•wearing white Muji inner shirt, violet Cotton On angel tank, self-made postage stamp vest, Keds.
Accessories: wooden necklace, New Look purse, chunky bracelets from Turkey, Zara bugseye sunglasses•

             Dressing from toe to head, I first decided that I should wear my long stored white tennis Keds that has a tad yellow and black blemish spot (NOOO...) and what goes best would be either just any length of pants and flimsy whimsy long skirts or those kind of material that would reach over your knees. So in the respect of the Japanese, as usual I would dress myself inspired by them. Also a time to show off the other vest I made with the postage stamp patterned fabric which has a subtle color of pastel green, which leads to why I chose purple instead of black and white.

            Ah, I've also moved things, that external wardrobe to the side and I felt the presence of better Chi - or was it a fresher weather where two doors are facing from end to end, and no obstacles are blocking the natural force coming through. So there, my former roommate Vania's white table has been brought away and the bookrack is left which is now occupied by all my precious glossies and books and I do need another one. Oh my. And I've just told you guys I would be a magazine junkie. In Fashion Comm. we eat magazines, not edible food.

          Today's class was a hit from 11-6ish PM, it's not funny when your lecturers have emphasized to not come late to classes as pitches with clients serves the same. But what happens if the two teachers today are late, and the first section is irrelevant and pointless in such way which is only a team discussion which we could do in any time of the day? Hmmm... Yes you Fadli and Sam go apply! Or no, even better, build your own academy lah! Hahahaha I might be off sick to whoosh off my white hanky in T3 when le boyfriend goes back to Seoul... prolly...

         Then art direction was another lecture of al the major art movements in the past and recent century...

Before meeting Peggy for dinner. SHINee maaaaaaadnesssssss! And while we were going insane in the Kopitiam, hence, embarassing, we stopped and gaped at the TV, the advertisement for SHINee's fansigning this Sunday! >O
Then, the whole island of Singapore had known and the chances are even crazier and Peggy even insisted to change from 5AM to 3AM in the MORNING to reach the mall immediately. My gooooooooodnesssssssss Peggy! I'll go with my other plans instead. ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

- photographer research and presentation : Mark Barthwick?
- 10x10cm, 3 pieces, typography graphic art inspired by the movements
- research on what's HOT mid 2010 for styling. Do we go for semi transparency and luminacy for Dazed and Confused?

Share the Love!

Young kids answering on "what is love" based on their teeny tiny knowledge which is actually more mundane than any other adults. And of course, a touch of hilarity!

'I know my older sister loves me because she gives me all her old clothes and has to go out and buy new ones.'
Lauren - age 4

 HAHAHA Sorry Lauren, I think you're still too innocent to know that it means she has EXTRA ALLOWANCE to go shopping! I'm a team with you, Lauren's sister!

'Love is when you tell a guy you like his shirt, then he wears it everyday.'

Noelle - age 7

Truthfully said, I think I must've worn something that makes me pretty or my crush complimented on.

'You really shouldn't say 'I love you' unless you mean it. But if you mean it, you should say it a lot. People forget.'

Jessica - age 8
 I AGREE! You only say I Love You on the marriage altar. When dating, it's only the likeness and the soul searching still. Love isn't just being said 'love' that easily.

'When you love somebody, your eyelashes go up and down and little stars come out of you.' 
(what an image)

Karen - age 7
 how cute! Too much watching TV! Hahahaha

'Love is when you kiss all the time. Then when you get tired of kissing, you still want to be together and you talk more.
My Mommy and Daddy are like that. They look gross when they kiss' 

Emily - age 8

'Love is when a girl puts on perfume and a boy puts on shaving cologne and they go out and smell each other.'

Karl - age 5
 Be careful not to bite or eat each other!

So, what are your lovely quotes for this month's love day in 2010?




          First project of Art Direction with Daryl Ho - finding things A to Z in nature, the structure of a building or a pattern or anything except originally intended alphabets, then to arrange it in a layout in an "aesthetically pleasing manner" <-- you'll hear, or well, read this a lot soon because that is what my brief always states (copy pasted).

         The theme was 5 minutes in my head after it was introduced. I didn't know how it came, but it just made my mind and it made it easier for having a theme, right? Moreover, the valentine season is coming soon and to repeat, it wasn't inspired because of this.

It just came.

        Cropped out the pictures to squares so it would be Holga-like, made them desaturated except the I and U in the middle, then printed it out and went to stuck it into an artcard where I cut the shape out, to make the sewing easier (adding a crafty touch) so it does resemble a not asymptotic line, a loop that functions to show the heart, bringing it all together then finally had the final shots on my exterior rough facade and unplanned wood floor. Just for fun.

