Ass EssmEnt was here and over! This is so long overdue (Busy busy as 2NE1 grrlz are now over with "It Hurts" and me gawking over KTZ items that they wore/Key wore/BEAST Kikwang wore at Soom MV) wore/BIGBANG wore at my intern place.)

Photography Project Two - to create a Lookbook with the chosen fashion designer. For the whole look, please visit my portfolio on Behance, and if you have enjoyed it, do give me a supportive act - thumbs up for the hard work the team did! :) Escape to Constantinople, Linda's graduate collection. See photography project one and single-thumbs up if you do like it! Thank you for the support, always try my best to come up with new concepts.

See the complete work and appreciate it here!

I'm falling in love with my own
Visualisation+Presentation Digital work but my other classmates have done much more O-SM werk.

This semester it's about branding and identity. Where we first identify trend pieces of the season, then create a advertisement collage for two 'it' items, and finally, self-identifying for my own name card.

This is half the work - development. Apparently my lecturer chose something I dislike but then I came to really like it as a final work!
See the complete work and appreciate it here!

It's nos a Fashion Comm. thing if we don't have Trend Reports; one for accessories and another for a fashion item.

See more details and appreciate it here!

Then something fun to just create two advertisement pages for different products...

           Pretty pink Hermes and Irregular Choice! I really had no idea what to do anyways. So yeah click away if you want to see the details~

Finally, Journalism: articles, articles, and a longer-version articles. Plus, all in a consistent layout. Ta-da!

              Did an article on one product item which are the shoe brand I adore and previously bought, Topshop's Make Up for a beauty write-up, and a whole feature article on fashion bloggers on the rise - to be worthy or not worthy - which, my lecturer enjoyed very much. Finally, something she's approved of grammatically and pleased 'aesthetically'.
             Not quite sure as the uploader made a bad rendering of the words so although you click to make it bigger you can't read anything, except the product and make-up page~

And it's all gone and done~!
Time for a new year and new projects!

And oh,

It's like clothes on hangers; such diversity in my wardrobe!

Escaping from Blogspot. Easier sharing and photo uploading. Whee~



She's incredibly teeny tiny compared to my face! Grace is so adorable in her third week to have her own favorite cool sleeping pose and looks grumpy most of the time because she pouts (inherited from my cousin's pouting mouth). Too cute. Thank goodness I manage to visit her the day before I left Singapore and promise to see her again the moment I set foot in 2011 back in Lion land with giftsssssssss!

I wonder what was she dreaming, as she suddenly smiled and snickered, giving me a face. Then she made other hilarious faces I could deem her best actress award for baby age 3 weeks. So so so so tiny.

Hugs until you're one month and aa week plus old! :)


       Yep, this was the wall behind the 'magick' table dubbed by Elle on Twitter at a random basis, where I stick places/things I've been to/part of.

       I'm going home today! Let's see if I'm gonna stick to the routine I'm planning to ride my bike out to the gym, work out and start perfecting the dances I learnt this year (Lucifer/Clap Yo Hands/Breathe/Hello) and ice cream marathon with KBS World every night. I miss home!

      2010 has been very nice to me. Well, second-quarter, that is. Being in the media is simply an all-access. Simply to say, my life goal list is a quarter covered. Not the number one crowned life goal, but getting to see Jaejoong/Yoochun/Junsu in flesh (did I ever dream to see them earlier in my life now than like in another 10 years on stage but I saw them in a private event). TVXQ! The former. Career has been picking up and my intern was a blessing in disguise. Maybe it was planned, that I cannot go to Dubai but to stay here. Maybe I can and will go to Dubai next year. Who knows?

       Well yeah, career side has been picking up, but I guess I'll have to wait for another 3 years until Key walks in. Unless... well there are further developments in the bored as fug island.

      Until then, Singapore and internet, I'll be MIA until the new term of torture. But I'm absolutely psyched with the collaborative project that'll start immediately on the first day back for Semester 6.

Adios, 2010, I'm returning home for Goods Dept., friends, Carrot Rabbit goodness, family and colleague for Christmas, and 'tis the season to grow fatter  - but I'll burn it down!

Merry early Christmas for those who celebrate and an auspicious new year to you all anonymous!



I was really good this year, Santa (read: you all friends as my secret santa! Erhm!)!
Above is self-explanatory. Doesn't this lefty gal needs some special love?
Tis' the season indeed.

Don't think Key's gonna call me for Christmas. They're sending me SHINee's CD instead. Best if they did sign though. ^^



I have a long weekend break starting from Thursday, yeeha!
I'm so ready for another Hallyu/Otaku weekend. Korean and Japan to the max, baby!

                My inner otaku has slowly come out! It's been a total while since I've blogged: so busy with actual intern, K-Pop events for Korea.com, compiling news for Whiteboard, and reviewing numerous food reviews (hence my weighing scale doesn't lie that I've eaten way too much over the past month) in order to get vouchers so I can shop at ION~ and yes ah time consuming!

