•wearing white Muji inner shirt, violet Cotton On angel tank, self-made postage stamp vest, Keds.
Accessories: wooden necklace, New Look purse, chunky bracelets from Turkey, Zara bugseye sunglasses•

             Dressing from toe to head, I first decided that I should wear my long stored white tennis Keds that has a tad yellow and black blemish spot (NOOO...) and what goes best would be either just any length of pants and flimsy whimsy long skirts or those kind of material that would reach over your knees. So in the respect of the Japanese, as usual I would dress myself inspired by them. Also a time to show off the other vest I made with the postage stamp patterned fabric which has a subtle color of pastel green, which leads to why I chose purple instead of black and white.

            Ah, I've also moved things, that external wardrobe to the side and I felt the presence of better Chi - or was it a fresher weather where two doors are facing from end to end, and no obstacles are blocking the natural force coming through. So there, my former roommate Vania's white table has been brought away and the bookrack is left which is now occupied by all my precious glossies and books and I do need another one. Oh my. And I've just told you guys I would be a magazine junkie. In Fashion Comm. we eat magazines, not edible food.

          Today's class was a hit from 11-6ish PM, it's not funny when your lecturers have emphasized to not come late to classes as pitches with clients serves the same. But what happens if the two teachers today are late, and the first section is irrelevant and pointless in such way which is only a team discussion which we could do in any time of the day? Hmmm... Yes you Fadli and Sam go apply! Or no, even better, build your own academy lah! Hahahaha I might be off sick to whoosh off my white hanky in T3 when le boyfriend goes back to Seoul... prolly...

         Then art direction was another lecture of al the major art movements in the past and recent century...

Before meeting Peggy for dinner. SHINee maaaaaaadnesssssss! And while we were going insane in the Kopitiam, hence, embarassing, we stopped and gaped at the TV, the advertisement for SHINee's fansigning this Sunday! >O
Then, the whole island of Singapore had known and the chances are even crazier and Peggy even insisted to change from 5AM to 3AM in the MORNING to reach the mall immediately. My gooooooooodnesssssssss Peggy! I'll go with my other plans instead. ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

- photographer research and presentation : Mark Barthwick?
- 10x10cm, 3 pieces, typography graphic art inspired by the movements
- research on what's HOT mid 2010 for styling. Do we go for semi transparency and luminacy for Dazed and Confused?

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