the horror.

Its D-3 days away from my flight to a two-week break to Bond cassanova Casablanca, baby!
And no, I haven't fully packed, so here I am in procrastination to start planning a 16-day outfit plan in one go - ever did that before? Europe trips tend to have the most longest duration; and other Western trips from here.


Because it was said that Madrid is now BBQing itself to a freaking 42-degrees Celcius, I luckily have purchase the largest 'sombrero like' hat in Bangkok (thank you, dear 5-day trip I never gotten around to upload more) because the tour leader just called in that "please prepare your hats". YES SIR, I got that cover since JUNE.

Another trip of preparation includes going to Kiehl's, which are CHEAPER TO BUY IN INDONESIA NOW (INSERT HURRAHS) for sunblock for mom's beautiful plastic slick skin more than me. We didn't intend to buy like more than 5 bottles and only intended for 1 bottle of sunblock, but alas...

Damage done. I COULDN'T BELIEVE IT THAT MY MOM AND I STOOD IN THE SHOP FOR 1 HOUR - that poor but amazing employee deserves Employee of the Month award to bag a customer for swiping 2K in one go - because of the promotion of getting a bag and other prezzies.

And the bag - caught my attention. Kiehl's IS from NY... so The Sartorialist here embroidered is... (and after a quickc Google... yeah) It's that Sartorialist  A YEAR AGO.

But hey, it's a nice bag - look how ergonomic it is! Portrayed with more samples I bagged from le store.

READ: Price shrinking!

So yeah, everything fits to a bag including other things. Today, with me finalizing my draft of my research proposal for (YES) SCHOOL, NEXT FALL, (rolls eyes, school again with exams this time) explains the messy table on my computer with all those secondary quotes and footnotes.

*pusing kepala miring*

A goodie bag came! My mom's friend Tante A has shipped me a graduation gift - how lovely!!!! I never expected any - coming from Jakarta. Don't judge the box by its cover because it's not a Batik clothing from Keris. I never imagine myself to own a....


Go figure how I ended up with this. But isn't adorable with those bowties in the bottom drawer?
Thank you so much, Tante A! I really do love it, I do really use it - will - transfer all my rings inside. Now I don't have to loose another piece of earring again.

See you back in like two weeks after my jetlagged birthday on a plane.



B2B2 is really all about the black and the white and some hues in between.
It would have had a better title named 'Armour' but because of the former post I did in writing in my two days in Jakarta, I have to be consistent.

I thought the top was rather funny and it is a literal image of yellow flash - if it wasn't for my bag. So the second most daring outfit, it seems, in a blink of an eye is plain smart and normal casual. The thing is, everyone doesn't stare on the dress with a simple knot or my double-armour in my bangles (gotten for $6 each in a Diva sale, fantastic) or whenever I wore my 5-dpi look-a-like shades. I had bruises on my shin and my arms that the stockings and bangles serve as a cover.

It was my shin and my shoes that made people gawk.

"That girl must be out of her mind to tattoo her entire shin like that, goodness" is what they must have thought. "With that shoes as well - egad, what kind of trashing fashion is this?"
If you were to enter Plaza Indonesia, the Paragon of Singapore, the Saks Fifth of NY, the Harrods of London, then yeah, you'll get stared at until you feel your legs burn by their eye-starring lasers and whispers.

The secret answer is about the stockings, which I utterly adore because of its 110% foolproof of letting everyone know that I did went to a tattoo parlour and got a one-for-one deal: pay the dragon, get the girl riding on it free tattoo picture are from Carrie Chan. Met her over at Blueprint and ordered few sets for myself so prepare for it, dear fashionable Indonesians, I'm wearing them more and get over it - you'll want them too.

Into my opinion about the current market of Indonesia's retail: Everything in Indonesia is now bloody exxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx ship me to Bangkok this instant. Get designer stuff (local) for reasonable prices and for them to sustain. Only Danjyo maybe fits my pocket most but the rest are rather out-of-your-space. But yeah, that was literally it, there was nothing else that is an entire avenue for local/multi-lable shops and other hip places because it's all been foreign-absolutism in the market (er like Singapore of course, but they have more selections on the indie side) where these are very commercialized brands.

Besides spotting new multi-label stores that popped up around Bandung which I have not CHECKED IT OUT YET, anyone else got ideas where else I should go and have a look for local labels, multi-label stores besides Jade, Fjlo, Goods Dept.?  Fire away please!

wearing ADHOC dress-shirt, Diva gold bangles, RI.By.Carrie tattoo stockings, Feiyue sneakers.
ready stance!


AND for Rachmawati in her Archery onto the next round... SPANKING AWESOME!

Just received: visit if you can, I wish I was there to see these 3D artworks myself, more less commercial than LV's Kusama (of course I still love her, LV or not, way back then), much probable in concept.



wearing The Balletcats population sweater, green skirt from an FO, Feiyue MFW11 sneakers. Yellow bag from Bangkok, Bathing Ape transparent blue bag, and my humble Benetton cyan traveller.

I was in Jakarta for two days last week, for the first time ever (because should you have seen the timeline back in 2009 that I moved out to the outskirts of Bandung, Indonesia) and boy, how the traffic has gotten worse. And light if it was the opening hour for Muslims in this Ramadhan season.

Since I got no roof back in the capital city, I stayed over Ibis with the reason being of having meetings and meetings in PP and PI (Pacific Plaza and Plaza Indonesia).

One was for the reason of meeting, finally, an internet friend, a proper face-to-face meeting after about 2 years 'knowing' and the idea behind the meeting was because of our current positions today. Force the two heads and we merge one amazing power, and hopefully soon the product will be out in November. SO CROSS FINGERS!!!!!!!! News out in a bit where I will need kind help from creatives for this. ;)

Meeting at PP Liberica was rather off-costumed because I was feeling (again) pastel-y with neon-y colours. I finally had the urge to wear The Balletcats sweater for the first time ever, in public, after about . . . a year owning it? I know, I know. And it's because I just got this zesty lime green skirt I've always dreamt off in having the colour and it's awfully perfect with the grey. Not speaking about the shoes, it definitely turned heads around - no, I got it for free, I didn't buy two pairs and put one on each. Blimey, I haven't got all the cash in the world. If I have to, I'd buy a pair of whites, and pylox the other in black.


This was rather a mere subtle outfit in all the colours and my new wallet (Hello there two wabbits... or kangaroos... or worse what my mum said, it's a freaking rat. Now that entirely spoilt all the cute charms in it) and the transparent Bape bag which is ever-so-helpful with all the guards scanning all our bags. Now this is a statement without having to pull everything out.

That's for day one, practically arrived, conquered the usual Korean facial spa I went to, and then scurrying away to the other side of the city for the meeting that went absolutely ace.Then I went over to the all-new Goods Dept. which literally just opened last Friday and well, I checked it out for a while. I see Satchels everywhere in every colour!

Until tomorrow for outfit post day two... The more head-churning version.

PS. I have now wireless installed in my humble abode! Talk about motivation of doing more of this. I've been abandoning my own virtual thoughts a lot. Heh heh heh.

PPS. Back to my Olympics Gymnastic / Archery finals watching. However, I can rest assure you I am halfway over from this oogling session. Go Ben!

PPPS. Anyone here believes in Sherlock??????????????????????????

jiggy celebratory dance!