but had tons of fun today - a pre-Universal Studios ride you should say. Wait till' Little Anna's third roll gets pooped and off I go to Fuji Film.
From the latest Little Thing magazine bringing more research and artistic aspects for research file in my editorial fashion story project. Hair, make-up eye lashes, mood, poses... which leads to today's activity which now gives me good grief of tiredness. I'll bet the moment I wake tomorrow my body would be like a crackling dried leaf we found countless piles of it today.


so, did we succeed in getting it? 

Turns out the NOiSE exhibition I'm at was a tad disappointing, none of my works are displayed... such extra work I made by sending larger format files... which took quite a while to dig in... oh well. But yes, Avelyn Alko's photos are there!
On the dim side, my chance of going to the Tokyo International High School Arts Fest is even slimmer. One more year to try but hmmmm... What to do...

      Of course, every bad always have a good side, which is Kristie's arrival! I wanted to get my hands on my dearest cream puffs I looiiiiiiiiikkkkeeeee badly, but LOOK WHAT I GOT IN THE END... ZOMG... I FEEL SO... WOW.

A whole box of cream puff and what I didn't expect was that TRAVELING BAG, JUST FULL OF THINGS. But let me first show off MY PRECIOUS of the day:

Yes of course I've eaten one! The rest its for breakfast.
Yes breakfast I saved it because it wasn't that cold so the fridge it is.
Yes in the fridge what do you mean by it can stay out?
Yes the custard cream would clop and it won't be as soft, but
HELLO, have you ever tried cold custard puffs, like Beard Papa or the ones from Japan?
If you haven't,
you're not in my league.
until you try.


where to store ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !
(my kitchen storage has overexceed the limit. And then, the ocean of more crackly crisps from Kristie's mom who packed - domo arigatou gozaimasu BANGET - I don't know lah.
Die. Eating.




B and W circling around and  around

    CL of 2NE1 wearing Balenciaga heels and sports a eyelet leather vest,
   women with geometrical dogs,
      lonely branches from ohyeahlomo,
         a printscreen from Lula's Scrapbook.

oh I like this look. And it reminds me of tumblr and design blogs.
a compilation of what I (s)tumbled upon today just by clicks.


"...I'm folding love letters."

...of the month of love!
Well, since le boyfriend is coming next month, it's not about romance but *sigh* electronic mail that made me jump up hi i i i iiiighh!


Yo Noise Artist,
Congratulations! Your work(s) will be featured at the Noise Singapore Festival Showcase Exhibition 2010. We invite you to join us at the Showcase Launch for a sneak preview of the exhibition as well as meet up with the Noise team and other judges and mentors. Details are as follows:

Date: Thursday, 25 February 2010
Time: 6.30pm
Venue: City Square, Level 3, Raffles City

*And yes, I could bring a friend! Anyone wants to join along please let me know and I'll share more love and joy with ya'll heeheehee*

        And you do know how I appreciate things that are not electronic; low-fi, low key, perhaps it works with batteries or it just works with a spring and a turn and a good dab of glue behind a postage stamp...

        Here are a sneak peek at the two love letters I sent, one just today because I just HAD TO HAD TO HAD TO rush in writing it - yes, writing and not TYPING AND PRINTING altogether, just the letter - and immediately post this morning, I want to send the love as soon as I had seen her creations. I hope I'll see his ones someday (if I getter work with him!) Heehee...


        I personally adore the second letterhead work. With more of my own presence into it - an illustrated me while I had my first try in Copics, and my logo which out of the blue, where I rushed in creating this last night and printing it immediately before rising early in the morning to haste to the post office - and the colors that suits the brand and the paper choosing! I am proud of masselfff for this! HAHAHA oh goodness this brand has made me more narcistic against myself, especially when trying to wear the leggings that didn't quite fit. that fits so nicely and makes me look slimmer.

•a mix of my fishball-i taemin, flower brush, and my dazed and confused illustration and logo•

YES I'LL COME BACK IN IN THE NEXT... 35 days after the end of my fasting, vegetarian days. I surely would look even damn better and slimmer in those. 기다릴케,렉긴구! I wish it has an L...

Well, toodle-doo, do send me a love, drop me a love note here, say something nice, I'll have my CCS presentation tomorrow and still need all the luck in the world for my love letter be not one-sided! =)

<3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 



          Photography class - this time, it was me being the model, and Daryl behind the lens. A rare super-exposed image was made, IT'S SPLENDID. Here were the test shots and one final shot used at the end. One inspiration was for weardrobe's current contest, as the last part was for its theme this week, 'Downtown Dame'.

Theme for the layout was a person getting ready from the house ready to tackle the streets.

