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What have I freaking done in the past year why so fast leh another year coming by and adding +1 to the year and then I still haven't done anything except to watch Youtube every now and then as my TV whilst doing sewing/drawing/typing/designing/laughing/pounding on the table/sleeping/snoozing?


Steven | lalalala... says: (9:56:56 PM)
Steven | lalalala... says: (9:57:03 PM)
bsk kan your happy day
Steven | lalalala... says: (9:57:12 PM)
ada launch menu baru di 15min
Steven | lalalala... says: (9:57:25 PM)
signature dish nya pak president
Steven | lalalala... says: (9:57:30 PM)
pingin coba

Tomorrow wouldn't be a happy day for me, Mr. Steven... I've got classes from 9 till' 5 after a wasteful 2 hours of textiles where we don't learn a single thing then work from 6-10:30PM.
Anyone wanting to be served by the sweet seventeen girl do come by to the restaurant I work!
Irashaimasu! :D
Gladly serving you all~

Well, well, accomplishments at the mere same age (and even less, nonetheless!) that I should be envious of... is this.

Yes, yes do click for more and find out how the power of image and a bit of higher finance standing would do the trick in breaking the ice in the disastrous cold industry of fashion where it's not about your talent but about who you know.

(That was from Mark Lim my photography lecturer who graduated from Parsons and looks like the Pringles icon.

As soon as you start flipping that window, then you'll relate. Whut derr fakq iz vat news! Why are they in the front row! Why not real people with real talent who actually does go to school? Then why am I still stuck here paying for school fees while people wearing designer labels without 'formal training' (unecessary but still it's unfair for us educated) are invited to be. Then I would simply drop out of school this instant and use the money to get those bling bling platforms and bottom red soles, yes?

I guess the freedom and getting more responsibility, controlling when the key to my life's ignition should be turned on or off is already in my hand; more utterubishing and complaining and just being a good citizen of speaking out. I hope everyone's liberal here.

*sigh* Jealous much?

One of my most beloved illustrators, Fifi Lapin, celebrated her birthday on the 24th, just 4 days before me~

What to wear on my birthday? Well this is what Fifi did.

Extravagant lavish out of the box quirky laughable lovable party costumes did she pull off! A funky rabbit I would love to own, my own white wabbit, Ruby, likes to sleep instead of dressing up.
(it is now my wallpaper!)

My adored white towering heels are here with me sent from home! Thus another pure white outfit I'll pull of this Saturday for a family lunch; everything white white white (except the bag so sad I do not own any white bag to match everything off).

"Don't forget to make a wish!" My mom told me yesterday, asking if there would be cake at the scene.

What do I want? I wasted 4 years on Daniel Radcliffe and London, 2 years on Minhwan and FT Island, what's in for this year? I myself have no hormones to go shopping except taking Cotton On store down, anyone sharing the credit card to me? :)

*found the headphones I want! Mix Style from Japan, typed thru Google for white headphones but I got this instead. The price isn't hefty too! Hmmmm a dream come true?*

*Oh no Lyssa-chan I don't think I'm over the pink suitcase yet. I guess I should get this one and stencil yellow duckies on it, should I? It kind of looked like this~*

*If I wasn't careless and be so easy about the apartment incident and charged my friends beforehand so at least I won't loose 2k all on my own I would definitely spent on the snake 'dangerous heels' skin of Prada's (the colors are gorgeous the ones I want which is not here) or the last (4th) transparent Chanel 'Cinderella' heels, I call it!
Found it from Hapsical blog which boasts mostly on shoes and high streets, LOVE!*

*It made me want to have an iPod again. I do still have the old version of Nano (anybody wants? Rock bottom price still new in the box!) and I think it will fit... the adorable ears!)*

Any others just read my wish list I drew with black ballpoint (scroll down...) But the thing I want is ALL COTTON ON! :D

How to waste the last day of being a teenager for me:

Spending time watching my secret blackmailed boyfriend doing his thang with a dance pole and blowing me a sexy kiss! A happy girlfriend I am! My 16-year-old butt is not sitting but my 16-year old feet are jumping in the air and my 16-year-old hands are clapping and pounding the table madly and my 16-year-old eyes are deliriously fluttering and my 16-year-old brain goes blank.

Oh made a mental note that designer is the future designer I'll work with after I graduate. Mr. Ha, please scout me together with my talented boyfriend! We've got the same taste!

Ah! This will by my birthday wish, see how many years will I waste on, but either South Korea or Japan wold be my goal after!

My hubby has no time for me today... ;'(

So to cheer me up I used the laughing gas.

The series of Exploring the Human Body is remarkably supremely interesting! Even though SuJu is not my favorite boyband but people who like them and learn some biology perks is hitting 10 birds with a stone, the whole pole line!

*taking a deeeeeep breath and release...* Back to drawing and textile work damn it.

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