Contrastingly Controversial.

Whut derr fakq iz vis!

Let's start with,

The bad catch of the day:

This lucky Hollywood duck has landed a collaboration with THE Max Azria behind all those bondage dresses and she doesn't have a background in fashion whatsoever but the power of her name for branding, marketing and of course, getting all it takes to raise that profit margin of Walmart, ingratiating into the tween market, the start of looking into the mirrors much more in depth and wanting to dress like their idol stars.

Sure it does, as I checked it out online, I've clicked on a couple T's and it's all sold out. Super thrifty price all under $20 however designs are for the Juniors section (which means sadly I, as a anti-Cyrus however since the price is such a bargain and a slave for absolute good stuff for a damn price AND of course it's not only Cyrus, it's Azria [but does he really do anything? Only as a brand awareness? Designs are more like from the fashion CAD and just adding patterns, really]!)

Rockbottom cheapo liquid leggings that I love, of course that Union Jack tee slashing the Topshop price for 60-70% of the original price and the slim body I want (hate to admit).

“I love creating looks that are all about personal expression and individuality,” Cyrus says. “Collaborating with Max Azria has been an amazing experience and I’m really excited about launching this line with Walmart. There’s even more to come!”
-Miley Cyrus
All I can say is, nyyyeeeeeehhhhhhhhhh. Here I am one of the million gazillion so-called fashion students and there she is having NOTHING as her background and just making people laugh and since she's a starlet obviously designers would dress them for free but would have to state their name, and I'm JEALOUS. ENVIOUS. GRUDGINGLY. Resentfully bitter against her. Hollywood is surely the best little stepping stone anyone can do.


The other 50%? Well, all those Kim's and Lee's and Choi's be forewarned. I'm gonna getcha, getcha, getcha, getcha...

Continuing on, controversially is overated and hyperbolic. It's just a comparison but yes that Cyrus-Azria is surely controversial and makes me regurgitate for the 50% part of the collaboration... in which I wish I was in that position. It's so easy without going to the dreadfully design (killer) school, getting the degree for the standard 3-year labor pains work in the sewing room or wherever we have classes then hard to merge into the industry growing like... (mushrooms/fungus are just icky) wild flowers.

On the flip side, the 'shocked' phrase of WDF is not always negative, there's always the sunny side up instead of the overly cooked turned black right...

Good good stuff!

A catch from The Sartolialist and Anna Piagi and fashion blogger Moohoop in a comparison...

The snapshot captured by The Sartolialist immediately put one in mind of another visual image I've seen, which is Brooke Kao of moohoop. The imminent pattern from both are the polka dots; I recall Brooke has an outfit post wearing all sorts of patterns but since it's dreadully long earlier I couldn't find it and gave up after 40 posts back; the latest BW pattern dressing post however also matches. :)

It's fascinating how Anna as a lady dresses ever so stylish. Nothing beats caucasian ladies, I guess. I've never seen except for petite Japanese obaa-san's to dress up like this. One factor which is the weather would also be the one why they would have to layer up, but since she's got the genes, it's not a surprise. Comparing to the Y-Gen which surprisingly is not too different (right?) with just a zest of youthness and the bigger dare and since we're young we would not dress too elegantly (then I would just look much older. Grrr. I just don't like the numbers to add, anxiety, anxiety).

Then from the Teen Vogue Girl/Guy of the Week roll, I found this Singaporean girl named Yi Lin and clicked on her blog and found her talents and also passion in drawing, in which she posts her artworks in another blog address here entitled "Disturbing Muse" which I find it a genius, attention grabbing kind of title. Scrolling through her drawings, it reminded me of my old assignments back in Foundation where we had to draw these kinds of styles and poses were timed.

*her take on a Chanel ad, I like the signature tweed details bringing out the primary point of Chanel*

*this familiar fondy thing! drawing figues in color pencils for what, 3, 5, 10 seconds to a minute up?*

An addition to more illustrations, I again found and exclaimed at heart that there's now numerous countless other indie unknown designers out there and it's not fair - I want their versatile fingers for drawing! XD

Taken from Heidi's Illustration, here.

And ridiculously love love love this (sadly) image, if I do get it on paper then I would simply love the paper, that's the ridiculous part, from an illustrator found thru Tavi's new display picture... here for more!

OHDEARLORD blogging does take time and I still haven't done the translation for Teen Minute Magazine on Lacroix's exhibition since I'm not in the mood somehow then the so-called goal to finish a novel by my birthday or printed and it's impossibly will never happen at this date.

And that phrase comes from my high school teacher Mr. Peter Lord and we would say Oh dear lord... Not in the Roman Catholic way.


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