Projects that would never be graded but evaluated: playing with Photoshop/Illustrator. Keeping it to the cut, I just finished on layouting homework for photography class, not my style, so you won't see maximum editing and the feel of what I want. But I'm quite pleased with the first double page spread angle - just what I want!




•page 1-8 respectively. First page as DPS.•

                Paragraph play for Art Direction class, to create an interesting/exciting/dynamic paragraph layout under the constriction of 25cm x 25cm. A prepared short note given to be expressed in whatever style of paragraphing we want. Here's what I did the night before and I loike it myself! Work narcism. However printer was PMSing so a hard copy wasn't to be presented at class. --___--;;




Comments and feedbacks welcome as always!

Hopefully to close the night early as tomorrow I'll need to be an early riser... but green tea's making my eyes up wide open!

Listening to: I Love You (feat. 백찬, 주희 of 8eight) - 2AM  (so addictively cute!)

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