Photos sneak peek from my cousin's wedding.

Earlier month of February, I went home, caught my sickness, did a little blog on my parents' holiday trip, and well, the big day for my cousin's wedding. He hasn't released nor sent us any pictures yet from the celebration (hurry up koko!!!) so these are the only ones, which my mom kept on trying to furtively steal photos.

I was not in my best mood at that hour and tried to stop her from taking pictures, got to my little nerves that in a while, even trying to steal a shot while doing a little lie. Yes she went that far to get some shots.

But that was over. It was A HECTIC day here there everywhere and no, I still don't enjoy going to salon early in the friggin' morning to do my hair and face. I removed half half-way. Ha!

Once I get the photos... then you'll see how heavy that dress of mine is.


Nana said...

Beautiful! I love the dress!!!

Hermawan Chandra said...

is the dress supposed to be a Givenchy Haute Couture inspired??