This is a story about a foreigner arriving in a tropical country.
She is clueless about where she is.
She came with pure boldness.
She is dressed in her skin.

She starts to melt off her layers, 
revealing more rainbows with every peel of the petalAdapting to the surroundingComing to her new home with extreme weather and the universe on her feet.Alpha LaneStyling : Elizabeth Raisa / RICE
Hair and Make-up : Shirley Damian
Model : Laís Santos from Upfront Models
Digital Imaging : Nrfjr Tetuko
Special thanks to Actually Shop, Ewan Shah, Liyana Meer, and Miloud Mil

Wardrobe from Abirato, Batik Keris, BOB, Daniel Palillo, Happy Socks, Jeffrey Campbell, Jump from Paper, KTZ, Lanvin x H&M, L'ile Aux Ashby, Mae Pang, Me & Thee, MU, River Island, Underground Creepers, Yazbukey

This fun editorial spread done for the sake of FUN as the duo-sister photographer sally/emily was in Lion town, and they asked me to style. Nothing to loose as the brief was to just take shots at Haji Lane, my real colors came out to dress our pretty 17YO model, Lais, into the rainbow girl I have always wished to be.
"...being ahead of the curve is big-time."
Concept of the styling, the angle plan of the photography and all that details, can be read in our interview with ActuallyMAG! Click click!

After a long wait, ActuallyMAG's editor Liyana finally releases our secrets of our processes (right) for a 3-month delay. That's why I've just published this post, where it has been sitting in the Drafts for so long. . .
Well, that was me and the model going crazy at 11AM.Expect more color burst fun and the spread on the jump!

  With dear friend ONS - whom I've introduced previously on a post, aka Shirley, the fashion designer but turning into a make-up artist and soon to be and hopefully enrolling in Hollywood for her special FX make-up (Cross Fingers!), we started eeeearly like 9 or 10AM on a weekday in Singapore - during the holiday in December. So she started off with the make-up at Raffles Hotel.

I rushed to the shop I needed to loan - since there was a miscomm on the previous day where I was supposed to fetch out the items, the shop was closed. ActuallyActually was a few blocks away. Had to make a morning appt. (poor Darryl, thank you!) and choose items for looks.

*The prettay team minus the make-up artist!*

After the POWOW RAINBOW make-up was done, seen right below after the make-up, we had to make a change of clothes. With huge embarrassment, we went into the hospital and stole one cubicle on the SECOND FLOOR. Couldn't hide nor bend as Lais was, duh, TALL...

personal favorite: the white shaped top by Daniel Palillo, necklace as hairbands by KTZ, rings by LIL'E AUX ASHBY, silk harem by Me&Thee...

There are even more pictures on our portfolio site.Appreciate it there! :)

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