Dirty Dancing.

Enjoy my stills of the self-Cinderella shoes I bought, which is captured like an old movie; over-washed and desaturated frames left from me dirty dancing on my bed.

I can't seem to take it off.
If I don't wear them, 
my feet starts to get cold.

As always, I'd only want certain brands people don't have/not aware of/don't know it doesn't exist. The more independent, the better. So here's to you, Suecomma Bonnie, my newest noir love.

I think I should need to write a love letter to the designer stating if I could get a replacement for the soles. She, and her shoes, are iconic for the pink-soled shoes, like Louboutin's vermilion red. And it's not just any pink, hel-lo, it's hawt pink neon pink.

        Owing her as she awakens the lady-like side of me. So long, sloppy half-girl-guy attitude, hello John Robert Powers' trained-like ladies. (EEYUCKS. Sorry so not me at all).

For those of you new to this brand, please do your homework research. She's not going to waste your time. Thank you for supporting much of 'public secret' labels and moving forward from mainstream fashion that is too conceited of themselves. Yay!


Taryn said...

Hi :-) glad you took an interest in my blog..yeah i really like anime and japanese fashion. Oh and I am enrolled in Savannah college of art and design, im taking fashion design. Are you a design student?

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