot" in Japan piqued me to watch the video.

Watching the video, its forgivable if BEG replaces the 4 girls. They clearly know better how to play the eye being women, and not girls.

I was squirming in discomfort while watching. So teenagers, right? 16 onwards. Arguing fairly, Britney Spears debuted when she was 16-17. Then her first full body latex suit came and that's sex enough to sell. But now anyways, Teen Mom is for 16YO. But sorry folks, that's the west.

Why was I watching with my nails biting? It's still in the Asian context. I know Japanese are the best in selling their body like naked sushis but I suppose they're the first westernised country ever, and it's also still uncomfortable to watch (You're a brother. Your younger sister prancing with her cleavage and thighs out in her own room following the MV and you happen to pass her room with the door ajar. So how do you feel?)

That's for me. I was searching on the right word of black lacy suits and S&M came to my mind, searching for images when I found Rihanna's image. I didn't know THAT song that played along 2011 was that song! (Told you I was absolutely Asian and I have no idea what western music is out there) and it was titled, 'S&M'. Kinbaku below!

But she did it in a candy colorful I'm a Harajuku kawaii kid way and screaming while being bonded... is there anything right in this anymore? It's Rihanna, she's still young but anyway, forgiven because she's a westerner.

This is the reason why I left western music in the first place;  there isn't anything to watch for a then 14 year-old girl in wanting to watch something inspiring with good, honest lyrics. Think it's a scary world of exposure how one day you might see your little sister trying to bind herself thanks to a lot of hentai animes out there.

BACK TO THE VIDEO... Well, those office blinders says one thing that those activities are possible when maknae and BF Tony An meets. Midnight gratification, it's not that hard to point it out. Although, these girls and the rest of the K-pop Mattel Inc. can get away with aegyo.

Riiiiiiiiiiiiight? You're a boyfriend, you have this uber cute Asian girlfriend, let alone you dream of that K-pop ido lbeing your GF, and her contact lens oogly Pussy in Boots eyes just start to water and you have to stop those tears from dropping. Yikes!

Then, it shows girl domination - sorry, grrl domination in the lyrics how girls can approach the guy first and kiss him. The grabbing of blinders are more than enough. The silhouette of them unclothe and tossing their clothes out means something else. Presidents to shut down girls' self esteem to be comfortable in 'selling herself' and say that 'sex is okay'?

In this modern era i's considered OK with the mega babble of the media and broadcast but with my Eastern heritage and my project that serves girls and their parents a G content to empower them, maybe I'm in the wrong century. I live like a grandma, but I guess I've always been the salmon that fights the current of the river.

And you think you can get away with your pussy eyes for forgiveness? If you feel shit then that's your conscience tugging you.

Not the girls' fault, it's the entertainment/ concept/ trend-followers. But, as a whole in a cultural point, it keeps showing how they're ready for the crossover on entertainment - sex.

Sex sells, but never the right choice. BoA can attest to that.