The very first lesson of sewing practice and pattern drafting after we missed a class and would have a make-up class this coming Thursday at 9 AM (drat another early morning which is not meant to be) and it's a jam-packed class; direct pattern drafting copying to the artcard then another one to the drafting sheet, and it's snip snip snip with my distinct golden scissors shinier than the rest of the class since they have bought the sewing kit from school and it's all the boring same black scissors. =P

And for sure my ruler is also contrastive but the same with the lecturer! :D

Hence, scenes from the sewing room and tangled up situations while sewing. Indeed, it's no easy job.

Straight lines, curved lines, angular lines, and the one's that's giving me the ongoing headache is the circular sewing practice. Those curves are tricky, mine with a slight hint of uneven undulation, I would need to stop and unpick and do it again (if I was that ever neat... But I think I would need to redo, if the lecturer isn't pleased, I want good grades!). Particularly on that last shot, the trick is to do it manually, rolled with hand as you can see my hand at the far end holding the... wheel? Then turning the fabric little by little, lifting up the footer as well. Dreadfully tiring. Horrifically gore.

Also the unpicking part. Pick and unpick I forgot about the tool until then because I keep changing new calico squares but then it entered my mind to use the picking tool so I wouldn't have to repeat the same thing all over again after I've done well in the first few lines.

Just plain funny during the doings Ira and Ina was talking and the whole room can overhear their talks, from the meeting of Sunday's church and what Kevin said about them both, then about when SBY's going to be officially announced again, and Ira's nightly singing habits...

well everything happens somehow in the sewing room!
Sewing room romance story will be a continuing short story under the new tag, "fashion studies and its crime".

Regarding Friday's textile classes, a little peek on what I found and what the lecturer gave.


Doesn't have anything relevant but I do love the background image!

How to stitch : http://www.needlenthread.com/2006/06/basic-embroidery-stitches.html

Enjoy the coming posts! (Not.)

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