The energy of the day, worth to get (I woke up in the morning at 7:15AM and when I glanced at the clock i was running late then I cancelled washing my hair. Oops. There goes a dirty little secret, literally. Alas, Putra texted me at 7:58AM saying "OH drat, I just woke up." But in the end we met in the museum he arriving in taxi looks hilarious and sad but I was joyful joyful and gasp when I saw the box's label) the morning battery recharged, a special package delivery from the store specializing in pastels, or for Singaporean it would be something like a curry puff but so so so much better since this IS THE ORIGINAL, from Ma'Cik in Jakarta and it's noneother than a person who went back to Indonesia when I'm in school, Putra!

(You too Vanessa but you were unreachable)

Weeeelllll, there's only one pastel and risoles (OOOHHHHHHHH <3) but they're the snacks that could be spared the longest. I've mini-mini-mini-moe and ate for breakfast, and it was luckily something with coconut which can't live long and should be much more useful in my tummy to satisfy my quick pulse of eat, eat, eat, eat, eat...

Okay, I admit, my tongue.

Something to look forward to in the next coupla days for my taste sense! :)


Anonymous said...

hahahahhahahahahah i loved the comment about vanessa :P HILARIOUS

DennyDenny said...

bingung liad blog kamuuu
btw komen aj yaaaa

Anonymous said...

Good post.
But I hate mornings and since your asian, do you wash your hair EVERY morning?
Don't you get annoyed to do so?

R@!$4 said...

PUTRA: hahahahahahah emg susah contact dia!

DENNY: salah post, yang korea2 gitu! nonton deh

cobaaaa ada yang lo ngopi! dasar orang tukang ngopi!
NYNY: HAHAHAHA hey, i dun wash every morning. =x
u shd see when i have long hair. i'm the laziest person for those. my sanitary is worse than a guy. OOOOOOOOOPSSSSSSSS xD