★수펠 스탈돔!★ A Korean Culture Fest!

Super Korean Stardom and Cult Blast!

(so this is a make-up for ya'll Korean freak readers, I haven't post again since I'm so busy with sewing, the major fashion crime and hand-sewing while watching Gaki no Tsukai/No Laughing School, I decided I had to stop on watching the Korean shows, hooked on Exploring the Human Body [why oh why my biology classes isn't like this, it is both entertaining and seriously educating] due to the lack and crusty rusty Japanese I have now. So I have to watch all Japanese to regain my Nihon tongue back then I would resume to be a hansaram at night.
I hope you enjoy it as I did because I'm damn tired holding my arms up high getting the best angle! :D)

It was in Singapore, November 2008 when it was announced the "Korean month" began, and one event caught my eye the most.

Experiences that I would never get if I were in Indonesia. Never will they come at all!

Where should I start... a space too little to fit it all!

Alright, to begin, the first weekend was the kickoff on top of VIVO's outdoor top with music, food, a singing competition and a variety of performances! Entertaining mind opening it was, there this part where with a traditional and modern fusion of the Korean dance and music culture, a combination of traditional music and B-boys Last4One!
The traditional music players, these ladies wearing this outfit and that unique hat that they would spin, spin, spin, spin, spin (ohmygoodness don't they grow dizzy and their rhythm would be lost but hey, they're pros!) and the B-boys have synchronized themselves with the music; awesomeness!

More and more encore long performances the B-boys gave, we were ecstatic! And I was there because of the finals of the singing/dancing/impersonating a K-popper (however it was all singing in the end) and there the first winner was definitely worth known as the champion, she rocks!

After show piccies whoo whoo whoo!
The fans, the singers, and the dancers. ^__^

when I still had unmaintained long hair...

Then moving onto the HIGHLIGHT of the festival, a KOREAN POP NIGHT!
YES YES IT IS ALL THE KOREAN POP STARS (well not all but at least, kapan lagi gitu loh!) like Andy, Jun Jin, Chae Yon, 2PM and the most awaited (according to the highest screamiest loudest cheer ever) the Wonder Girls...

well i'm not a Sohee fan at all but I guess you guys would take interests on...
(iwasthisclosetotheglassdoor because people were pushing from behind, screaming)

even more videos need to be uploaded! patience please! XD





どもありがとうございます, Cindy-chan to Steven-kun〜



Moments just...

Pondering a must...

What have I freaking done in the past year why so fast leh another year coming by and adding +1 to the year and then I still haven't done anything except to watch Youtube every now and then as my TV whilst doing sewing/drawing/typing/designing/laughing/pounding on the table/sleeping/snoozing?


Steven | lalalala... says: (9:56:56 PM)
Steven | lalalala... says: (9:57:03 PM)
bsk kan your happy day
Steven | lalalala... says: (9:57:12 PM)
ada launch menu baru di 15min
Steven | lalalala... says: (9:57:25 PM)
signature dish nya pak president
Steven | lalalala... says: (9:57:30 PM)
pingin coba

Tomorrow wouldn't be a happy day for me, Mr. Steven... I've got classes from 9 till' 5 after a wasteful 2 hours of textiles where we don't learn a single thing then work from 6-10:30PM.
Anyone wanting to be served by the sweet seventeen girl do come by to the restaurant I work!
Irashaimasu! :D
Gladly serving you all~

Well, well, accomplishments at the mere same age (and even less, nonetheless!) that I should be envious of... is this.

Yes, yes do click for more and find out how the power of image and a bit of higher finance standing would do the trick in breaking the ice in the disastrous cold industry of fashion where it's not about your talent but about who you know.

(That was from Mark Lim my photography lecturer who graduated from Parsons and looks like the Pringles icon.

As soon as you start flipping that window, then you'll relate. Whut derr fakq iz vat news! Why are they in the front row! Why not real people with real talent who actually does go to school? Then why am I still stuck here paying for school fees while people wearing designer labels without 'formal training' (unecessary but still it's unfair for us educated) are invited to be. Then I would simply drop out of school this instant and use the money to get those bling bling platforms and bottom red soles, yes?

