Photos sneak peek from my cousin's wedding.

Earlier month of February, I went home, caught my sickness, did a little blog on my parents' holiday trip, and well, the big day for my cousin's wedding. He hasn't released nor sent us any pictures yet from the celebration (hurry up koko!!!) so these are the only ones, which my mom kept on trying to furtively steal photos.

I was not in my best mood at that hour and tried to stop her from taking pictures, got to my little nerves that in a while, even trying to steal a shot while doing a little lie. Yes she went that far to get some shots.

But that was over. It was A HECTIC day here there everywhere and no, I still don't enjoy going to salon early in the friggin' morning to do my hair and face. I removed half half-way. Ha!

Once I get the photos... then you'll see how heavy that dress of mine is.



It had an 8-course meal I can never ever forget. The course had building intensity, burning flavors and passion of chefs who has brought the recipes from their family, years of experience and has produced the best outcome as their personal favorite dish to cook and eat.

Yes, an 8-course meal.
I'm the glutton angel.

Angel it was, wearing white and overexposure was taken during the shot outside the hotel. Well, it started about 2PM in the bloody hot, scorching afternoon in Singapore. Arriving partially late from my company's affair in Tiong Bahru and rushed on to Bus 75 to reach St. Regis by 2-something-close-to-3, the day outside after the course, which ended about 6-plus still gave the bright light, good for an outfit shoot, more coming after. And I was tired to bring my heavy tote! Pardon my touristy-squat stop in the middle of an Orchard Road.

Have you started to drool?
Here comes me, my monstrous appetite, and the details of these magnificent *air kisses with hands pouting like a Hershey Kiss* tea-time dining!

The only thing though to have abolished the 9-cloud dream was the last meal. The very last one had to be the one to bring us back to soiled grounds of earthworms.



Croatia + Coastal = Croatstal.

I know right, I know. I'm right now blogging all for the sake becase of these pretty pictures sitting in my old reliable desktop in my home sweet home country, out of Singapore has this annoying folder which I didn't get to go (BECAUSE OF Student Duties, WHAT ELSE.)

Moreover, I'm down with a serious flu I've never had before - and I could only entertain myself bedresting and drag myself to the computer. This is pain. Seeing these pictures to kill time is pain.

So now, Croatstal: is the sound of my voice cracking, ears clogged during this break which I'm supposed to sort of half enjoy leisure and do my essay, I can't do both.

Where did my holiday goal to do my essay?

Because the mucus and phlegm has infiltrated the veins of my brain and my ears (DEAF) and I can't think straight.

My parents are having this 'fourth honeymoon', a trip without me, to the land of Balkan and Croatia! Without me! Imagine! During October, the best times to TRAVEL to your DREAM DESTINATION.

Well, I couldn't do anything much except /facepalm and gape in awe how fantastic the place is, a bit like those France coastal area. For the sake of my friend's profile secrecy, she's my usual pal in touring around the world and because SHE has a week off or two she could join and I COULDN'T stuck in a rathole in Singapore. From far she can look like me with my mom.


Want to see those? Click on for more selected pics that caught my eye and the story of the trip - won't bombard ya.



Update: the tee is now back in stock, HERE HERE HERE to start scrambling for this limited tee!

     This post was definitely long overdue, and it's already grumpy.

     The cat wakes up;
      It purrs before it starts to strike.
           Once the queen strikes,
           It's a bloodshed stained pupil.

The Balletcats first limited edition for The Goods Dept. 

 •all tangled up. the entire cat population are my best friends argyle-less yet furry sweater with claws over the back•

 •Over and above, inside and out.•

Human is my new favorite bizzare food tee•

           These products which I collaborated together for the copywriting, and which is, I heard, sold out already? I teamed up with Jordan, the guy behind the cat-rabbit mutilation brand (Balletcats, oy) and we tweaked up sentences to another level of inhuman sarcasm. I don't get it what I'm writing. But anyhow it was mainly done by e-mail (I think it was only 110% email plus one package delivery) and I was pleasantly thrilled to recieve the package, minus the real packaging which was quickly deteriorating in your storage, yes Jordan as a LOT of people are bombarding for orders?

*toothy big grin inserted, Alice in Wonderland cat*

•Last served: Human is toasted and burnt to perfect crisp under the dryer•

           The copywriting collaboration was done during November-December 2010 and received the super duper goods in December, just nice as my early x-mas gift when I returned from SG.

They've got a new fairytale book stored in their latest work, and have you guys scene it yet of what I wrote? (Yes that was a hint. Scene it. It's a movie and a schwede dream).

              Then during the winter holiday I was then going cranky being home alone (well not. Let's just put a nice storyline to go along with the whole package) and so I took the cheese grater wanting to grate my wrist. But instead, the sweater saved my life.

 It doesn't give you much of a sweet dream but a sinister memory every morning. Well, you were big and you crushed the Liliputs.

End of the catfight.

    Meow! Well, guess it's time to share although I know none will do care!
It's been a while and now I'm quite frequent compared to the days where I joined early 2009 and it was like a silent graveyard where wild cats I wanna kick roam.

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