        And by the way, I chose Fashion Communication as my major, and this new semester marks the start of a hectic 'all hail deadlines' and a magazine junkie certified life!

        "Fashion Communication has graphic design elements. In fact, this is actually graphic design. But focusing on the fashion industry and their wants" as said by my programme leader Ginette. So in the end, I am in the graphic design industry. Cannot avoid computers one.
(crap the Singlish came out!)
And this is due by tomorrow. Happy happy printing it out tomorrow~



*Shinkansen ikuzo: Let's go, Shinkansen

•wearing GAP parachute jacket, (just bought) Uniqlo slub sweatshirt top, stabilo pink stockings, Nike Air Force 1 High tops.
Accessories: black baubles necklace, Bape blue tote bag•

•early morning in the Shinkansen station, wanting to board! (the bullet train there behind us) with Christie•

         Well, only for one stop that is. The Shinkansen. Which is about... 20-30 minutes to the next town? That explains why the tickets are as expensive as plane tickets however processes are much simpler easier faster always on time right on the dot and it serves just like a train station without having to come earlier or check-in and all that bluff.

        We had to even wait for the bus to manually come which takes one hour before we could proceed to the first spot of camera-taking of the day... which was the three fountain of wealth, genius and health; the Indonesian tour guide had said "you only can drink two out of the three, which would you choose" but at the end the local tour guide re-clarified as we asked again that "aiya, don't listen to him. Anything can drink you want one two three also can..."

•the three water outputs, fresh water right from the mountain•

•the cutest baby outfit ever!•

•my oto-san eating manjuu and me eating kuromitsu ice cream, despite the chilly weather•

Now this, with the geishas, is a lucky picture.

         We were informed beforehand that it was also a geisha district, so if you politely ask them if you can take a picture together, then it's immediate authentic. The far left kept bowing to the other tourists, I wasn't the only one who was waiting in turn, and hey, my color pallette of my outfit matches nicely! Heeeheehee... Brilliant patterns and if I were to auto-levels it, it should be a sharp beautiful image. It was on the way back down to the parking lot. Lucky lucky lucky~

You won't feel like you've been to Japan unless you have accomplish these:

- Onsen
- Black sand bath
- Ramen bath (?!)
- Meet a geisha
- Eat and enjoy the japanese rice for a second serving each time
- Nonstop shopping in every stop of little sweets and goodies and other trinkets that just tempts you to buy then it's gone the moment you arrived home, misplacing it somewhere...
- nonstop soft ice-cream spotting, looking for exotic rare flavors, and in this case, the kuromitsu!



CPJ progress...

       Two plans were canceled today, whut derr fakq dudes! I didn't get any notice for the violin practice at all while the other was updated well. At last I laze around the house while setting a goal to finish my Typography history and notes from Daryl Ho's this week's lecture, then finish planning for his 'A to Z in nature' project... I would then reveal it next week after Wednesday, submission day.
       It was pretty productive, not only I finished, I went on playing with the newly bought materials that makes diets for wallets successful without any pills or slimming teas. Copic markers, watercolors, and black pens!

      A blank black cover. What should I do? The CPJ for my Fashion Communication modules. What to and how to decorate the front page? I recently just printed a Fifi Lapin image out of the blue since I finally hooked my printer and wanted to print something! Then I arranged it and saw that it was good! However I haven't have stuck it because I wanted to make my own digital edits. So, dear Ms. Fifi Lapin...

do you mind being my first hero for my Fashion Communication cover page sketchbook, framed by my quick 10-minute cardboard frame?

             Good to be true, Fifi Lapin is one of the most iconic in the online world inside out, being a fashion communicator hero. It suits well enough, also having the chance to see this adorable bunny everyday when adding more things and jotting ideas and work like hell on the Creative Process Journal, I do charm this bunny to make my mind to be creative always!

          I hope Ms. Fifi bounces immediately and hop on her desk to reply, I can't wait to decorate my cover page!

        Fashion Communication has the most exciting modules with deadlines that kills us all. No fear for any drudgery during this second semester, thanks to Styling, Editorial Production, Art Direction, Photography, except the tiring V+P traditional one... Oh dear...

A to Z, 
meeting for editorial shoots,
NOiSE Singapore re-submissions...
SHINee preparation. (I gotta have a strong heart next weekend.)