I guess the freedom and getting more responsibility, controlling when the key to my life's ignition should be turned on or off is already in my hand; more utterubishing and complaining and just being a good citizen of speaking out. I hope everyone's liberal here.

*sigh* Jealous much?

One of my most beloved illustrators, Fifi Lapin, celebrated her birthday on the 24th, just 4 days before me~

What to wear on my birthday? Well this is what Fifi did.

Extravagant lavish out of the box quirky laughable lovable party costumes did she pull off! A funky rabbit I would love to own, my own white wabbit, Ruby, likes to sleep instead of dressing up.
(it is now my wallpaper!)

My adored white towering heels are here with me sent from home! Thus another pure white outfit I'll pull of this Saturday for a family lunch; everything white white white (except the bag so sad I do not own any white bag to match everything off).

"Don't forget to make a wish!" My mom told me yesterday, asking if there would be cake at the scene.

What do I want? I wasted 4 years on Daniel Radcliffe and London, 2 years on Minhwan and FT Island, what's in for this year? I myself have no hormones to go shopping except taking Cotton On store down, anyone sharing the credit card to me? :)

*found the headphones I want! Mix Style from Japan, typed thru Google for white headphones but I got this instead. The price isn't hefty too! Hmmmm a dream come true?*

*Oh no Lyssa-chan I don't think I'm over the pink suitcase yet. I guess I should get this one and stencil yellow duckies on it, should I? It kind of looked like this~*

*If I wasn't careless and be so easy about the apartment incident and charged my friends beforehand so at least I won't loose 2k all on my own I would definitely spent on the snake 'dangerous heels' skin of Prada's (the colors are gorgeous the ones I want which is not here) or the last (4th) transparent Chanel 'Cinderella' heels, I call it!
Found it from Hapsical blog which boasts mostly on shoes and high streets, LOVE!*

*It made me want to have an iPod again. I do still have the old version of Nano (anybody wants? Rock bottom price still new in the box!) and I think it will fit... the adorable ears!)*

Any others just read my wish list I drew with black ballpoint (scroll down...) But the thing I want is ALL COTTON ON! :D

How to waste the last day of being a teenager for me:

Spending time watching my secret blackmailed boyfriend doing his thang with a dance pole and blowing me a sexy kiss! A happy girlfriend I am! My 16-year-old butt is not sitting but my 16-year old feet are jumping in the air and my 16-year-old hands are clapping and pounding the table madly and my 16-year-old eyes are deliriously fluttering and my 16-year-old brain goes blank.

Oh made a mental note that designer is the future designer I'll work with after I graduate. Mr. Ha, please scout me together with my talented boyfriend! We've got the same taste!

Ah! This will by my birthday wish, see how many years will I waste on, but either South Korea or Japan wold be my goal after!

My hubby has no time for me today... ;'(

So to cheer me up I used the laughing gas.

The series of Exploring the Human Body is remarkably supremely interesting! Even though SuJu is not my favorite boyband but people who like them and learn some biology perks is hitting 10 birds with a stone, the whole pole line!

*taking a deeeeeep breath and release...* Back to drawing and textile work damn it.


This week's quick cursories...

*WANT WANT SEEN SEEN: Giambattista Valli beautiful gold lined black wedges*

*Me at work! I DID lose some weight! Hooray!
Oh guys, do come sometimes for a good Japanese dinner (the shift I work in), and its speciality is DIY okonomiyaki, aka. you're the one cooking it! Easy like omelette!
It's just at Prinsep Place across POMO OK! :D *

*@ DESIGUAL: And again, it was on sale! The ah-mazing vest was 50% but size L was left, it had fit nicely on Ika, and XL was gone already. The ultra-cool dress with tie-dye hem and tied up skirt, just one of its work of art, was 30%. The tags were all above $100 mind you, a vest over that, I did want it but... >3< *

*Badly wrapped present for my cousin Ron... however also creative! Recycle your plastics to make a good wrapping material! Instead of newspaper, use plastics! Small ones that would cover the top and bottom to make it trickier! The first image with the stripes is the third layer. The ready one is controversial. A BORDERS bag seen through a Kinokuniya bag. Hmm hmm.

