hontouni tabetai tabetai tabetai tabetai tabetai tabeta, Lyssa-chan, ikuzo!
Sorry, wrong information, thought it was under $10/person, but it's because of this coupon.

My dream was to eat all 17 favorite desserts for my 17th birthday, but then I can't find 17 or then I have no time to make a tour de Singapore dessert with friends, so I guess this can be this month's compensation for myself? I guess only a friend every time... somehow...

Anonymous (Singaporean) readers, here's a little reward you get for reading my blog. Found this from a website somewhere after hunting for food spots!
Anyone taking this please comment, saying hontouni domo arigatou gozaimasu to moi x)

And then I searched far and low for this and I found a sneak peek about this heavenly dessert and it is absolutely tempting my guts to stay and keep slim after a lost of 6kg which would add like 3 more kg's after eating here...

*from Prince Arty*

On the same note, desserts are 99% the happiness but it 1% is lacking, aka. service, then it won't be the same cheerful mood but rather eating the dessert and talk rubbish about the waiter or server or whatever that may annoy the customer.

The first time I ate in Marble Slab creamery, it was heavenly! The moment I got hands on a $2 coupon my friend Ina and I decided to stop by after volunteering. I tried something from the chocolate menu and she tried with the Birthday Cake Ice cream, which was unique and tasted better than mine too but at least the one who mixed the ice cream had put ALL the ingredients: the crunchy toppings and syrup or whatever.

Our server was a guy who we saw from beginning to end, first reading the recipe list before making in the slab, then he took the ice cream, pressed it to the marble slab then added blueberries, and a white sauce (turns out to be marshmallows..? Okay, the taste should not be as pleasurable as I thought as it was just liquid and mixed... we thought it would be those real small marshmallows) but no granola.

The image we saw was quite chunky, mixed with dark violet then white marshmallows peaking and chips of granola.
After he finished mixing it, he moved it to the cup. I was quite confused at the time he was making it, he didn't put any granola or at least what we saw was no yellow-brown rocky stuff sticking out. We thought he would put it at the end as a topping, which was of course, weird because it should be mixed altogether.

Then in the cashier we finally asked, "Uh, where's the granola? there's no granola and marshmallows too."
The guy server said "It's already there I mixed it remember? the white sauce is marshmallows and its all inside."
So we paid, then sat down, thinking OK maybe it should be inside.
When we ate, when i thought i biten something and thought, oh this must be the granola, but it's not; bitter was the blueberry but there was no granola at all. And no marshmallows too!

So as it goes, rather than my friend and I happily chatting about other happy things as their tag line goes (find happiness within) we kept talking about how we are so cheated and wanted to take those toppings that were aligned behind as a decoration but real, since the only thing we tasted were the blueberries.

Felt cheated. Wanted to get those crunchy bites but didn't. So it was a plain sad lavender cream we ate. Nothing else.

As a final look, there was 3 guy servers and a girl cooking the waffles alone. She looked most decent as she was at the far end just making those waffles, as after the guy served me his two other server mates were eating ice cream in little cups, freeloading which I would understand however please do not eat in front of a customer? And joking around...Whut derr fakq dudes!
Feel sorry for you, waffle girl. I know you probably also want to eat those yummy smelling waffles but you held back. You should get a higher payment than those three!

Maybe to the management, next time please do hire a more representable server, I'm now a waitress myself and I know where should I put myself in, which is under the customer. Don't get me disappointed because of this; I'm already reluctant to go back if it's not for the special price offers/coupons.


Anonymous said...

Sorry for the slow comment. XD

I am not going to eat at Marble Slab for a long, long time. =| I feel your pain/disappointment at the poor service.

Well, maybe the next time I eat at Marble Slab, I'll make sure to read the menu properly [perhaps by heart an ice-cream or two XD] and look out any fine prints, "final appearance of ice-cream may vary". If those words are non-existent and my ice-cream doesn't come out exactly like the picture, I am going to request for their manager and get the guy's name. Grrr to bad customer service.

I bet those guys who joked around behind the counter used up our granola for their ice-cream... Won't be surprised. ;3;

R@!$4 said...

OH YEAH didnt think of that...
"hey i saved some granola for us, didnt add it to that concotion"

rawrrrrrrrr man.
the first visit for me was fine tho, it was crunchy. so that guy should be fired!