Listening to: Heartbeat - 2PM from Gianni's iTunes by Skype



•Going ga-ga over Max Coffee cans - finally in a jidohanbaiki! This drink is seriously not easy to find.•

•ATLAS impression : just caught on time to carry the Universal globe!•

•Group photo together with a group of Japanese girls! Yay do I mingle like one? :D•

•wearing White motorcycle jacket, white ruffle dress, Tutuanna over the knee-high socks, Rotelli boots.
Accessories: Batik bag from Jogja, *just went shopping from Uniqlo*, Buddha charm baubles necklace, black baubles necklace.•


*Umi ga mimashita: I've seen the sea

      Today's schedule was to go aboard the cruise ship, on the way to Osaka! But firstly, we visited another old heritage houses - another samurai site; historically these houses were the Samurai's house. Now in this specific block with a garden and small cafes in the way it was open to public to see what does it look like inside. It wasn't anything special though, about the houses I meant...


•wearing GAP parachute jacket, hoodie striped top, overall skirt, Topshop grey wool leggings + DIY sequinned, Rotelli boots.
Accessories: black bauble necklace, red Wayfarer•

       Sunflower Cruise (Cargo) Ship was our boat ride. It's nothing like Super Star or the cruises I rode in the Scandinavian area, this was actually a cargo ship so it was noisy and food was minimal. Errrrhhh....

more images soon!

3日 : 侍のところ*

*Samurai no tokoro: Samurai's -resting- place

       Taken at the front of the temple inside the Samurai's beautiful garden/park at the heart of the town.

 •wearing: White motorcycle jacket, black Ouval graphic tee, (X)SML striped drape transparent dress, Kill City purple skinnies, Nike Air Force 1 high tops
(look how it's so clean and white and it reflects its shine! XD•

There are more hilarious pictures on the way, with sceneries from the top of the hill to capture the city's view and some random character we-all-become-kids-again moment!



 *Let's see the gardens!

しんせつ:very polite

       Without further ado after breakfast at the hotel, we went to 'hike' up to a place and an Old Garden, if I recall much it's by the Dutch or something. It was the first Catholic church first we visited, then the garden was another 5 minute-walk. The location was in a coastline, you could see the cargo ships juuuust, there.

      On the way back down, there were (of course) shops that makes Indonesian hearts and wallets trigger to stop by and take a look on what they're selling. Seriously GOOD STUFF I TELL YOU. MAKES YOU WANT TO STEAL a bunch of Yens from my parents' cash stash and buy it all... Well, start gaping for just ah-dorable displays and kawaii things!

       •We were eaten and pressed by yellow Tofu-like! With Christie aka. Changminnie's wife•

 •How could you resist a Hello Kitty made out of lego calling you in front of a store?•


      The next stop was to the Hiroshima Bomb Museum and the Fountain of Peace where they dedicated that special area to reminiscence and pay respect to the victims, where they have the original leftovers from the bomb in that moment of time, a clock that stopped exactly where the bomb reached the 'ground zero', 11:02 AM.
      I took a picture together with tourist mascot for these kind of areas, cute white dog (I think!)

       Today's lunch was just, おいしいいいいいいいいいいいいいいいいいい!!!!!!!! And could you ever imagine, all you can eat BBQ for only 980Yen for an adult, lunch time, 60 minutes (yes FYI they time you, another price has been set for 90 minutes and 120 minutes) but yeah, we 'killed' loads of poor beef and pork. Sorry, pork belly and so and cuttlefish is just ooooomphhh.
       I'm grilling ika on the pit! And do not ever ever ever ask about the dessert. The standard for me here for just a mere buffet was L.O.V.E. The soft ice-cream and the CREAM PUFFS I TELL YOU were the cream of the crop. Not eating cream puffs here means you never step in the land of the rising sun. Ever. How it melts in your mouth with soft bite-size cream puffs and in this particular restaurant, they have 4 flavors: green tea, strawberry, vanilla, and chocolate. Of course the last two and green tea had left me speechless in chewing them and eating them like crackers.

        The Japanese shopping style - a whole lane of blocks joined together to create a shopping lane, one of them here (name has been forgotten, you'll see the similarity in Shinbaishi Osaka and will update this later) I visited at night before dinner.

 •wearing Red-black striped tunic, black maxi blazer, netted wool long vest, leopard tights, Rotelli boots, GAP parachute jacket.
Batik bag from Jogja, my matryoshka purse!•

        Dinner was by request, we ate ramen! Hot soup has trickle down my taste buds and seriously, they take a freaking la-a-o-ng time, my tummy was absolutely rumbling my stomach has been gastric famished, and they served just off the pan gyoza (yum yum yum yum chew chew chew gone) and finally, the ramen bowl!