Note: The plastics should be good though! A Sheng Siong bag would be fine for layering but the first and last bit find better patterns like the stripes, so it would do look like a gift! :D *

*Midnight temptation... Hi Dad here's my prized possession you want it's your luck tomorrow either Dennis will meet me or not. Double the normal 500g size! HAHAHAHA*

LOMO lala-land @ AFRICA

Summer 2009: Destination Bandung (home sweet home) and RSA (Rep. of South Africa) for vacation. Words are meaningless, thus visions supersedes.

The action starts now!

(with a slight intermezzo of not LOMO shots)

*Did you know? Crocodile meat is delicious not what you think it is? :D I LOVE IT!*

*one of my lunch... amazingly superb portion! and well, never underestimate me which I did to myself but I finished it all anyways. It consisted of one lobster, a whole fish fillet, calamari, oysters, and the salad*

*at the end of the world! the peak of Cape of Good Hope but alas, I guess the film didn't roll well and I'm DAMN PISSED. This photo should've been made history! T^T*

Fishball-Taemin-i did the rest of the magic under the fisheye lens. Whoop! This is not all but I don't have my own scanner yet so yeah... Too many prints are still waiting in my wardrobe.



The energy of the day, worth to get (I woke up in the morning at 7:15AM and when I glanced at the clock i was running late then I cancelled washing my hair. Oops. There goes a dirty little secret, literally. Alas, Putra texted me at 7:58AM saying "OH drat, I just woke up." But in the end we met in the museum he arriving in taxi looks hilarious and sad but I was joyful joyful and gasp when I saw the box's label) the morning battery recharged, a special package delivery from the store specializing in pastels, or for Singaporean it would be something like a curry puff but so so so much better since this IS THE ORIGINAL, from Ma'Cik in Jakarta and it's noneother than a person who went back to Indonesia when I'm in school, Putra!

(You too Vanessa but you were unreachable)

Weeeelllll, there's only one pastel and risoles (OOOHHHHHHHH <3) but they're the snacks that could be spared the longest. I've mini-mini-mini-moe and ate for breakfast, and it was luckily something with coconut which can't live long and should be much more useful in my tummy to satisfy my quick pulse of eat, eat, eat, eat, eat...

Okay, I admit, my tongue.

Something to look forward to in the next coupla days for my taste sense! :)



The very first lesson of sewing practice and pattern drafting after we missed a class and would have a make-up class this coming Thursday at 9 AM (drat another early morning which is not meant to be) and it's a jam-packed class; direct pattern drafting copying to the artcard then another one to the drafting sheet, and it's snip snip snip with my distinct golden scissors shinier than the rest of the class since they have bought the sewing kit from school and it's all the boring same black scissors. =P

And for sure my ruler is also contrastive but the same with the lecturer! :D

Hence, scenes from the sewing room and tangled up situations while sewing. Indeed, it's no easy job.

Straight lines, curved lines, angular lines, and the one's that's giving me the ongoing headache is the circular sewing practice. Those curves are tricky, mine with a slight hint of uneven undulation, I would need to stop and unpick and do it again (if I was that ever neat... But I think I would need to redo, if the lecturer isn't pleased, I want good grades!). Particularly on that last shot, the trick is to do it manually, rolled with hand as you can see my hand at the far end holding the... wheel? Then turning the fabric little by little, lifting up the footer as well. Dreadfully tiring. Horrifically gore.

Also the unpicking part. Pick and unpick I forgot about the tool until then because I keep changing new calico squares but then it entered my mind to use the picking tool so I wouldn't have to repeat the same thing all over again after I've done well in the first few lines.

Just plain funny during the doings Ira and Ina was talking and the whole room can overhear their talks, from the meeting of Sunday's church and what Kevin said about them both, then about when SBY's going to be officially announced again, and Ira's nightly singing habits...

well everything happens somehow in the sewing room!
Sewing room romance story will be a continuing short story under the new tag, "fashion studies and its crime".

Regarding Friday's textile classes, a little peek on what I found and what the lecturer gave.


Doesn't have anything relevant but I do love the background image!

How to stitch : http://www.needlenthread.com/2006/06/basic-embroidery-stitches.html

Enjoy the coming posts! (Not.)


