but had tons of fun today - a pre-Universal Studios ride you should say. Wait till' Little Anna's third roll gets pooped and off I go to Fuji Film.
From the latest Little Thing magazine bringing more research and artistic aspects for research file in my editorial fashion story project. Hair, make-up eye lashes, mood, poses... which leads to today's activity which now gives me good grief of tiredness. I'll bet the moment I wake tomorrow my body would be like a crackling dried leaf we found countless piles of it today.


so, did we succeed in getting it? 

Turns out the NOiSE exhibition I'm at was a tad disappointing, none of my works are displayed... such extra work I made by sending larger format files... which took quite a while to dig in... oh well. But yes, Avelyn Alko's photos are there!
On the dim side, my chance of going to the Tokyo International High School Arts Fest is even slimmer. One more year to try but hmmmm... What to do...

      Of course, every bad always have a good side, which is Kristie's arrival! I wanted to get my hands on my dearest cream puffs I looiiiiiiiiikkkkeeeee badly, but LOOK WHAT I GOT IN THE END... ZOMG... I FEEL SO... WOW.

A whole box of cream puff and what I didn't expect was that TRAVELING BAG, JUST FULL OF THINGS. But let me first show off MY PRECIOUS of the day:

Yes of course I've eaten one! The rest its for breakfast.
Yes breakfast I saved it because it wasn't that cold so the fridge it is.
Yes in the fridge what do you mean by it can stay out?
Yes the custard cream would clop and it won't be as soft, but
HELLO, have you ever tried cold custard puffs, like Beard Papa or the ones from Japan?
If you haven't,
you're not in my league.
until you try.


where to store ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !
(my kitchen storage has overexceed the limit. And then, the ocean of more crackly crisps from Kristie's mom who packed - domo arigatou gozaimasu BANGET - I don't know lah.
Die. Eating.



Krislyn said...

omg i indulge in cream puffs like NO OTHER.

berrylin said...

huakakakka..asik banget neh yah!

funnypaw said...

My comments will Leave as Requested =Þ. but before that give one of those chips

R@!$4 said...

Krislyn: YES I KNOWWWWWWWWW!! And its either simple indonesian made for the supercustardcream chilled one of the japanese.... its a taste of heaven.
oh btw i just found out from my friend who brought me this store specializes in just CREAM PUFF varieties. pasta cream puff, chilli cream puff, wasabi cream puff.. its on and on!

berryodol: YO WES GILA NIH

funnyNOT: YES I'LL GIVE YOU ITS JUST THAT YOU fake-busy and never can take it! i've prepared it!