The loot of M to the M.

Like previously introduced,  Singapore last week was bombarded with two events: one for the mass which caused a stir to have an overnight Q starting at 12:45PM by the OSN boys, and the rather more quiet one for the limited edition (very, very limited) pieces of TOPSHOP x Mary Katrantzou. Because a lot of damage was done during Marni at H&M, as it was for the mass and it was earlier (8 March), Mary came after (10 March) and I bet most have no more budget for the luxe cut of Topshop's unbelievable price.

At least,
Bought the Marni's, seen my Mary.

Was it a coincidence that both collaborators started with M?
Aaaaaanyway, went down to H&M thereafter the TOPSHOP morning proper frenzy and surprised to find a lot of Marni stuff left. But I understand why these are still persistent to hang in these cute racks! (focal point: the racks and the label, not the clothes. Heh heh)

don't worry, this will stay. take your time this week to purchase!

enclosing my loot from Marni:
 the necklace, the earrings, damage S$138.90
I believe in the States or so it's only $50?

Not wasting anymore time. TOPSHOP x NEWGEN x MARY KATRANTZOU.

Pardon moi, the sucker fetisher of packaging/hang tags/labels instead of the product. Snapshots of the fonts, typeface of the labels instead of the item.Couldn't get the paperbag handbag snap because well, I didn't buy anything. *sobs*

Interesting pieces with gold foiling on this tee by this new designer I forgot literally. Shame on Pilotto's ultra simple and another tee with the designer's signature - and that's it. IT.

I love this handwriting! however it is. Should be the designer named Flack.

Meadham K. SOLD OUT. I just realized after the snap. I feel sorry to apprentice Ahmad. Kkk~. I totally forgot there was Meadham I would've gotten it too. *sobs*

Onto the Mary:

THE, teapot dress:

nope, no damage done to me here. S$0, walked away with pictures.

Yes, (click to enlarge if ya want) the teapot dress belongs to this particular lady who has kindly held it up for me which I asked for permission to photograph. Because, there's only ONE piece of thie teapot dress. "Since the cut is so very small this dress suits me because I make way for it." She was interviewed at Herworld Plus, don't know if it's out yet or not.

Now, it's up to you to think how will she pull of the look, instead of this dress being bought by a girl who has queued behind me and G, who shared that she knew about Mary by 2NE1. WHO GUESSED I WOULD HAVE MET A K-POPPER EARLY MORNING IN A TOPSHOP EVENT? Didn't spazz enough though. Park Bom did the damage on her, as far as I know for her to aim all the stuff avail from this Mary collection. Kkkkk~

It was so funny how TOPSHOP SG (aka FFF) on Facebook admin was showing its obvious skin to want to make a long queue for this. With the forced tone of "don't forget! Tomorrow at 10AM we'll be opening our..." which only a few people who gave thumbs-up without the madness and frenzy nor comments to inquire, which I joined in to ask "... hopefully you do carry sizes 12-14-16 [for Mary K]" because I so know that collaborations of TOPSHOP rarely makes large sizes, despite how Katrantzou is won't fit her collaboration collection either. (Sob, with that being said it was slim-cut I definitely cannot fit my fat bombs inside, bummer) I came down only to see firsthand - seams, finishing, insides.

 They replied: "Mary K's Collection will be available as well tomorrow so be sure to check it out early as it will be selling fast since it's a limited quantity items. See you there!"

Well, duuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuh. You're not answering my question about sizes... Of COURSE I know it's going to be available.. (?????)

The final note - let's skip all these designer frenzy capsules and see what the season of 2012 has bring. SPRING! SPRING IS HERE! From the cotton candy sweet pastel colors to the all-ahjumma outfits which I looooove (but some really tacky) with all flowers and flowers, I have a feeling that this flower-power trend would be the same like those slashed-jeans back in the day in 2009. It was used so much, churned so much until after the trend was over, none was wearing it. If I pull that black pants I made I would feel ultra weird, tacky and be a bit showy with the skin peeping out. But in that particular trend, I felt normal.

Guess I really hate kinda standing out. Unless in Japan, I would never reveal my true skin. Well, except this one because it was a Japanese party, mind you. On this breezy Saturday, I was wearing this and rapping to a stanza.

Some of the colors I'm raving this season: the pastelsssssssss <3

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