I've been very, very busy! 
  Literally, last week was oxygen-less - couldn't even get a break! It's been a long while.
      Monday was a fateful day for ASS preparation (assessment) where I printed off and it came our wrong (curse you Illustrator export) and had to reprint. Ka-ching ka-ching! Some moolah gone. And clear file that was half cheaper at another store. And stupid mood boards that wouldn't work to be recycled. Just all fished up! Fish fish fish. I was preparing and running around Bras Basah to buy all the needs, and finally, I DECIDED to get that Suecomma Bonnie.

Yes, this exact one.

I'm speechless. It's now in my room inside the box, I couldn't wait to wear it, and after the party, I can't wait to wear it out again! Oh my heart is loosing control for this beaaaautiful shoes I adore too much, I can't even take it off where I did a little tribute to it. Really can't take it off. Must wear them once a day. To make me feel happy and accomplished. *total happiness comes in a shoebox, like FOYF says*
You'll get to see more on my feet (like anyone hell cares) without the pink sole though but on my ugly-turned-Cinderella feet right here. That's right, feet whoring. (Y))
I was frantic to run back and forth to the printing shop and by 5PM, I gotta prepare myself for the SOE gala dinner at 6PM! And phew, I was there just on time because of the traffic jam. 

The food, was absolute scrumptious. Prepared by Indo Chine, it's like, woo hoo!

             The appetizer, was seafood salad. It was light, fresh, and zingy tasty! With a squirt of lemon, the cuttle fish was squishy soft with a big scallop and prawn. It's utterly sashimi delicious. The main course, was baby chicken and asparagus with red wine onion. Like others on my side say, "this is the smallest chicken drumstick I've ever seen" and I'm sure that whole thing on my plate is actually one whole piece of chicken. Since it's a baby chicken. Poor chicken, we're such cannibals. But the asparagus was big, had a sour taste but it suits well with the baked potato and chicken altogether. For the most-awaited, dessert, chocolate tart with a single mini scoop of pistachio ice cream was A TWO-THUMBS UP. The chocolate tart was really good with thick crust on the oustide, and mousse-like texture of the dark chocolate, think it should be around 55%-60% since it was quite bitter. It tasted better with the interesting pistachio taste where it wasn't sweet, had a flavor that I can't quite comprehend.

            Hello, and nice to meet you guys, seated ay my table, who apparently was a LASALLE student who got the award as well, Renessa, Valerie who's making her boss' seat warm since he's not able to come =p, and Marcus, the other award winner which he didn't know until... we told him.

I rushed back home, only to find a pile of ASSessment work to do,  and didn't sleep until 5AM...
    Where, on Tuesday, I went off to go for the Trans Cool Tokyo media preview by 11AM (with dropping off my ASS work before this, of course!) with the two artists present! I was thrilled to arrive and find one of the artist (although after Googling I was tad dissapointed) was really cute! xD He was 31 though. Sad sad sad. As if I would have a chance. Hahaha! And I got to take a peekture with them, and giving me such goodies where Hachiya-san drew on my postcard as his autograph! Adachiri-san did the same to my instax but he has that Otomen-face guy, shorter, much thinner, but still pale skinned cute! Too happy wappy! I was all bright by after just sleeping for 3 hours, submit assessment, then 8Q SAM before rushing to my intern place for the first day in the office! \(^o^)/

Super exciting day.

Not much to do in the office, but to kick off on our Designer's affair! Then received a call from Mario who, informed me that I had problems with my forms whatever. Had to rush back and did necessary things and FINALLY, SCHOOL IS OVER!

            Can't wait to totally start on work where Wednesday was a public holiday (when I just had the hype, there has to be a holiday) and met up with Uncle to eat eat eat and Nia-chan...

Thursday was work and BEAST SOOM's dance which was coming to an end.... hard work pays off! And I primped myself on the night for
     Friday. I took a day off, to meet my new boyfriend who smiled to me the camera.


[More photos in my tumblr.] Sorry Key, I had a love affair for a day because he (erhm, Eli) was in town. (I had almost totally forgot of my girlfriend because my new boyfriend is very, very manly indeed. Can't get enough of him! But after returning back home, spazzed on one-night-sing-boyfriend photos then went to knock herself and plead for guilty at fuckyeahkey Tumblr, realizing that only my girlfriend is the one for me and not any other manly-like guys)

i was out and uploading until 3AM in the morning - while checking "It's Key, bitch" tumblr thang so when I went to sleep, I was not thinking of Eli but Key. But my dream dream was to see them fight for me. Who'll win, the girlfriend or the boyfriend? kekeke~

Haven't read all the report? It's all at Gateway2Korea!

I was resting - must be, to upload all the photos and such on Saturday - which I recall that I could wake up at 9, then force myself to sleep until 1PM where I had to go somewhere... 50 Female Gorgeous People? Then... I forgot.

Sunday, other blogs' enlightments! Refinery29 has created these hilarious quizzes that yes, answers to all a normal muggle girl dream.

But my definite favorite which cracks me up is this one!

A great week ahead to you anonymous readers - I know I will because it's the official kick-off next weekend with VINTAGE SALE - check it out if you haven't for those in Singapore and coming to Singapore starting next weekend, you seriously do not want to miss it. WARNED. Check Facebook, and Twitter.


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