            Yesterday was another one day for Korean-related stuff. A visit to JYPE Audition! I was so intrigued to see on what's the audition proceedures and who's auditioning like. Should be fun to see, and who knows there's the next top boy band idol who's handsome before the scalpel touches their skin. Thank goodness for Hajar unni to help me out and yes, I got in! Kekekeke. Insider report should be out soon by tomorrow~ Then off to Daehan Korean Night for really good authentic food at cheap cheap price. Little did I know that I met coupla new Lasallians and heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee どぞよろしくおねがいします、こいびと#1!ふふふふふふ〜  (^  3 ^)>

                 I'm loving my statement polka-dot drop-crotch pants from Paul Direk. And the additional 'Be the Reds!' ban, it should come in handy for most other K-Pop or Korean related events to show my love for them! Tee-hee! Annyeong annyeong, Janice (the manager in charge for the night and who invited me with no one else so I was friendless but I was smart enough to talk to someone and not be a stone) and Aisha (did I spell that right? All I know is that it's easy to remember you since your name rhymes with mine. And we're in the same campus) and Goo Hara! I was oogling like, wha~? as her name is exactly like KARA's Hara. And the same tiny, pretty, black hair but minus the big eyes only. And she's going to be my hoobae as she wants to take Fashion Comm.! Well, I'll pre-welcome you from the fashion studies and its crime. Kekeke~

STGCC (Singapore toy con) was for Sunday - in order to meet unreal crush Simone Legno of Tokidoki. Spaz spaz spaz spaz I love this guy and his works tooooo much <3

First, I have to say I'm such a cheapo. $15 for the ticket is too much! HEEHEEHEEHEE SO, I was such a genius to have thought to sign up as the media so I could get a free entry plus the media lanyard which I like collecting. HEEEEEE And it was that easy. I also got their awesome press release. But my true initiation is to interview one on one with the artist. Next year, next year!
And I got in anyways. Peace yo.

•Totemo kawaii red electro bear which I wished to have record on how CUTE CUTE CUTE HE RAN SUPER SPAZ•

Sticky Monster Lab's most adorable mini hoodie for their monster figurine•

And, I wanted just one, but I got more than just the one I need. *hyperventilates*

             Creator of TOFU, TOKIDOKI, AND STICKYMONSTERSLAB signed and drew for me. I'M SPEECHLESS. I'm still not over it. Too cute. I brought this magazine all the way, waiting for Legno to return to Singapore and yes, finally, this magazine gots its fate to be held by the artist himself. Oh love love love~

The chekki really came in handy - kumawo, GMarket to have given me as the winner so I have this awesome fuji instax! <3 <3 <3

The whole afternoon spent outside there and finally wanting to check in to see crush #2 but sad to say, he wasn't there! Well, toast with Dark Cherry Mocha thanks to Miss Foo who made me this addicted. Next time I'll try Toffee Nut. Under Pritt-chan's expense! Hee in return for that priceless chekki shashin.

•being a media is soooooooo so good (Y)•
I've realize that, second half of 2010, life is so good.
I've realize that, yes, I'm living the life I want; the dreams that I've dreamt to meet the people I want that I thought was so impossible, I did.
Oh boy, this is truly the year.

I'm lovin' it~ Parapapapapa~ <3



This is reality. After looking at the real thing, I rejoiced that my expectations is right! It was not just OK, the collection overall should be totally horrible. Parisians and Japanese who really think of the inner quality and trimmings should be aghast by the sight of the collection's finishing. Oh mee goreng this is more than just mee goreng. If I did this for my sewing projects last year, what will my teacher tell me? 
"F for fail!"

The person who bought this should be quite pissed. Well, if it's me who's buying. But the outside doesn't look too good either, on the verge of dropping its bling blings after a couple washes. And oh my goodness gracious the zipper, it's not even invisible zipper but with that extra strip of fabric somewhat I dunno.
Updated with more shots.

Oh Elbaz, it's not you who broke my heart. H&M's target level/manufacturing did.

On the sunny bunny bright side, those of you who are still brand-conscious and would like a piece of this crap darling, we're selling away the red chiffon beauty off! Dress located in Singapore. Go to eBay and quote of the best price. Good luck to bidders! <3



Thought of the day.


Dirty Dancing.

Enjoy my stills of the self-Cinderella shoes I bought, which is captured like an old movie; over-washed and desaturated frames left from me dirty dancing on my bed.

I can't seem to take it off.
If I don't wear them, 
my feet starts to get cold.

As always, I'd only want certain brands people don't have/not aware of/don't know it doesn't exist. The more independent, the better. So here's to you, Suecomma Bonnie, my newest noir love.

I think I should need to write a love letter to the designer stating if I could get a replacement for the soles. She, and her shoes, are iconic for the pink-soled shoes, like Louboutin's vermilion red. And it's not just any pink, hel-lo, it's hawt pink neon pink.

        Owing her as she awakens the lady-like side of me. So long, sloppy half-girl-guy attitude, hello John Robert Powers' trained-like ladies. (EEYUCKS. Sorry so not me at all).

For those of you new to this brand, please do your homework research. She's not going to waste your time. Thank you for supporting much of 'public secret' labels and moving forward from mainstream fashion that is too conceited of themselves. Yay!