日本語 れんしゅ ペジ

なかまわおれわまもる= This time I'll save my comrade!
がんじぐごと = Transplant
棚まぜ/たなまぜ = Take care
みんあと、いっしょにいったかった= I want to spend more time with my friends (past tense)

from 毎日野母-さん anime
これわ、まさか、とあおもうか。。。 = This is, can't be happening, of what I'm thinking...
それでも、チコくしちゃうから ブシギ! = But, even when I do, I get to class late, it's surprising!
元気のモトわバナナ7本!= My motto for the source for my energy is having 7 pieces of banana in the morning!
遅れる、早く! = I'm going to be late, hurry up!
おやつ = snack
みくしれ = lost
おしまい=The end
tsutzuku! = continue

くうちょう=exaggerated, hyperbolicism

hazukashii - shy
[c=19]Մri[/c][c=13]ӄam[/c][b][c=55]ხingآ[/c][/b] (nnh)[c=04]❥[/c] (bah) says: (12:30:43 AM)
sugimasu/sugiru - over
chaimasu/cahu - expressing regret
[c=19]Մri[/c][c=13]ӄam[/c][b][c=55]ხingآ[/c][/b] (nnh)[c=04]❥[/c] (bah) says: (12:30:45 AM)
[c=19]Մri[/c][c=13]ӄam[/c][b][c=55]ხingآ[/c][/b] (nnh)[c=04]❥[/c] (bah) says: (12:30:59 AM)


hazukashii [i adjective]
[c=19]Մri[/c][c=13]ӄam[/c][b][c=55]ხingآ[/c][/b] (nnh)[c=04]❥[/c] (bah) says: (12:31:12 AM)
hazukashi + sugi + chau


hontouni tabetai tabetai tabetai tabetai tabetai tabeta, Lyssa-chan, ikuzo!
Sorry, wrong information, thought it was under $10/person, but it's because of this coupon.

My dream was to eat all 17 favorite desserts for my 17th birthday, but then I can't find 17 or then I have no time to make a tour de Singapore dessert with friends, so I guess this can be this month's compensation for myself? I guess only a friend every time... somehow...

Anonymous (Singaporean) readers, here's a little reward you get for reading my blog. Found this from a website somewhere after hunting for food spots!
Anyone taking this please comment, saying hontouni domo arigatou gozaimasu to moi x)

And then I searched far and low for this and I found a sneak peek about this heavenly dessert and it is absolutely tempting my guts to stay and keep slim after a lost of 6kg which would add like 3 more kg's after eating here...

*from Prince Arty*

On the same note, desserts are 99% the happiness but it 1% is lacking, aka. service, then it won't be the same cheerful mood but rather eating the dessert and talk rubbish about the waiter or server or whatever that may annoy the customer.

The first time I ate in Marble Slab creamery, it was heavenly! The moment I got hands on a $2 coupon my friend Ina and I decided to stop by after volunteering. I tried something from the chocolate menu and she tried with the Birthday Cake Ice cream, which was unique and tasted better than mine too but at least the one who mixed the ice cream had put ALL the ingredients: the crunchy toppings and syrup or whatever.

Our server was a guy who we saw from beginning to end, first reading the recipe list before making in the slab, then he took the ice cream, pressed it to the marble slab then added blueberries, and a white sauce (turns out to be marshmallows..? Okay, the taste should not be as pleasurable as I thought as it was just liquid and mixed... we thought it would be those real small marshmallows) but no granola.

The image we saw was quite chunky, mixed with dark violet then white marshmallows peaking and chips of granola.
After he finished mixing it, he moved it to the cup. I was quite confused at the time he was making it, he didn't put any granola or at least what we saw was no yellow-brown rocky stuff sticking out. We thought he would put it at the end as a topping, which was of course, weird because it should be mixed altogether.

Then in the cashier we finally asked, "Uh, where's the granola? there's no granola and marshmallows too."
The guy server said "It's already there I mixed it remember? the white sauce is marshmallows and its all inside."
So we paid, then sat down, thinking OK maybe it should be inside.
When we ate, when i thought i biten something and thought, oh this must be the granola, but it's not; bitter was the blueberry but there was no granola at all. And no marshmallows too!