     At night, we stayed in Kusamoto Hotel Castle, and our daily nighties were yukatas and this one is gorgeous! Anyhow, if anyone of you ever stay the night here, make sure you walk out your door and walk towards the end of the hall, there's a door and a small balcony, the view is just amazing! You can see the castle on the top right side, lighten up! By morning the breathtaking view is gone as the lights are off and the ambience is hustling bustling city...

1日 : お尻がいったい!*

*Oshiri ga ittai : My butt hurts!

      Flight at night from Jakarta, arriving about 7AM in Tokyo to catch another domestic flight to Fukuoka in 2 hours time.

•drinking in the Narita airport window...waiting for the flight•

        The flight was about another hour, then finally reaching to Fukuoka, my former sensei's city of where she lived and studied. We were waiting for our luggages  to be collected, and for the bus to come; the weather was chilly but fresh after being stuck in plane ride for hours..

        I took a picture of my shadow outside the Fukuoka Airport which I have forgotten the name, actually looking for natural heat because - of course - the wind was a freezer blast! We then head for lunch, approximately less than an hour ride with the bus and do quick sightviewing of the city which has nothing special but how Japanese city goes, short and cute buildings or little shops and restaurants were along the way. The lunch was awesome BBQ (think because I was starving), I was food depleting inside and chew on with extra rice! I did promise myself I wouldn't hold back if I ever want to add extra rice in Japan in the first Japan trip I did. It's simply subarashii - superb!!!

•Busy eating with a new pal, Odelia, or Odol, or call her anyhow you want, she's a Cassie too!

In front of the restaurant's place, I took a picture. How artistic compared any other city! With my poodle hair...

      Our tour didn't stop by and spend a night in Fukuoka itself, the bus took off right after our lunch to our next city... And in resting areas which we always stop by, there's actually some good photo spots which shows the map in a very unique way - oh how I love Japanese' little detail freaks!

•The map of our route so far in the area.

wearing:Off-white polka-dot detail blazer, Tie-dye black hoodie-top, Kill City purple pipes, and debuting my Nike Air Force 1 polka dots high tops!•

      Methinks that's about it that day. It was more of a traveling day from a town to another and stops made. Note on the convenience stores and little food courts on every stop, they do not have magazines. I was bummed by that, asking every stop before I then realize I guess (magazines and newspapers are important!!) they don't even stock it in stops... pfft.


*Kirei na, Fuji(yama)-san!

          The highlight today was to reach the highest peak for tourists' to the famous Mt. Fuji! It's famous because... it's symmetrical in any angle you see. The ride takes forever as we left early from the hotel, lunch by the Lake, then heading towards Mt. Fuji for another 2-3 hours.

It's also Christmas Eve, so bring on the red and green and whites! :)

Planned it to be today since tomorrow it's show-off drapery day. Tokyo, here I come!

           We were lucky today, we couldn't see Mt. Aso on days before, and today, Mt. Fuji has given luck on our side! The highest station to drop off to get the best pictures is the 5th level, and there is where we arrived!

•snow, snow, snow!•

gyah, it's tiring as well!•

•wait up!•

Gotemba Factory Outlet•

         Afternoon plans were to visit the Gotemba Factory Outlet area, a large space filled with shops of branded brands and all that in one place. MMM had these bling-bling collar tuxedo suspenders, Vivienne Westwood Red Label didn't have shine yet - just from the plastic shoes, and inside Y's of Yohji Yamamoto that made me squirm and curse myself why didn't I get it was this black dress that only costs roughly less than 17,000Yen, about, US$170?

        Who was I to blame when a Yamamoto costs that? Even the salesperson, well in every shop, wore the designer's item. WHY NOT? I would love to work like that when wearing these power items. Rawrrrrr.... ! Especially when I can help him in his time of crisis. Hahaha. But we were late and in a hurry to meet, aaahhh I was calculating in the bus, comparing it to my mom's sudden buy of a skin cream costing US$150. So a Y's dress was just another $20.

D.A.R.N. IT.

Nighttime back at the foot of the mountain, to the hotel where we rested, an onsen on the 7th floor to enjoy, but meanchile, have a MERRY CHRISTMAS like me with these adorable snowman lamps! Merriful lamps indeed! :)
(the past is the past. I hope you guys enjoyed the festive season, may everyday of your life be merry!)

•wearing a red-striped long sleeved top, green mermaid scrunched top, River Island grey vest, Kill City purple skinnies. simpler geta sandals
accessories of stacked bangles•