wearing The Balletcats population sweater, green skirt from an FO, Feiyue MFW11 sneakers. Yellow bag from Bangkok, Bathing Ape transparent blue bag, and my humble Benetton cyan traveller.

I was in Jakarta for two days last week, for the first time ever (because should you have seen the timeline back in 2009 that I moved out to the outskirts of Bandung, Indonesia) and boy, how the traffic has gotten worse. And light if it was the opening hour for Muslims in this Ramadhan season.

Since I got no roof back in the capital city, I stayed over Ibis with the reason being of having meetings and meetings in PP and PI (Pacific Plaza and Plaza Indonesia).

One was for the reason of meeting, finally, an internet friend, a proper face-to-face meeting after about 2 years 'knowing' and the idea behind the meeting was because of our current positions today. Force the two heads and we merge one amazing power, and hopefully soon the product will be out in November. SO CROSS FINGERS!!!!!!!! News out in a bit where I will need kind help from creatives for this. ;)

Meeting at PP Liberica was rather off-costumed because I was feeling (again) pastel-y with neon-y colours. I finally had the urge to wear The Balletcats sweater for the first time ever, in public, after about . . . a year owning it? I know, I know. And it's because I just got this zesty lime green skirt I've always dreamt off in having the colour and it's awfully perfect with the grey. Not speaking about the shoes, it definitely turned heads around - no, I got it for free, I didn't buy two pairs and put one on each. Blimey, I haven't got all the cash in the world. If I have to, I'd buy a pair of whites, and pylox the other in black.


This was rather a mere subtle outfit in all the colours and my new wallet (Hello there two wabbits... or kangaroos... or worse what my mum said, it's a freaking rat. Now that entirely spoilt all the cute charms in it) and the transparent Bape bag which is ever-so-helpful with all the guards scanning all our bags. Now this is a statement without having to pull everything out.

That's for day one, practically arrived, conquered the usual Korean facial spa I went to, and then scurrying away to the other side of the city for the meeting that went absolutely ace.Then I went over to the all-new Goods Dept. which literally just opened last Friday and well, I checked it out for a while. I see Satchels everywhere in every colour!

Until tomorrow for outfit post day two... The more head-churning version.

PS. I have now wireless installed in my humble abode! Talk about motivation of doing more of this. I've been abandoning my own virtual thoughts a lot. Heh heh heh.

PPS. Back to my Olympics Gymnastic / Archery finals watching. However, I can rest assure you I am halfway over from this oogling session. Go Ben!

PPPS. Anyone here believes in Sherlock??????????????????????????

jiggy celebratory dance!

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