Before I'd delete this set of holiday photos from my laptop, encountered just with my overloading capacity in my USB, moved it desktop and keeping it low for space usage here within HDD, favorite and scenic shots of my summer holiday in 2008 to Turkey and Dubai...

*ah warning, image heavy here...*

The first few days was in Dubai, visiting the megastructures as well as Palm Island! I tell you, the richest country in the world is measured by how green your garden is. It's all because of water scarcity. The heatwave burning and piercing through our Asian skin that's very reactive to sunrays... oo o o o o oh how I can't stand it!

Even the bus stops are AIR-CONNED. A little glass box on the street, closed.

The moment you get out of the bus, you feel like you're being roasted and turning rapidly into an expensive Bee Cheng Hiang or Bakkwa or Grilled Pork slides, whatever you call it, it's damn good mouthwatering kind of thing and my meat is pretty filled. LOL.

Foundation was steady but yeah, still got nothing to photo to... Then a visit to the largest mall in the world including a skiing zone where you seriously can ski from 'mountain' top or sledding...

•a little thing in a humongous place called The Mall of Emirates•

The journey continues on to the land of Turkey. Based on Biblical times, this country is actually the land that most of its historical stories take shape, oppositional to the fakq that it is a Muslim country. Many beautiful historical ruins lay here, from the last pillars of Ephesus, the oldest library to date, then continuing to the cities of Cappadocia, where hot-air balloons are the main attraction and you should visit and ride on, worth the morning wake at about 4AM to ride the balloon.

•my mind always wanders that this feels like in Tuscany =)•




•courtesy of Burie, went there last December! So here's a winter look. I'll have to search for my summer's•

•tried the Turkish ice cream before? DAMN CHEAP I WANT TO EAT THAT DAILY FOR BREAKFAST LUNCH DINNER and its chewy gooooooood and they're playful. An experience to!•

Some interesting sightings...

and the most epic - street style obaa-san! Even the grannies of Japan are just nice to look but yes, Asian travelers and westerners could be identified from far - ours would look dark and gloomy and colorful (as for Japanese) covered with umbrellas, hats, long sleeved, sunglasses, and Caucasians would have all peachy tans. AKA, wearing tank tops, shorts, bikinis...

and lastly, to conclude the trip, (of course there were much much more snaps but hence what I have, a closing to the holiday where it was before the start of my LASALLE prison years!) a back view of my family! Hahahahah


ym said...

HI! haha. are u seeking for constructive comments? i can't provide u tt! haha sorry but this pictorial is visual galore! haha. sensuality at its finest! so the man on the extreme left with bulging biceps, is he a beefcake?! haha. ohh but it plays very well with spatial space!

YiMei. =D

Dolls Factory said...

just saw the pictures they are great
I didn't manage to go to Kapadokya though , it will be fr next time.

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