Tickle me pink, tickle me ruffles. The ladies and gentlemen of the fashion-conscious world is getting more excited as the 20th of November draws near, for it's the launch of Lanvin x H&M. Lanvin, which is most known to be designed by Alber Elbaz has created his first collaborative collection for the mecca high street store, and judging from the looks and hints from its keywords, we can expect an S/S 2011 as well. Crossing fingers to that.
            Frankly,  I wasn't a bit concern with the collaboration - I wouldn't get hands on it anyways, so why bother researching on it and just lust over it; the more I know the more I want. You know how that feels right. Better off not knowing anything! But things says otherwise. I couldn't ignore this pink heart fever. SO WHILE I SHOULD HAVE BEEN DOING MY 4 PROJECTS DUE, I was making a' OMG' tribute, ala the video. Omona. Waste of time. *o*
           Asia's closest H&M branch would be in Hong Kong, and people residing and flying to just get the first dibs on it, I suggest you to arrive early. The best way is to camp the day before with other fashion avid making a long queue in front of the mega-store. Check out the full price and product list in HK$ below, making sure you know what you really want to prepare yourself a step ahead for the shopping battle. Click to enlarge! Pink hearts for us girls, and blue hearts for the dandy boys. I'd love that metallic shoes for him, though.

Check out full-length OMG video below, released earlier this week. See the complete lookbook collection here!

      Any kind souls going to H&M or resides within the store to get me those pink dangling and strangling (earrings and necklace)?  It'll be the best belated birthday present ever for the year... Like, ever. Since I haven't gotten anything that I REALLY was wishing for. "o-rz

The designs reminds me of their 2008 collection, borrowing oversize ruffles element for this collection.

Agreed, no?

Speaking of which pink entices me, its the rosy cheeks of my latest model, Alessa for my latest project in follow up to the lookbook inspiration post... I shall entice you with sneak previews of us being pink monkey dopes on location.

AHA! moment

Brace yourself to be enlightened by this German girl and Asian girl. Ha.
A good week head start ahead for everyone, I'll be starting my internship tomorrow. BANZAI!

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