So as it goes, rather than my friend and I happily chatting about other happy things as their tag line goes (find happiness within) we kept talking about how we are so cheated and wanted to take those toppings that were aligned behind as a decoration but real, since the only thing we tasted were the blueberries.

Felt cheated. Wanted to get those crunchy bites but didn't. So it was a plain sad lavender cream we ate. Nothing else.

As a final look, there was 3 guy servers and a girl cooking the waffles alone. She looked most decent as she was at the far end just making those waffles, as after the guy served me his two other server mates were eating ice cream in little cups, freeloading which I would understand however please do not eat in front of a customer? And joking around...Whut derr fakq dudes!
Feel sorry for you, waffle girl. I know you probably also want to eat those yummy smelling waffles but you held back. You should get a higher payment than those three!

Maybe to the management, next time please do hire a more representable server, I'm now a waitress myself and I know where should I put myself in, which is under the customer. Don't get me disappointed because of this; I'm already reluctant to go back if it's not for the special price offers/coupons.



Particularly yesterday was a full day at school (although the last class was cut back since there's nothing to teach just yet) and thus I want to snuggle into my new shoes and see how comfortable it is by walking in it the whole day.

Extra points for me for showing some school spirit, rockin' the school T-shirt with the rest of the outfit.

*The Executive red striped shirt, LASALLE 2009 tee, own ripped, studded and zipper added secondhand black jeans, leather eyelet shoes. Self-made flower necklace, necklace, bangle, indian bracelets, red clay flower ring.*

First pose inspired by Son Dambi. The shot was already overexposed but I loved it! So I added At this point I'm crazy over accessories; I usually don't. I have a whole standard box of it but of course it takes time to wear and put it off; it kind of annoys, but these little things, do bright up a standard outfit. A normal tee and knee-length pants I daily would wear, would look so dull. But adding a few long beaded necklace would do the trick now.

I haven't updated much yet on school, so last week was the first week however no classes has started yet but only an induction and introduction to the new module the college has been accredited for. And for an activity in the afternoon and somewhat an ice-breaker to the mind that has been frozen for 3 months as well as what it implies, teamwork with a mix of all-level students to create a garment using newspapers inspired by whoever designer we choose.

*The garment done, from the worm perspective, taking the weaving and fru-fru detail*

*with all the designers of the dress :)*

That was last week. This week, the 2nd, which was cut short since Monday was National day holiday and Tuesday was the college's founder's day holiday, so we had a long weekend! Recapping the weekend story short... I went downtown to meet Kevin after buying school items in Chinatown with Steven, going to Kinokuniya to enjoy the 20% off and wanting to get that Howl's Moving Castle sequel novel and the Minnk magazine - simply just had to get it! Then hung around ION again to go window shopping, me looking for shoes with the tag within my budget, but nothing seem to be right.

Either they have it but it's out of my price range, and then the others are just not aesthetically looking nice in my feet nor the style I like; seems these days stuff designed aren't good at all, nothing seems to interest me.

Good thing though...

...is seen at ION Orchard! Another high street to look out for!

Even though they only have the women selection for their whole two levels and not for teenagers nor men (well, there's still Zara as their neighbor and Topshop/Topman in an alley) a pair of shoes caught my eye. Wedges, studded, perfect! The price ain't for now but will see after sales, baby!

Food parade, the takoyaki with the young Japanese chef in the works is worth while the Q, heehee. And the takoyaki IS SIMPLY MARVELOUS IN THE MOUTH. And to make things even more complimentary, we both saw the chef throwing away a toppled messy takoyaki into the stove's corner, and it directly went to the bin, which I find it quite a waste... but yes, to meet the clean standards and all. How sad though. The taiyaki, sadly sucks. It has slipped off my mind that in Taka they sell taiyakis as well and cheaper than ION too! Will see the taste when I get to try.

Sunday was National Day, a dinner celebration in Jipe's house; the chicken and shrimp and of course the red bean dessert were the best! Couldn't stop taking, the you tiao with some meat/fish inside.

Monday... lazing around?

Tuesday, full day out! Far East Plaza, ION, Paragon, Takashimaya, full head on the malls! ... Continuing tmrw... zzzz