Since last Friday, without a trace of an ion nor a negative cell warning from my body, I had severe cough, so agonizing that I thought I really had the H1N1 virus (which I've been joking around instead of having H1N1 I had the 2NE1 virus, in which I do still have it, still on 'Fire' and not 'Let's Party' where I thought it's not as hype as 'Fire' sadly. But still love them!) with my sudden body chills; my roommate who claims to sleep withOUT the Air Con and when I do see her in the morning when I wake up and she's still in slumber, with her BLANKET and extra JACKET she wore, it's already 25 degrees plus never below but still, I'm dumbstrucked.
(wow that was one sentence)
It's amazing someone could live in the Singapore heat, or the tropical heat without the AC and still use covers and jacket.

Back to the real sicky story, my life-throbbing cough was just unbearable, because whenever I cough the back of my head would hurt as well, I don't know but it just hurts along with the pressure as well. And it's the cough with those yellow extras that shows I'm sick and then my nose came running some more after the next two days.

Home bound since body feels sluggish and I didn't have much power to move around, the only thing I could rely to keep myself alive was instant food. For instance, this:

Ramyun! (or Ramen but this is a Korean kind)
With no MSG! (An absolute good thing)

The noodles are thick and quishy and really big in portion (however it's like 500+ cal for each packet -,-;;; kowaii)

And in Singapore, I live in Prinsep St. and I would buy all my Korean food needs here in a Korean supermarket... which is less than a 5 minute walk away! How convinient!

It's called Shine Korea, they have all these old almost a decade year olds posters of the old senior rising stars which I recognize. It's located in Burlington Square's first floor. And whatever you buy they'll always give little goodies or big goodies depending on how big or the amount you buy! And the prices are much cheaper than in supermarkets for the same products! So always should go to specialized store reknown for their products. A smart shopper knows that! ;)

But then it was in my stock but my appetite never came, my stomach's enzyme I think has covered it or whatever it was, I didn't feel hungry at all for a few days which made me sweat like crazy for less than a hundred meter walk since there's no sodium intake and all...

Then it reminded me of my old love, Goong manhwa! Here's the page I LOLed like crazy and it is funny and also still at the same topic, noodles :P

Chapter 14 of Goong, here for the chapter!

My noodles aren't exactly 'Shin' brand, since I like these noodles for its chewy and thick type of noodles but well, noodles are noodles!

That's for MY sad grotesque weekend. I forced myself to wake up early today to catch the church and asked one of the fathers to pray for me. Like what all my feelings are after church I would feel better. Then the next day I have to wake up not-too-early for the first day of school! Gya!

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