*GASPS* (updated) SHINee Concert Fansigning!

Love is like oxygen, and I hope THIS gives you all a moment to breathe after a depressing, sordid, tear-jerking heart rendering weekend because yes, my chest also did hurt. Heartbroken for a pop idol boyband? Surely they're something else. This cannot wait any longer!

My other fangirl friends couldn't even concentrate on their studies and such, bear you. It was just hopeless obsession we all have but still to keep yer cool, fellas!

The boring part:

I didn't attend or madly rushing to any event they had prepared, even not watching the concert but wow, today was a good one, since I'd have to let this out I guess, there will be no fansigning tomorrow. Sorry guys, buying tickets now wouldn't do the trick. This was pretty lucky.
And at the end Onew and Key waved a bit which my friend has the video on.

When they were leaving...

And then Peggy's striped back, a special request from her, but you can't see anyone here, Piggy! Gyahahahahah

And whilst waiting outside where I stood, a faithful mother to her only daughter who had rushed immediately after SHINee sang their last song in order to queue first for the fansigning line had joined us, recapping her story of how later she switched positions with her daughter who was absolute dire to meet the milky boys after a total turndown on last Sunday's fansigning event, was first in line to queue. Soon after she came out , this fourteen year old girl looked bright and glowing with glee and also offered me if I would like to take a picture.

Can't the organizers know better about the art cover of their stars! Pens needs to be silver or white, Warner staff!

Stay tuned here for updates as I'm going to schweep good morning dreams soon after a tad of homework pile thinning.


Anonymous said...

buuuuu!!! gimana nih kad=ga bisa liat.. katanya private video... =_=;;;;;;

R@!$4 said...

can it work now? my mom can watch this morning she said.... so it was weird.... it works on mine now~

Anonymous said...

"this is a private video
if u've been sent this video, pls make sure u accept the sender's friend request"

gitu katanya.. apa krn gw pk anonymous?

R@!$4 said...

ohhh i think you have to add me in youtube account? ID taeminhwantastix add me! hahaah but i've changed the settings sih.... errrrr...