Good Grrrrrllllll

I cannot wait for another day as soon as I found this.

(Toho's better than DBSK, watchers have say)

Micky has gotten thinner?
Hero has gotten silkier?
Xiah is still trying very hard. x)

동방 사랑해! <3 style="text-align: left;">

Rolling on to finding more fangirl entertainments that surely all girl or girl at heart K-poppers will enjoy (aka. squealing and go gaga over these too-young boy bands), this one worth waiting for and I CANNOT WAIT since this is just the preview. The 'time-teller' group, 2AM and 2PM (know the history of their group name!) would make a fool out of themselves for their parody project of dressing themselves as Brown Eyed Girls!

Or, in this case, Dirty Brown Girls. Nyeeehhhh.

Jo Kwon! My partner in crime! Mmmmmwah to you!
Another video showing their already doing parody which is hair-rising...

Well did I have a blessing today I am sitting pretty in front of my white laptop and behaving like a good girl enjoying whatever is on the screen and laugh sensibly like a debutante (NOT!) while my roommate is singing in the bathroom.

My dongsaeng Taemin in his utter embarrasment scene but just too ah-dorableeeeee to pass it...

I cannot suppress my laughter and wide grins that hurts my cheeks.

The last show would be a heck of a millenium of laughter and tears and squeals and zeals. MC Mong rocks at this stage and compare my boyfriend with his love acts (to moi) with their 'Boys over Flowers Generation' show or something like that.

Shoo! Shoo! Jessica away you bitch! Your S-line is so ever exaggerated wanting to do some striptease in a variety show or flirting with my boyfriend?! Look at the mirror first, dog-ling...

Did I ever hear the news that she dated almost the whole group of Super Junior and TVXQ, 'trying each and everyone of them' kind of thing? Now where did I hear that and she's not even pretty at all with that caucasian wannabe hair. SNSD hairstylist you suck. But hell I care.

Amidst all of these shows, there was a video linked from one of these videos above and I clicked it, curious to see how it relates. And hey, it's an awesome dude breaking all stereotypes! Go Joseph! Even I cannot dance like that, and I'm thinking I should really start moving my joints and do some morning exersize, in my case, dancing to the music like him!

Drat apart from all of my nightly entertainment I'm behind all my school and writing updates! School's full tomorrow so it's a good day to do some Weardrobe posting afterwards! Above all that more of my clothes have come, taken from my mom's friend who just arrived yesterday. Hooray! My pwettie white dress - time to join the white competition!

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Anonymous said...

It feels so late for me, like they should have released it back in April and I could have found Xiahtic and Checkmate back then.

I don't feel the same for DBSK as I did since May for a good year and 5 months.

Unfortuantely, 2PM took over.