•wearing: grey parachute-fabric dress with yellow splats, red-framed Ray Bans
ah, mind about the laundry... purposely so...? hahaha

 •wearing all white! motorcycle jacket, ouval tee, polo pants.
newly added to the family, long-awaited ivory cut-out black-tipped oxfords 
from Adity Boutique sent from Mom in Bandung. Fated or what, been eyeing it since last year these leather good, and apparently my heart was strong enought to wait "for the sale". After a markdwon of 40% to in the end 50% no one still takes so I push my mom and said "you promised me!" for CNY•


wearing: Cotton On Angel top, DIY ripped/painted/zipper-added/raped black high-waisted Hugo Boss jeans, Trois+Inch snake wedges.
accessories: RiverIsland pouch, white Zara bugseye•


       Now, this is where we get our dialogue going. I need ya'll your opinions for this, for those who has the eye. Not sharingan or byakugan though, just plain aesthetic eye and a right-left brain going high speed with extra generator plugged. For my Culture/Contextual Studies essay.

Professionals, scholars, intellectuals, and keen people: what does this image above evoke firstly in your eye?

If you have read "Ways of Seeing" by John Berger, or read numerous textbooks about sociology and communication of how an image is semiotic and polysemic, please do put an input and let me know to get myself thinking. (First think then see my answer below. That first glance, then start to ruminate and scrutinize each inch of the picture! Hahaha)

 As for me, I would say that the girl is the boss and they're her slaves. Basically.


          As for traditional Visualization and Presentation class, task is to find any street style image where the person has at least more than five colors in their outfit. That means, there's only one country that wins it all - not counting the ones that adapt it. Say goodbye to The Sartorialist as it was written on our brief, and where I recently learnt about his affair which was truly just a disgrace to the Adam race, especially how he's shameless on how he's an online superstar and everyone knows. Public secret.

Say hello, nonetheless, to Mr. Newton, a NY resider as well, and of course, whereelse would I abide street style? Fashion Snap it is! The chosen five goes to...

 •Tavi, the Japanese geek like moi, by Mr. Newton•

 •Fashion Snap 1•

•Fashion Snap 2. The guys are not losing to the onnas!

•Fashion Snap 3. Rad red shoes he's got there. Hey Bryan I am looking at your shoes and high socks here...•

        The last is founded back at my old Japan street style research in prior for my trip prep, last shot, where I remember "duckgirl" because of her shoes and chosen colors.

       See it or not, how I place those pictures are color related un-accidentally. Yellow background, to a neutral and to the grey pavements with a nice flow.

scouting CPJ filling
do borrowing letters

ESSAY draft

cuttings book: revise 100, 250, Q&A w/ Mich tmr, finish the magazine questionnaire

(Mon. after make-up class)
Color poster printed!
 The five, photoshopped and printed

link of this post

Watching: SHINee Hello Baby Episode 5 (YES LE BOYFRIEND IS BACK ON SCREEN!) yes here's the cut if anyone's so curious. Little four-year-old misses him muuuaachhh too!



Before I'd delete this set of holiday photos from my laptop, encountered just with my overloading capacity in my USB, moved it desktop and keeping it low for space usage here within HDD, favorite and scenic shots of my summer holiday in 2008 to Turkey and Dubai...

*ah warning, image heavy here...*

The first few days was in Dubai, visiting the megastructures as well as Palm Island! I tell you, the richest country in the world is measured by how green your garden is. It's all because of water scarcity. The heatwave burning and piercing through our Asian skin that's very reactive to sunrays... oo o o o o oh how I can't stand it!

Even the bus stops are AIR-CONNED. A little glass box on the street, closed.

The moment you get out of the bus, you feel like you're being roasted and turning rapidly into an expensive Bee Cheng Hiang or Bakkwa or Grilled Pork slides, whatever you call it, it's damn good mouthwatering kind of thing and my meat is pretty filled. LOL.

Foundation was steady but yeah, still got nothing to photo to... Then a visit to the largest mall in the world including a skiing zone where you seriously can ski from 'mountain' top or sledding...

•a little thing in a humongous place called The Mall of Emirates•

The journey continues on to the land of Turkey. Based on Biblical times, this country is actually the land that most of its historical stories take shape, oppositional to the fakq that it is a Muslim country. Many beautiful historical ruins lay here, from the last pillars of Ephesus, the oldest library to date, then continuing to the cities of Cappadocia, where hot-air balloons are the main attraction and you should visit and ride on, worth the morning wake at about 4AM to ride the balloon.

•my mind always wanders that this feels like in Tuscany =)•




•courtesy of Burie, went there last December! So here's a winter look. I'll have to search for my summer's•

•tried the Turkish ice cream before? DAMN CHEAP I WANT TO EAT THAT DAILY FOR BREAKFAST LUNCH DINNER and its chewy gooooooood and they're playful. An experience to!•

Some interesting sightings...

and the most epic - street style obaa-san! Even the grannies of Japan are just nice to look but yes, Asian travelers and westerners could be identified from far - ours would look dark and gloomy and colorful (as for Japanese) covered with umbrellas, hats, long sleeved, sunglasses, and Caucasians would have all peachy tans. AKA, wearing tank tops, shorts, bikinis...

and lastly, to conclude the trip, (of course there were much much more snaps but hence what I have, a closing to the holiday where it was before the start of my LASALLE prison years!) a back view of my family! Hahahahah