In His Words, We Follow

R I P  
Abduraman Wahid, former 4th president of Indonesia who passed away yesterday, 18:45.
He was 69 years old.

(How it sounds ridiculously ironic with Tiger JK's 8:45, his in memoriam time)

And today,
it is his last presence in flesh before returning back to dust, just buried, and just like Easter was and always is, it rained, it still is raining outside my window.

When he was reported (well, my mom was watching the full report downstairs since early dawn) 1PM they would have the final prayers and all and would be buried, around an hour later the skies were dark and it poured with gushes of cold wind.
I do think it was from him, from above, also giving a sign that his soul has returned home safely in heaven and giving his last blessing to his family and the land of Indonesia (or West Java).

How he was our hero in Indonesia for us Chinese, now some of us pay back a tribute.

No matter where he is or who we are, we would always remember him, the person who has embraced us all regardless of our race decendants and a great leader who soughts for the best with critical thoughts and a down-to-earth person, a politician who truly wants peace than position, like most other Indonesian politicians are to get easy money.

It is said that Indonesia has approx. 220 million people, and 140 million follows him. How reckless his comments sounds, it has always had been a guidance for half of the population in the nation.

Also another prayer goes to Frans Seda, former deputy (somewhere I've forgotten) as he also RIP this morning.

Last thoughts and wishes for this year to close this chapter, and a new one awaits tonight...

I would just catch KBS World, enjoy the chilly weather and sleep afterwards.


All I NEED for Christmas...


'Tis the jolly good season to stuff ourselves with heartwarming food and just to relax and be a potato couch. But that's only th 50% of the happiness, the rest comes from materialistic needs in life!

The problem is, I do really NEED it. So, anyone willing to give in your plastic fantastic ultraslim card for the sake of everyone's happiness this season?

It made me from being lost netizen to a regular in two days. Just. Nothing else!


Okay, so I've got a pair yesterday, in need for my upcoming winter trip, but this is NOT to be missed.
Givency "Anaconda" studs and stars embellished peep-toe booties, perfect for the season!
Although the snakeskin gives ++++++++++++ points ( did I tell you how snakeskin is my favorite, patterns nor the real since everyone uses leopard ) I don't really care about that. I want my bottom rear shining! :)
However, 810 pounds is not being friendly. Or because of the quality.


This is cute! Not to mention the GREEN color they have which is RAD! No brand name as well on the sides, it's just perfect I won't have to paint over "Audio Technica" on the side...
Urban Ears, $68, at fredflare.com
(I know, it's quite a rip-off here...)


I ordered it and after two weeks it's not done?
Brought it to a knit wear shop.
Grrrrrrr. I didn't even get to order beanie! :(


Nah, not the Barbie I'm interested at, it's the ahdorable miniature shoes which I like it better that way rather for myself, especiaaaaaally the one silky smooth cat woman's wearing... are those Rodarte spikes? Forgive me if I'm wrong from which house it is but the resemblance must be those spikey heels last time!
from Shoe wawa

I do hope a package like before would await me at home when I return or before I leave, since I need it for the trip!


Days Left to Japan: 6 ! ! !
Watching to: Idol Maknae Rebellion with SHINee in it!


Going, going, away

If you guys knew who I really am would know I would be a missing-nin in the virtual world of clicks, however the presence does not interfere with the yin-yang tranquility of that world.

Over exerting philosophical?

I've been watching ninja stuff yeah, Ninja Assassin the movie. Refer to Ms. Foo's (if you were to understand) synopsis, I would say the same without wasting space here and make you guys bored. Rain, as Raizo, was hilarious in his lines (who ever wrote those lines it's soooooooo gushy cheesy tingles to your spine makes me giggle like a weird kid) but MBLAQ who? I've forgotten mian! member as young Raizo with shaved head... with zoomed in kiss scene...
*tossing a candy between boring anecdotes*


note: you have to click on the image to see a bright !@#($*UJ@#(*$ surprise!
Miss Foo

So these past TWO WEEKS (ZOMGGG HAS IT REALLY BEEN THAT LONG I'VE WASTED MY LIFE DOING NOTHING AND REALLY GETTING BEATEN UP WITH BOREDOM) minus two days had its ups and downs and a few things has put my face in glee!

