Created for TIALM. Isn't it eye-pleasing and minimalistic?
I'm alive, and when I'm alive, this is the only time I get to blog because demands from here, here, and here is taking a full toll on me. I only can be blessed with so many activities, new friends, new experiences back in my motherland and still stay close to home.

Matter of fact I cannot wait to get out next year as well and be productive again with my brain and hands. 1 year should be enough as a break, aye?

The only thing I cannot stand will be eating fish and chips daily beacuse there's no legit veggies or fruits and no one's going to cut it for me and no one's going to clean up my messy room thanks to deadlines for postgrad... next year... anyone in the city I'll be moving in mid 2013, holla~

And that's the end of me being very sensible and being a minimalist. Hello, too much reading from manga, I'm still me!

So LOOK AT ME! SURPRISE! (James said that, if you do follow Line) Wishing anyone who's reading the very, very exciting best in 2013 for we have been given an amazing new chance to continue on to live our dreams. I can open my eyes, to type, to breathe, hear my heart beat, hear my friend's little embryo heart beat, see my dad going gaga over football, and eating my mom's everyday super delicious cooking I have to savour them everyday.

I met awesome new people as I moved back, successfully pulled off events this year, graduated, saw more stars except my shining boys, and onwards with my project, This Is A Lokal Movement.

I became 20.

What did you wish for, and what are you thankful for this year?