Pink Romance.

Aptly taking name from K.Will feat. SISTAR & Boyfriend title track, I didn't realize that I was wearing the same pastel hue of pink on a hobo, super casual whatever day I didn't care to dress around. Coincidentally, the same pastel pink used all over my shirt, aviators and even to the plastic bag filled with Bandung goodies.

This should be a tropical country's valentine's day dressing alternative. However, this was the day after V-day - a packed V-day schedule that I held this post until - not a surprise act here - one month later, for 
WHITE DAY. So anyone celebrating White day of rejection/dejection/acceptations from your new beau? Here or not, your friends are here to stay.

*wearing homemade top, lycra pants, Bata gem sandals. Cotton On Aviators, Charles & Keith bag, bracelets from Grand Bazaar, Turkey*

Of course, shall we not have le boyfriend beside you/not existing/not present/not in town/other excuses, the ones who'll always be beside you are your friends. Remember, don't be boyfriend-centric. Your FRIENDS here, who will be there in times of sadness and happiness. And if our friends who are at honeymoon phase of their relationship stage, meaning the times of happiness and they tend to not contact you at all then... we don't get the happiness.

Well, aren't we always left out.

If it's a good thing that most ladies are single in Singapore... we're all free for each other to meet during this dreary day of being in the abyss of couples.

our mental fight. I hate Leeteuk. She is his wife. Otoke?

And the food we chum?

Tika's self made super good cheesecake, with humongous strawberry cuts

and another huge portion set meal from Ichiban Sushi which I haven't transferred.

Happy White Day - remember, you're not alone!

PS. Anyone knows how to delete that horrendous picture frame!?


Laura said...

Lovely style and blog!:) Would you like to be friends and follow each other?
Fashionhypnotised girl

Dalton Primeaux said...

Cute top :))