Starting with the downs... (and the long boring rants tagging along with it)
    Apart from the recent wisdom tooth one on the right removal operation which includes SCRAPING of my gum, DRILLING and cutting my tooth (I thought it was the jawbones which doctor's daughter told me) taking it out then STITCHING my gums back into place shaped like a half pocket from the top to the bottom...
        Continuing on to the lifeless hands I have, I cannot just sit down and do nothing I'm wasting my life! The bad part about college is after one week of recharging which we did seriously need, all thinking parts of the body had been switched off automatically and slowly repairing the membranes and nucleuses to be bridged together again after the loss of millions of cells in the works of ASSesment.
Now it's just waiting for the moment my holiday allowance to finish, 11 January to return and serve the prison, 8th of January in the new year to prep myself and returning back to Singapore.

Good thing my head has drifted away in the downs, let's start with the up, uP, UP!

Since I am torned between two cities, I return to the capital city every week and last Friday I had come to meet fellow mates Mozzzzarella and Miss Foo and did a marathon of mouth-spitting (read: nonstop talking) about this and that, and ESP. THAT.

Did I tell you guys how I love packages and mails? SNAIL MAILS, not electronic mails, bless you for thinking of spamming my inbox.

Well, this one was unexpected, it wasn't the no. 1 blinking on my head that it was to come, and what convenience it arrived when I arrived! (I gave my capital city address)

*a big package! Wonder where it's from...*


*The exquisite Japanese tea set I won! Yay yay yay yay I'm a tea person. Or my household is so it wouldn't hurt to have another set of tea and make a simple tea ceremony :P*

But what has shattered my heart in pieces (with the feeling of the roller coaster going downwards, that feeling where your heart is somewhat caught up, brought up, fly up, something like that) is this...

After it has flew a long journey away
Does it have to be a nay
To see a pitiful scene!

I didn't take a shot of the color, but the cups are gorgeous with the soft pastel pink purplish color.

As a scuker for all Japanese, I even cherish the stuffing which was newspaper (thought to be Japanese but it's conducted in English!) and apparently a story about the stake on Singapore's physical appearance.

I'm now trying to make an offer if I were to be in Japan is it easier to resend a pot. =X  The stuff hails from GoodsFromJapan.com where they've got the cultural traditional things Japan has to share, authentic Japanese as well! I would also re-open to jot down places I need to visit in Tokyo on my own! Get lost on subways, experience the Harajuku pressure of needing to dress up!

I haven't reinvented my wardrobe yet. I still need to tie-dye! Oh no! Much patience is greatly horrifically eneded to add sequins like Doo.Ri/Miu Miu's stockings...
Talking about clothes inventory, here's what I got from my mom under the X'mas tree and I can't wait longer after a few days of shaking it and it explains the stone-like sound clunk clunk clunk!

It's an ultra chunky, not to mention heavy necklace, absolute exquisiteness with the Buddha face big charm onto it. I used it as a headband for now since I could not find a way to extend so i could wear...Definitely not the daily accessories I see, a definite object I'll use for future fashion spread projects!
And this was last summer's project, the images FINALLY taken from my mom's camera... *ripping and scratching jeans*

*Edited using a humble Adobe Photoshop Elements 2, the only photo editor in my granpa desktop. Plus my hair was still in good shape I loike!*

More coming after the trip on DIY successful this season's greets!

Last Death Notes to all:

ANYONE LIVING IN THE STATES, PLEASE GET MY SOME RODARTE x TARGET FROCKS, not to mention the honorable A-list guest would be noneother than Tavi... also saw the Spring '09 Rodarte dress at Bebe...
"The lowest price in the line is $9.99, for knee-highs, and reaches to $79.99, for a leopard-print jacket.
Rodarte's Kate and Laura Mulleavy for a 55-piece line"
qtd. from Fab Sugar's article about it

Oto-san no ani, Osaka ni 22-23/12 kimasu! Mata aimashouka?

FTISLAND Primadonnas in Singapore get lots of pictures allright! Not forgetting BEG aswell with hips swaying!

And after a green presence, whutderrfakq! will miss you too with a new look. Hopefully. WTF PSP game inspired. :)

Days to Japan: 7!!!!!!!!

Listening to: Tohoshinki's Heart, Mind, Soul album. Old times :)