Find me? Challenge accepted.

Mystery solved. 
I was pondering where this adorkable glasses came from on my Tumblr showing my new favorite rookie (yet) B.A.P., and one of my pals popped up it was from Ksubi but I couldn't find it. I left it at rest a couple days until this picture of Mir and this glasses even in bigger resolution could stop me from focusing on my thesis writing and had to research on it now.

Thank goodness for search engines and apt words to fill in ("pixelated glasses" does it, that's it) and this came out.
Finally, I've found the designer, where and what and how and well, it's amazing!

Say hi to Dzmitry Samal, and his 5-dpi range, (love the name) the French designer (wearing his uber-cool product design. He should post this on Behance). Hats off to him to make the idea happen FIRST!

He also shared B.A.P.'s video on his Facebook group, as excerpted below. Boy, boy am I late. So I pinpoint the right one!

"B.A.P -- South Korean hip-hop groupe wear Dzmitry Samal's Glasses, video:"
 View the entire collection he has here, it's more than just pixelated!
You may now see my beautiful SVPPLY page with this glasses on top, just added, I NEEEEED IT to cover my stupid blemishes and hopefully it would make some sensor pixelation (too much watching TV).
Retails for Euro 298. Save me? Would Key buy it for me?
This really makes the end of my wallet life for Spring '12 . ALL THE GLORIOUS, GLORIOUS looks and accessories, not to mention the necklace I'm going for Marni at H&M... not to mention Blueprint in May. *wallet pulls my hair*
 It only my company were to represent it.
Hey wait, that's a good idea! Should have interested people in Asia...right? Anyone with me here? Because I WANT this. A typical Asian to wear lensless glasses all around.

Back to thesis.

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Xavier said...

I finally found it!! http://anasianinsydney.blogspot.com.au/ (replica, but still cool none the less)